Operation Backlog Completion 2017

Aug 182017

New Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon details have been revealed, and this time it’s a bit more substantial than a new Pokémon form.

More than anything, I’ve been hoping to learn whether these games are upgrades or sequels to Sun and Moon, so let’s take a look at the official description and see what it says.

Ultra Sun and Moon have “new additions to the story and features” of their predecessors.

Story-wise this includes “ominous dark clouds” above Alola, new buildings and landscapes, and a story about Necrozma.

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon, a story unfolds on a grand scale, with the Legendary Pokémon Solgaleo, Lunala, and Necrozma at its center. Secrets about Necrozma and the Alola region—undisclosed in the previous games—will come to light.”

All of this sounds to me like it’s leaning much more toward upgrade than sequel. The new story sounds like an addition in the style of Pokémon Platinum (or the OR/AS Delta Episode), not Black/White 2.

However, the website also discusses the new character customization outfits by saying “The look of the main characters’ outfits has changed from the first trip through the Alola region—just in time for them to begin a new adventure!”

First trip? New adventure? That sounds like the sort of language that would be used for a sequel.

Meanwhile, fans have noticed some interesting details, including:

  • an area that strongly resembles Lt. Surge’s Gym
  • a glowing white figure appears both in the trailer and on the website, with half of its face pictured on Ultra Sun and half on Ultra Moon in the official box art
  • the new map includes a mysterious vortex that resembles the Distortion World vortex from Platinum

Did you notice anything else unusual in the trailer? What are your thoughts on the latest Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon details? Is it an upgrade or a sequel? As for me… I need to get back to playing Moon.

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Aug 162017

I have yet to play the cult classic Deadly Premonition or the bizarre-looking D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, but I’m intrigued by the next game from their developer.

Hidetaka Suehiro, also known as Swery, has revealed that his next game (with his new studio, White Owls) is a mystery RPG called The Good Life.

The Good Life follows a photographer named Naomi who ends up stuck in a rural English town called Rainy Woods until she can pay off a massive debt.

Oh, and at night, all the townspeople turn into cats.

With that simple premise, The Good Life sounds both interesting and pretty weird at the same time. I like it!

Naomi also turns into a cat at night, so you’ll have to explore and interact with people both as a human and as a cat to find all the clues you need to solve the mystery.

The Good Life will be crowdfunded through Fig on September 2. Since I’ve backed a game on Fig before, I’ve gotten to see the campaign page for The Good Life early. It looks interesting to me, and even though games that have life sim elements are often hit or miss for me, this one sounds like I’ll like the way it works.

(In the meantime, I hope I can make enough backlog progress to stop writing so many blog posts that mention how I haven’t played [relevant game] yet but want to.)

What do you think of The Good Life?

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Aug 142017

Undertale was quietly announced for the PS4 and PS Vita during E3, although not during one of the press conferences. Now the time is almost here!

Undertale will be out tomorrow, August 15, on PSN. Not only that, but it’s cross-buy, so if you buy it once, you’ll have it for both the PS4 and the Vita.

If you pre-order it before then, you’ll also get a special PS4 theme.

Now, I love having physical copies of games, so I actually ordered mine from Fangamer. Physical copies, both standard and Collector’s Editions, are available for the PC, PS4, or Vita.

I went for the Collector’s Edition, and I can’t wait.

According to the site, standard edition orders and CE orders placed before the end of July 20 will ship in late September. All late CE orders will ship in December. I made my order in time, so I should get a physical Collector’s Edition of Undertale next month.

Are you interested in Undertale on the PS4 or Vita? If you’re undecided, maybe my review of Undertale will help you make up your mind.

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