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Aug 142015

Despite what I said in my post about Black Holmes, we aren’t discussing Resident Evil 2 today, either. Instead, let’s talk about Pokémon Black and White.


I love these games. Their direct sequels received honorable mentions in my list of the top games I played in 2013, but they don’t hold a candle to the originals.

Pokémon Black and White came out shortly after I got back into the series after a long hiatus. While their decision to include only new Pokémon until the post-game caused some controversy, I liked it. It made me feel like I was starting the series for the first time again. I liked the decision to have older protagonists, and I liked the Unova region… but what really surprised and delighted me was the stronger emphasis on story.

My honest reaction when I turned on Pokémon White for the first time and the intro started was to check the box to make sure I actually put in the right game and not some other JRPG.

Unlike most games in the series, Black and White had a plot and characters compelling enough to make me want to know what would happen. They’re the only Pokémon games where I can seriously say I loved the plot twists.

And while there’s something to be said for good old Team Rocket, Black and White’s Team Plasma is probably my favorite Pokémon villain team. It has depths and shades of gray beyond any of the others, as well as some of the best characters.

The core series gameplay is perfectly intact, so if you’re a Pokémon fan who skipped this particular generation, I only have one question for you. Do you like story-driven games? If you said, “Yes,” what are you waiting for? Go buy either Pokémon Black or Pokémon White. Not only do they show a level of storytelling unprecedented in the main series, but they’re among my favorite Pokémon games of all.

They’re certainly leagues above X and Y.

Nendoroid-Pokemon-N-figureSo, what prompted this sudden discussion of Pokémon Black and White years after I played them? I wish I could say “Pokémon Black and White 3” because that would be awesome and would have been on my list of E3 pipe dreams if I’d thought of it in time.

Actually, it’s because Play-Asia sent me an email this morning about a new Nendoroid figurine of my favorite Pokémon Black and White characters, N.

Not only is N my favorite character, but that figurine is adorable! In addition to N (with two different facial expressions), it comes with a Pokéball accessory and the legendary Pokémon Reshiram.

I’m not much of a figurine collector… but N just might find himself on my bookshelf alongside Milla Maxwell and Noble Team.


Share your thoughts on Pokémon storytelling, Black and White, and N in the comments below.

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  309 Responses to “Pokémon Black and White: Story-Driven Pokémon”

  1. (Jeez, you Amazon affiliate link for Black and White twice each.)

    Go play PMD Rescue and PMD Explorers then get back to me about story in Pokémon games.

    (Gates to Infinity isn’t worth it.)

  2. I guess this is as good place as any.

    was there specific events pokemon for y , i taught the events pokemon was for both. And neither was exclsuive to one another.

    Anyway. Well i will be happy you want to trade it.. if you really want that Hoopa we could simply do a trade back and forth anyway i would be happy/cool to have it.
    Hmm thats hard Xernas perhaps? I was thinking about regice , but that you can pretty easily catch yourself i guess… ofc jirachi/kaldeo is a possibility. Cuz with special i think you refer to legendaries ? Hmm Arceus is a possibilty.
    In the end it depedns a little on you and wether you want to keep Hoopa yourself. As said i would love having one at least have it my pokedeks… but then again is your choice.
    I got all the starters so a multiple of them is a possbilty…

    I forgot did you have mew?

    • Oh, you’re right, what I meant was that I didn’t get Omega Ruby until recently. During the time when I just had Y, I didn’t get any of the event Pokemon.

      All right, I should be online in about an hour if that’s a good time to trade!

      Okay, how about either Jirachi or Arceus, whichever one you prefer to trade. You can keep the Hoopa if you want.

      I might have Mew in one of my DS games, but I don’t usually transfer them between generations.

      • i see . Heads up there is event for both genosect and volcanion now. I got 2 x volcanion. I been unlucky with genosect so far , the stroe that gives it out dont want to give out the code on epost and if is on phone is easily to get a wrong code or nr and code in norway some of them like the one with hoopa and volcanion , my friend had 3 volcanion code and non worked. I might get genosect in 2 weeks as the shop is close to his work place ,mom was there today, but there didnt have any so she got one reserved , really wish i could have had at least 2…
        And dad didnt find the store in the town he was in today…

        one hour sounds good. I will be sure to be on omega ruby as my y is pretty damn empty with pokemons now.

        Hmm yeah i prefer to keep the Hoopa. You dont like it? Hmm i will think about jirachi or arceus… i got again two of them both on y and omega the question is witch one do i want most to get on 7th gen as i dont know if pokemon transfered to that gen can be transfered back…

        Aha. i have been thinking about buying pokemon yellow again as i get a seriel code for it.

        • btw before we trade is shaymin and option or do you prefer jirachi and arceus?

          lastly i am trying to get a electrabuzz with electrizer before trade if that all right.

        • Okay, I’ll look into those events. 🙂

          Hoopa is okay, but not a favorite.

          Shaymin is fine, too, if you’d rather trade that.

          • is depentant on you , but yeah i probably rather if i can and have the choose trade away shaymin, his second form is cool tough

            • Okay, Shaymin is fine. 🙂 I’ll get my 3DS online.

              • nice 🙂 perhaps we should do a 6v6 afterwards just for fun, i will do without legendaries… i will trade you a electrabuzz too just back and forth so it evolves.

                • XD I’ve played so little of Omega Ruby so far, I don’t have anything close to a good team for a battle.

                  Thanks for the trade! I had a little trouble with my Internet connection starting out.

                  • i see , would be cool if we did do a battle at one point.

                    • We should sometime, once I play more.

                      I bet you would like World of Final Fantasy.

                      (On a separate note, I installed a plugin that should allow comments to be edited for 5 minutes after they’re posted.)

                    • nice. So far i got 3-4 pokemons that can be used great in cooperative with nature and moves , also got some 2-3 more i can use that is decent not counting legendaries with great nature tough.

                      Are you getting moon or sun?

                      Yeah i hope so , i will be sure to buy it on black friday , wether as a xmas gift from parents or just for my own money. thanks

                      thats nice 🙂 so far i got 414 pokemons on omega ruby , catching pokemons in y now that i dont have and asking people on the nett for those i really need on youtube, might found one who will be a diancie.

                      Again thanks. Tell me how the events go.
                      i really hope the norwegian store can be trusted so i get my god damn genosect in a week or two.

                      just saw the plugin , cool 🙂

                    • if you do end up getting a code or two or three for genoesct extra , could you give me a call. The stores that sell it here in norway barely exists anymore. And are so far apart.

                    • i am sorry for multiple post but i am almost or want to ask you to help me with something as you probably has diamond/pearl.

              • thanks a lot , really appreciated. That took me long to find somene who could trade me a hoopa ( legal one). thanks .
                Hope you enjoy the shaymin. I will most likely have fun with shaymin then again if you ever turns out to want it back give me a call 🙂

    • I’ll be getting Moon eventually, though not at launch.

      World of Final Fantasy feels like a cross between Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Pokemon.

      I don’t live near any stores that do these events, so it’s usually a trip to get there, but I’ll let you know if I end up with extra.

      I have Platinum, but since it’s in the same generation as Diamond/Pearl, I should be able to help. What is it?

      • nice. I am think i will get sun. At least i know i can have someone to help say with some exclusive pokemons .filling the deks if i decide to and trading. I wont be getting it at launch either well it get released in 5days her ein europe counting today.
        I looked at the exclsuive sun has a grass / steel type perhaps for once a steel type worth using? only proble 4x fire damage. And Ice.
        But moon has oranguru, drampa, Celestela and perhamost looks cool tough and for on ce each gen legendary is close to equal for me ,but solgaeo steel/psychic well a guess metagross could also fill that slot. Well i will wait a bit perhaps next friday ,black friday still i wonder Magearna , i hope the qr code for her/he is aviable for everyone.

        thats sounds great, i will be sure to give it a shot

        thanks, you in the same as me , dad is going trough a place today with a store that hopefully has a code for genosect, we tried two days ago but ofc sold out even tough mom asked them to reserve one so will se how that goes. I got latias yesterday for trevenant…

        “I will most likely have fun with shaymin ” ops i meant Hoopa.

        Well i was thinking about if i could give you say my levle 100 garachomp. Dialga, Palkia, Girantina, Cresselia, Heatran, Regigas, the lake guardians. Also trough a action reply i might still have another manaphy, shaymin and arcues that i can get over at least.
        The question is could i trade them to your platinum. And could you then transfer they over to your black and white to your omega ruby and trade those with me ? ofc i am not completly against giving you some of those like arceus and i then will have 3…. Or for that matter a manphy… but that one of the big reason i want i might buy a 5 gen game eventually.

        The thing does this work or do i need two ds?
        Or if is as people say if the internett server is down the only way i can do it is to get black and white myself or borrow it from someone?

        • Sounds good. 🙂
          It sounds like Magearna should be available for everyone.

          I knew what you meant. 🙂

          Hmm… since they took the DS servers down, I don’t think it’s possible to trade between DS Pokemon games online anymore. The only way to do it is by transferring them to one of the 3DS games with Pokemon Bank (which I never used after the free trial).

          If you had two DS systems (or a DS and a 3DS), I think you could still trade between the DS games.

          • thanks. I hope so. Down the line it probably will, it seems the japan so far has it.

            Yeah your right i need either 2 ds syemts it seems or a copy of gen 5 and transfer from gen 4 to 5… then use poke transporter… witch is a little lame.

            yeah thats the problem i dont know, i take it you bought the 3ds in us?

            • Yeah.

              Right, and I think the event codes might be region-based.

              • true. Well at least i can borrow my friends white copy and transfer quite some pokemons over. Just got moltres and latias trough gts in the weekend for a abonsnow and a trevenant…. still i hope i find someone to give me in a trade genosect ,mew and diancie…

                  • yeah thanks, have you managed to stay away fro xv spoilers? because in worst case scenario i have had one spoiled the whole game for me on a freaking youtube comment.

                    • Oh no! T_T
                      I saw one thing that may or may not be a spoiler (it was something that was heavily speculated about, so I’m not sure if what I saw was a guess or an actual spoiler), but otherwise I’ve stayed clear so far. I’ve been avoiding FFXV material since the leaks.

                    • yeah me too, but this shit come from a comment on youtube. If it turns out to be true , then well most of the game in worst case scenario can be spoiled and thus it wont be a suprise, but i have a feeling it was a joke, or regarding the trailer and the guy/or she who commented just saw the trailer still i hope is not true or alot of the game might have lost it charm if that makes sense.

                      I dont know what you saw i dont know if i wanna know too, i can guess it was regarding one of the characters….

                      Yeah i try to avoid spoilers to and hopefully what i got wasnt a spoiler ,but more speculation or what she taught happend in trailer happend in the game or something…

              • managed to get a mew for a manaphy… a mew that comes from emerald …. it seems… that is pretty good, still feels bad saying toodbye to some of the legendaries that i have had two of however i will have two of manapy if i can mange to borrow white from my friend and use that transporter thing

      • also i asked the norwegian store today ofc the ticket for genosect has been delayed so i got a third code for arceus that i cannot use do, you wnat one? unless my friend reply i have one for “free”

    • Hmm… well, hopefully neither of us has actually been spoiled, and we’ll be pleasantly surprised when we play the game!

      • Yeah i hope so. I hope they havent allready spoiled the game in the wiki…. they usually dont but i was on wiki now with Luna and well i am kind of afraid… i dont know . Hopefully neither of us has been spoiled. Right now i am like should i really pre order this… will it be predictable….you can still make a sad game (that will make you cry) without everyone dieing or without killing anyone of just look at ff 8-10 or mgs4. Right now with the thing i got “hopefully not spoiled” and the wiki and that the game will make you cry makes me think this game will be predictable might still be good, but i am kind of itchy toward games that is predictable.
        Was your rumored spoiler about the omen trailer?

        • I’ve been steering clear of the wiki at all costs. XD

          No, my rumored spoiler was about the main villain.

          • i see. Well wiki once or used to or usually even was spoiler free until at least a week or two after the game come out for all regions i think.

            i see, to bad that. I have been thinking about buying some games on blackfrdiay, but so far i have only bought 2 games or so and quite some movies, and tv shows. I was about to buy doom then ofc it got sold out…

            • Gotcha.

              I finally ordered a PS4 during all the great deals, and I also caught a flash sale on Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters for the PS4.

              • nice never heard about the game.

                I mean thts why i like going on some characters say star wars becasue when you get to spoilers the writhe spoiler section… and regarding the wiki for Luna it seemed to be a spoiler if it isnt witch it could be , wouldnt really be suprised if it was , then i am fine with that because as a important character as her and only getting less then half a pargraph doesnt sound like an important character to me.¨

                I mostly grabbed my self xmas gifts from parents, sis and so on, i can kind of choose what i want for a certain amount of money for my xmas gift. Still i grabbed myself battlestar galactica complete, kick ass 1 and 2 i mean igetting the second movie for like 3 pound or so more or 30 nok for me is nothing , i also upgraded star wars vii so finally can say i have all the movies on blu ray… then ofc there is all the thing i get as xmas gift like okami for the wii.

                • I heard a little about it when it was coming out. It’s some sort of JRPG/visual novel about ghost hunters. Mixed reviews, but the concept sounds interesting to me.

                  Well, just a few more days until FFXV comes out! 😀

                  Oh, cool! 🙂

                  • i see.

                    but you kind of get what i mean, less then half a paragraph for an important character is pretty small especially if is final , if is not final then that probably a standard for a lot of characters in game , that we can gather from purely trailer ,it didnt say it was spoiler so if is standard wiki spoiler then i havent spoiled the game there still the youtube comment might have spoiled the whole game for me. Anyway i hope we get a good game and that neither of us has been spoiled.
                    You said you dont use wiki , is it because you been spoiled a lot from it before the games or movies has been out?

                    • Right, that makes sense.

                      Wiki pages are often filled with spoilers, so I tend to avoid them if I’m avoiding spoilers for a particular game or story.

                    • thanks.

                      Well i see. sound smart. Hmm so what games has wiki managed to spoil for you? i have got some older games “spoiled” for me regarding characters , mostly does she/he survive or not, but usuall i try to prevent it , usually wiki says when you get to spoiler section or atleast thsoe wiki i looked at, but i dont know regarding you…

    • I accidentally spoiled Tales of Symphonia through Wikipedia, because the Wikipedia article listed a certain character’s full name. Other than that, hmm… this one wasn’t me, but one of my friends spoiled an Ace Attorney plot point by looking at the wiki page for a character from an earlier game.

      • hmm i see. To bad being spoiled. The reviews for xv is coming it looks great so far with someone mentioning that the characters arent that good, IF i have spoiled myself for a character dead i am mainly done that purposly , because i am always curious wether or not a character dies or survive.

        Have you watched big bang theory?
        i am stuck with should i buy it or not..

        • Yet other reviews say the characters are great, which is interesting. My copy is FFXV is here… but my PS4 is not. xD

          I’ve never watched it.

          • i see. Well i am curious too hear what you think… i am going to wait pre ordering it.

            right now, these days i am just so sceptical too new games, i barely trust reviewers anymore ,some few who i arguably fine ok- good. And mostly i have to go to old game to find a game feel is good, witch you probably have gotten by now. I trust users more then reviewers so there is also that , so i will wait to hear what you think. Right now i am more in the mood of finishing games that i am close to finish, just played some more of valkyria chornicles. 2 missions left. Were i think i have cracked the ” code” how to do the second last mission.

            i see.

            • I’ll definitely let you know what I think. 😀

              How is Valkyria Chronicles? That’s one of those games I intend to play eventually.

              • Thanks. I will wait til a buy it until then… these days as you know what i kind of feel about today games

                Well is a turn based strategy games with rpg elments.
                Well is great , is somewhat hard, has great characters, good plot. Most missions takes 30 mins at most and is not as unforgiving as fire emblem with instant death.
                Somewhat hard. Great game imo. Still a game that will take around 30 hrs to finish. And i also guess that to get stuck in that game you have to be really, really bad.
                Is a rpg taking place in a loosly based ww2. You have different skills/orders, classes , weapons etc.
                Is recommended if you dont mind turn based strategy with rpg elements.

                • I’m not a huge fan of strategy RPGs, but I’ll give Valkyria Chronicles a try. The setting sounds interesting to me.

                  I like Final Fantasy XV so far, although all I’ve really done so far is a couple of quests and a bit of exploring.

                  There are still a lot of unique, charming games coming out. 🙂

                  • i see.

                    Well i will wait to hear your final verdict.

                    Hmm i guess that true and games you refering to specificly. I hope the last guardian will be good and i am going to try the orwegian owlboy.

                    • I still haven’t played Ico or Shadow of the Colossus, but The Last Guardian looks interesting.

                      Owlboy? I played that and reviewed it as a freelance assignment!

                      As for Final Fantasy XV’s party members, it doesn’t bother me. First, I care more about whether they’re good, well-written characters than anything else.
                      Second, if the writers wanted to tell a story about four guys journeying together, then that’s the story they should tell.
                      And third, there are only four characters, and they’re all together from the start. If you kept picking up new party members along your journey, and they were all male for no clear reason, then that might be questionable. But as it is, a group of four friends who happen to be male traveling together, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

                    • i see, i havent played ico myself, i have it , been so close to start it multiple times. Shadow of the colossus is what i call a must if you have a ps3. That game is great, so unique, so good, what a great soundtrack, intersting way to tell it plot perhaps not as unique now as it was , but fantastic game IMO.

                      Wait you did, i have to read that, i heard is fantastic.
                      and how did i manage to write norwegian wrong !!!

                      Yeah fair enough i guess… as long they good written, yeah fine i agree with you there.
                      True that with only 4 guys and not alot of random guys joining you. I get your points.

                      Still my question is do you see what i meant with x-2 and xiii-2 not being standalone games, but more kind of sequels in a different way then x was to ix and ix to viii etc?
                      The things is not like is a big deal to me ,but i get a little why some is a little curious to why just that ,because for some i guess, x2 and xiii-2 while sequles is not direct standalone games if that does makes sense, and they also kind of sequels e aruge we might not have needed , might be good, but most wuld seem to argue it predeccor is far better at least in x2 case, but i got that feeling with xiii too, back when xiii-2 was released people said it was better now it seems opposite.

                      Any games from 2012-2016 you would highly recommend…. beside ofc undertale, witcher 3 ,bayonetta 2 ( still havent played) fire emblem awakening and fates…etc

                  • btw what do you think about xv only using male party members? i mean both x2 and lighting returns had females, but they as i argued to someone while they arent spin of per ce , they arent seperate mainline titles if that makes sense like ff 8 was to 7 and 7 was to 6 , they arent standalone.

              • is not thaat i find todays games bad. But some part of the replayvalue or difficulty has decreased a lot and there is all the dlc coming out and so on.
                Games are a bit easier and has well perhaps lost part of is charm.
                I mean i still find a lot of games that is good. But again the negativity , the best that and best that and greaets and so on is getting a bit tired. I still fully get why you love tales of symphonia for example is a great game and on a specific day it might even be my nr 1… but the hype people let out is huge, yes i know we talked about it.
                I dont know , perhaps i dont feel i have the time or as much time these days to play or perhaps i arguably has finished and played to many games the last years… that the last year or two has been a bit eh… slow… i dunno.. been a little like what do i want to play… i guess i want to play this, but i also want to play that, but then there is all the shit that a guy said that this game was outright bad while the majority think is good and so on. Perhaps i simply should start with civ 6 as the patch has come out and fixed a lot , i dunno anymore, there is quite some good games out there, but quite some bad too. I miss when you felt that the game had charm, humor, that it felt the developers really made something unique… something like banjo kazooie or tooie etc.. Well i dont know i have a lot of games to finish ,but this year and the last year has to be overall one of the years i played the least…

    • I watched a playthrough of Shadow of the Colossus, so I know how it goes. It was pretty interesting.

      Yep, here’s my Owlboy review! http://monstervine.com/2016/11/owlboy-review/

      I get your point about the direct sequels not being quite the same as a completely standalone numbered entry like FFXV is. When most people think of the main Final Fantasy series, they’ll think of the main games, not the sequels.

      Hmm, highly recommended games from 2012-2016… Rhythm Thief, Tales of Xillia, Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us, the Stanley Parable, the newest Ace Attorney and Professor Layton games (of course), Steins;Gate, and Hatoful Boyfriend. Probably more, but I just sorted my How Long To Beat list of completed games by release date and looked for my favorites from that time period. XD Oh, and the Kingdom Hearts remixes if you count those.

      • i see.

        Thanks will take a look at it.

        Hmm yeah i guess thats true and it that case if iam not mistaken if we dont count sequels then we havent a standalone with only females and only a game with only males, but yeah doesnt matter to much either way, i still see your point and agree with that.
        Barely heard abouth Rhythm thief will take a look at it. Have xillia need to play it tough. Wolf among us is great. Yet to play the stanley parable with i heard is fantastic.
        Will if i find i good or decent deal or as you say try the demo of professor layton games. Well a lot of good games, were both Steins gate and hatoful boyfriend , have been bought also due to you manging to persuade me a bit there.

        Btw there is a free arceus code now from north america and europe , the code for north america is ARCEUS20 works on both omega ruby and y, so now you have a chance to get two of him , hopefully you get it in jolly.

        • Right, I don’t think any main numbered title in the series has had an all-female party.

          Rhythm Thief is kind of structured like a Professor Layton game, but with rhythm and music games instead of puzzles. It’s story driven, so I enjoyed it a lot even though I don’t generally like rhythm games.


          Ooh, okay!

          • thanks, i will take a look at it.

            btw if you manage to get two jolly arceus you wouldnt trade me one for one of my arceus , i have two ,but both wrong nature….

            anyway i am talking to tlou fan right now, one that seems pretty friendly ….
            i said this..

            “to be fair i dont think any game is the best ever , i have a feeling that some will say that a certain game is the best ever might also say that for a other game on a certain day , i dunno.”

            he told me it was a nice sentiment to have what do you think?
            Like he said word like best and masterpiece might be a bit overused.

            • Anyway i really need to try go back ignore all that negativity, all the harrasment, negative comments, ignore other opinions that differ frm mine… i have to just find something and play it . Ignore all the awards, ratings etc.

            • No jolly Arceus for me, unfortunately.

              I can see that. I mean, I think Tales of Symphonia is a masterpiece, but there are people who don’t like it. So much of it is subjective.

              Yes, avoiding negativity is good. 🙂

              • i see you know you can soft reset these mystery gift pokemons?

                yeah thanks. I mean i agree with you regarding tales

                Anyway the last week or two has been har for some weird reason i dont know why….
                I mean right now i have problems ignoring negativity. I have problems ignoring scores, awards.
                There is alot of fighting.
                and for some reason being sceptical is not allowed if your a norwegian gamer, because i meet a lot of norwegian gamer that has said some of comments was aggresive when i didnt meen it i said alot of times that i was sceptical , but still happy for the fans.
                Or as i said in one comment…. i am i the only one who doesnt who doesnt look forward to it that much….also if they do end up fixing my problems with orginal i wont complain… what is wrong with that?
                then well we had ton of comment chain where i simplu have said sorry, because apperantly being sceptical is not allowed while still be happy for others.
                Anyway i sometimes wish i knew the magic in ignoring awards, score, negativty, comments and commenting, how to ignore flaws in a game that apperant everyone else can etc….
                I dont know , right now i just simply cant play anything i want to, but cant , played less then 10 hrs i guess the last 2 weeks… Is like when i finished kotor 2 is was like what i am i supposed to play and finish now and i just cant. I also think it has something to do with my broken gamecube

                • Oh, you can? I’ve never tried. But can you even find out the nature before you get it in the Pokemon Center?

                  :/ Yeah, some people take any sort of skepticism as an attack. Of course, the flipside is also true, some people try to shoot down optimism about a game.

                  As for ignoring it… I just try to make my own impressions of a game. I’ve liked games that most people dislike, and I’ve disliked games that most people like. If I’m playing a game, what matters then is what I think of it, not what anyone else thinks.

                  • yeah you can sorry i didnt tell you. Just go into pokemon, then summary ,then three times on the right pad.

                    Yeah i guess that true…. but then again a little skepticism has to be allowed… anyway to much optimism and people might even get to hyped for something.

                    Yeah i guess thats true. Still to bad awards always prevent a lot of some of those not that well know game to get the negations it deserve.

                    played some portal 2 with a friend, damn s so fun with a friend. again it got my game humor a bit back.

  3. i mean if you get to postive about a game to much hype, The hype can get un real. I mean i finsihed tlou 2 times when it got out. Then i used well not directly 3 years but alot to get rid of the hype alot to make me try grounded, first i manged during this year to get some of the hype for it to die down becasue tlou fans is so obessive and then i tried grounded because people kept telling me it was so good , its pretty damn good ,but not perfect or arguably the best as is an opinion or anything. So argue if something get to much hype and positivty it can me hard to enjoy it becasue you except to much.

    also what do you think about this “i argue there is nothing called a best game ever, firstly because is opinion based, second as someone told me it implies you played almost every game out there and third ,we will never agree with each other , someone like this , someone like that, someone prefer this etc and someone can look past bad ai for example or graphic downgrade some cant.
    Still u4 was great, but i might agree that u2 was the best if is that one your refering to.”

    • Portal 2 is great. 🙂

      I try not to let people’s views of a game sway me too much. I look into reviews, but I try to focus on their content to see what people like about a particular game. If it sounds interesting to me, even if people generally don’t like it, maybe I’ll give it a try anyway. If it doesn’t sound interesting to me, even if it’s heralded as a fantastic game, that’s fine too.

      That quote makes a good point. I don’t think there is an objectively best game ever. Even genre plays an important role in that. I can think Tales of Symphonia is the best game ever, but that doesn’t do anything for someone who dislikes RPGs.

      • yeah and even more so with a friend. Played some galaxy now, one start left from 60. i know there is alot more for 100%

        yeah, i get that. I try to prevent it and was better at it the last year, but the lost month for some reason has made it hard to ignore.
        hmm i see, yeah makes sense. Hmm any, i guess we talked a bit about this before, any specific reviews you use for that? i guess there a lot of games that is low rated that should be higher and vica versa.
        I guess there is alot of niche games that should got more awards , and games that got many that should get less awards, not that awards mean that much these days, if any at all. Yeah i guess is clever to look at the conent. Hmm so if is heralded as a fantastic game but doesnt sound intersting you will still give it a shot?

        yeah well, i just asked because i wrote it , i can give you a link to the kotaku discussion if you want 🙂 a friendly discussion tough . Yeah true with genre, a little bit what i meant with someone like this and someone like that, but that was mostly refering to other stuff, but a bit with genres to , but yeah genre is a big role, comparing a platformer to a rpg is damn near impossible ofc course you can have your favourite ,but is it hard to directly compare one to another and say what is the actually objectivle or subjectivle better game yes it is… tbh i am not the best with the difference about objectivile and subjectivle i think i could it at one time.
        Yeah i guess that is true. I also guess mod, humor also can have something to say.
        Still i see your point with tales. I mean is fantastic damn great game

        Anyway did you get or agreed somewhat what i meant that with to much positivty and hype , that it can also be a negativty , simply because it has alot to live up to?

        • Super Mario Galaxy? I never went for completion on that one. (I usually don’t 100% games.)

          I usually read Game Informer’s review, then check a few others, and see what people on Reddit are saying about the game, maybe look at Metacritic, too.
          Oh, no, when I said “that’s fine too,” I meant I’m not bothered by not being interested in a game that gets fantastic reviews.

          I see what you mean about the hype, but I think the important thing is to try not to buy into the hype too much.

          • yeah super mario galaxy, is brilliant. But yeah me to i barely 100% games. And i dont think i will do it at super mario galaxy either not at once, first i will beat it then i will know that if i want to i can go back and play it.

            I see. Game informer huh, perhaps i will take a look. Reddit i guess works. The seem to be a little reasonable compared to people on youtube who sometimes are so protective of the fanboyism or whatever is called. They just cant take critizm or sceptism. Metacritic is ok. I use mostly kotaku, but a few times norwegian gamereactor. Again kotaku is great ,because they dont use scores.
            I see, makes sense, yeah i am getting there to , it has to be a game that interest me.

            True, but is not that easy. especially if people hype where ever you go… i try, but on some games is just very, very hard.

            • I still want to play Galaxy 2 sometime, too.

              One example I’ve probably used before is that when Alien: Isolation came out, a lot of reviews criticized it for having backtracking. But even though they meant it as a negative, to me it was one more sign that the game would be the survival horror style I wanted.

              Just remember, no matter how beloved a game is, there will always be people who dislike it. And no matter how disliked a game is, there will always be people who love it.

              • you havent played the second one?

                yeah i can see that, need to try to finish of the game, but damn is it a little freaky/scary.

                hmm yeah i guess thats true. I also feel that critizm should be allowed. But yeah i guess you would probably always fine someone who thnk almost even the “worst” game is the best game ever. Because again they so many that think that is the best or it is the best , just take a look at movies, tv shows, music too in the end is an opinion, but for some reason i want to play tales of symphonia

                • Nope, not yet.

                  Oh yeah, Alien: Isolation gets extremely tense.

                  Of course. 🙂

                  • i see, do you have it? i bought both smg 1 and 2, w mario kart 8 , smash and donkey kont and i think i bough windwaker hd a month or so after for my wii u,

                    Since my gamecube got gone i never got the chance to finish of metroid prime 1 nor 2 … the triolgy is hard to find and same with fire emblem radiant dawn.

                    Yeah i can see that , would you put it as more scary then silent hill 2 or fear 2 for that matter?

                    anyway some people just protect their fanboy to hard.
                    Is the sequel to symphonia as bad as someone claim it is.

                    • Yep, I have Galaxy 2. It’s sitting in my backlog of doom. The Metroid Prime trilogy is on my Wii U in my backlog of doom.

                      Yeah, the GameCube and Wii Fire Emblem games are really tough to find.

                      Hmm… (I haven’t played Fear 2, so I can’t compare there.) What I usually say about Alien: Isolation is that it’s not the scariest game I’ve played, but it’s the most tense. So not as many heart-pounding panic moments like in some survival horror games, but a lot of being tense and on edge, without many moments where you can relax.

                      I haven’t played the sequel to Symphonia yet. One of my friends loves it, so I’m interested to see what I think of it.

                    • i see. You have the metroid prime triolgy as part of eshop or does it exist or disc based for the wii?

                      yeah i figured, i got the gamecube one tough, one of the first game i remember i ordrerd from the nett.

                      i see, hmm yeah well is on my backlog of doom that game so.

                      i see, i heard a lot of people claiming is bad so.

                    • Btw i just started watching battlestar galactica and house MD have you watched those?

    • I got the Metroid Prime Trilogy from the eShop, yes.

      Yeah, people generally dislike Symphonia’s sequel, although I’ve heard some people say it’s not bad on its own so much as just bad when viewed as a successor to Symphonia.

      I haven’t watched either of those shows.

      • i see. Then thats is probably where i will buy it.
        Do you know if xenoblade chronicles is there. As i heard is plot, characters is better then x and that even you get a mecha faster?

        I see. Well i got the seequel so i might give it a shot one day.

        Hmm, all right. House MD is rpetty damn good. All right i havent watched it ,but have you watched grey’s anatomy or however you say it.

        • Xenoblade Chronicles should be on the eShop now. It’s much more plot-driven than X was. No riding mecha in this game, though.

          Yeah, since I have Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, I’ll try the sequel some day, too.

          Nope, I haven’t seen that one, either. xD I’m not much of a TV person. Just about the only modern show I watch is The Curse of Oak Island on the History Channel.

          • I see. Then i missunderstood with the mecha. If is more plot driven, is it then a little less open world … or is it a lot of grinding. How is the gameplay compared to X?

            I see 🙂

            • Xenoblade doesn’t have a fully open world the way XCX does, but it has very large areas that you gain access to as you progress in the story.

              I wouldn’t say it has a lot of grinding unless you decide you want to do everything, because there are plenty of late-game side quests at a level higher than any of the story quests.

              Its gameplay is very similar to XCX’s, but the combat is a little less complicated. There is no Overdrive, but instead you have the Monado, which allows you to use some unique attacks and also shows you glimpses of the future during battle.

              • i see, i guess that works.

                Hmm i see, i think that is a good think that siee quest do have higher level then some story quest even tough it might not make sense.

                that sounds weird and intersting. But i see. Glimpes of the future , you mean how the battle can procced , so if goes badly you can kind forseen it and then change?

                so all in all if you found xenoblade chronicles x gameplay ok, is worth to buy the wii version as i assume is on eshop ?

                • Btw do you have any games where you have played then given a rating and then changed it to a lower or high rating when you finished it if you were to rate it ?

                  Also do you have any game the hype has managed to ruin for it.
                  Ot any gameplay trailers or trailers that has “lied” to you and made the game far worse then it looked, not thinking about graphics.

                  • Right, and I think a lot of RPGs are like that with bonus bosses and things like that–optional content that’s tougher than the main story.

                    Yes. For example, you might suddenly see a future event of the enemy killing one of your party members. Then you can try to increase that party member’s defense, draw the enemy’s attention to someone else, etc. to prevent that.

                    Xenoblade or Xenoblade Chronicles X? I enjoyed the gameplay of both. Both should be on the eShop, and yes, Xenoblade’s Wii version is fine. That’s what I played.

                    There have been plenty of games where my opinion has changed partway through.

                    A recent negative example: Tales of Zestiria. As I played Zestiria, I really liked it. I didn’t understand why it got so much criticism, and I felt sure I’d like it more than Tales of Xillia. By the time I reached the end, it was a major disappointment and I never recommend it to anyone.

                    A recent positive example: Kingdom Hearts. I got through most of the first Kingdom Hearts game with the general feeling of, “This game is cute and decently fun, but I don’t know why it’s so popular.” Near the end, however, something happened that made it shoot up in my estimation, and suddenly I wanted everyone to play it and couldn’t wait to start the next one.

                    Games hype has managed to ruin… I don’t know about that, but I suppose to some degree a game like EarthBound counts, where I went into it and enjoyed myself, but wasn’t blown away like I expected to from how people rave about it.

                    Trailers that have lied… I’m not sure about that either. RE6 consistently announced itself to be a return to horror, but by that point I didn’t trust it and only tried the demo. xD

                  • yeah and is good as it adds to the game, extend it and so on, like kh 2 fm adding roxas , well not optinal ,but one of my favourite game moments and bosses ever…

                    I see, that is a bit cool, thats nice.

                    i see, partwaytrough you mean in middle of the game? There hasnt been any game that has changed you mind before you didd a second playtrough?

                    hmm , i see, weird i got one who recommend it and one who dont, but i heard that is no more then decent usually. But i need to finish Xillia and xillia 2 witch i have in a dual pack.

                    haha , i see thats cool about kingdom hearts 1, even tough i no clue what did happend that changed your mind but, thats cool.
                    I remember i had to give resident evil zero 3 or so goes before i likd it, but isdamn hard, i also remember that i had to give dragon age origin 4 tries before i figured what i did wrong.

                    i see. Played a bit earthbound , the combat and the setting is intersting especially for a game from 1994. Have you ever played mother 3?

                    hmm yeah i see, and the game wasnt any horror either.
                    Well i sc blacklist trailer was in some extent well it seemed to promise kind of a bit more or at least more intresting scenarios then we got then there was this god damn e3 2012 trailer for the last of us. While trailers is cool and all that, some really do seem to promise i bit to much or goes a bit to far…

                    • Lingering Will might be a better example, a bonus boss much more difficult than the required bosses.

                      Hmm, I don’t think a second playthrough has ever changed my mind… but then, I don’t do many second playthroughs unless I really love a game.

                      I still need to play Xillia 2… and most of the series.

                      The final set of Ansem’s Reports in Kingdom Hearts, where the entire tone of them changed, that’s actually the moment that did it for me. xD

                      I haven’t played Mother 3, no. I’m still waiting for an official translation. *crosses fingers*

                      Yeah, trailers can be a problem sometimes. xD

  4. Yeah that is true. Almost given up taking him, he is so hard.

    i see, well around 70/80 of my 277 or so finished games , yeah to many i have finished around twice some more, but lately , i barely finish game twice because i dont feel for it some exeptations like tw3, mass effect series, persona 4 etc. But i see your point. How many times have you fines ToS?

    yeah well you ffar a head of me, as i have only play tales of symphonia.

    Thats even cooler. That just some few reports can change your whole perspective about the game.

    True. Me too, but it getting a little slim

    yeah and thats the problem. I also feel people jump on the next big thing to easily.

    • Yeah, I never beat him.

      I’ve only finished Symphonia once so far. I played it for the first in 2015 after all (maybe I started in 2014, but still).

      The reports just made such an interesting twist that it change my perspective, haha.

      Oh yes, people are always ready for hype. Including me, sometimes.

      • i see

        hmm pretty recent then , i again played it back on the gamecube one of three games that me love rpgs

        haha yeah so it wasnt only the tone ,but it changed something else to cool.

        yeah i guess. And i guess moss will at one point even tough i try to ignore it

        What do you think about old vs new game… i mean i feel most new game are overall little better then new games if you take the total package like gamplay, combat, replayvalue, difficulity, unique characters, atmosphere , story,plot, music etc holds up very well, perhaps a little worse in gameplay , take new deus for example deus ex 4 might have the best gameplay, but most incl me argue that the orginal is still the ebst if you take every elemenst into account

        • One of three games? What were the others?

          Right. It was very cool from a writing perspective, to me, and that made me much more excited by the story.

          Old vs new games… I feel like old games have the edge for me in many ways, at least when it comes to RPGs (where it seems like many of the older games have more exciting stories, although then again, maybe that’s just because those are the ones that endured) and survival horror (since classic survival horror barely exists anymore). Platformers, too, since I like old 3D platformers and we don’t get many of those anymore. (I’m really looking forward to Yooka-Laylee!)

  5. Well if we dont count fire emblem 8/7 cuz then it would be 5…. But tales of symphonia made me love rpgs with golden sun lost age and final fantasy iv.

    i see, still pretty cool.

    Yeah i feel that too , older games has that magic, they are usually harder, have more intersting characters , have a better story / characters + plot, have better soundtrack etc, especially turn based rpgs. But it depends on the genre. That is true, probably why when i put a top 3 survival horror game and excl re 4 ,that i will probaby have sh 2, re 2, tlou. Hmm, cant argue to much about platformers havent played so many old once beside some mario on the gba , or mario 64, dk 64 and both banjo games witch are fantastic or at least was. If you mean old does galaxy count? or even portal?
    Yooka-Laylee looks pretty good yeah.

    • I still need to play the Golden Sun games and FFIV. That’s one of the few main Final Fantasy games I still haven’t played.

      Super Mario Galaxy is still pretty close in that 3D platforming style. I’d consider Portal more of a puzzler.

      Yooka-Laylee looks so much like a modern Banjo-Kazooie, and that’s awesome. 😀

      • i see, you should play the first golden sun game to, import save even touuh it doesnt do much, but you will have a hard time with some of the characters in the lost age as lost age and the original was supposed to be one very big game ,but couldnt. I argue ffiv is still good.

        yeah makes sense. Yeah i guess a puzzles with some platform elements. I dunno, but your right.

        Yeah , from what i seen to it seems very much like that and ,that is cool

        • I got the first Golden Sun from the Virtual Console, so I’ll definitely play it sometime. 🙂 I have FFIV on Steam, but I was thinking about getting the PSN version instead sometime.

          We seem to be having a revival of 3D platformers, though, haha.

          • i see. Yeah golden sun is one of those perhaps not underrated ,but more like underavalued, underplayed is perhaps a better word.
            I have no clue how ff iv is on steam.

            Yeah hopefully

            • Gotcha. 🙂
              The FFIV Steam version is basically the DS version, I think. I like the way the PSN version looks better, with the old sprites, but everyone seems in disagreement on which version is the best.

              • i see, thats too bad. But , then again what do gamers really agree on?

                  • i am playing crash bandicoot 1 due to a guy that wants me to review. Damn that game is hard.

                  • btw i have o admit by one of three games earlier in the chain is if i exclude pokemon and fire emblem

                    • I never played the original Crash Bandicoot. I got into the series with the third game.

                      Which Pokemon and which Fire Emblem? I still haven’t played much Fire Emblem, although tactical RPGs are lower on my list to start with.

                    • i see, well i started with the gba once, the second one on emulator tough. Then i play some crash 2 on the psn and now alot of crash 1, is hard.

                      Well i pretty much had 2 versions of yellow, red and blue, but i mainly played red for some reason, i always like blastoise more ,but some reason i played red the most then yellow. Then there is ofc crystal. I also played some silver and gold , but i think i finished silver once when i managed to borrow it.

                      When it comes to fire emblem i played 8 first even tough 7 must have been one of the few if not the only game i watched one complete walktrough on youtube and even twice by two different users. I also remember path of radiance being one of the first games i ever decided to order from the net an certaintly the first i got in a non english cover ,but i think i bought it from a store i still buy games in witch means i got it in a pretty in spanish or so cover when it should be english.
                      anyway i have finished fire emblem 6-10 + shadow dragon (11 i guess) almost done with awakening. Done 14 birthright.
                      but 7 and 8 was also a huge part of me liking/enjoying turn based strategy games

                    • btw merry xmas :)¨
                      thanks for the nice and good talk so far and the help

    • Merry Christmas to you, too! 🙂

      Gotcha. Are you looking forward to the remastered Crash trilogy?

      I started Pokemon with Silver, and then played Yellow after that.

      I still need to give Fire Emblem a better try sometime.

      • with the gba once i meant i had the orginal or the first one gba on cartridge.

        Yeah a little, espessially if the fix some minor things, if i get it right crash 2 and 3 on psn is still pretty damn good, yeah i look forward to it , it will be some good and fun platforming.

        i see. Well i guess alot startet with gen 2. I guess i asked you before did you have a favourite one.

        i see. Have you played ff tactics ,if so i heard is pretty familar, i have only played like 30 min of tactics on emulator so i cant compare it good enough

        • Which one was that? I might have played one of the GBA ones.

          Same. 😀

          It’s probably nostalgia since I started with Silver, but Silver is still my favorite of the originals, with SoulSilver then probably being my favorite overall. After that, White is my next favorite.

          Nah, I haven’t played Tactics.

          • Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure on gba
            Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced on emulator.
            Almost finished crash 1on the psn ,but it crashes at the same spot.

            i see, yeahi guess many has those as their favourite pokemon games or third gen.

            i see. Well it on a huge backlog of games i want to play eventually.

            • Ah, okay. I can’t remember if I played The Huge Adventure or not (I think so, since I remember playing another Crash GBA game and the others don’t look familiar), but I know I played N-Tranced.

              Aw, it crashes? :/

              Third gen was actually my least favorite (until X/Y), but maybe Omega Ruby will change that.

              Gotcha. My backlog is also huge, and growing larger despite my attempts to handle it. xD

              • late reply havent had internett at my small hut until now. Usually it works fine and when it does we have more then good enough of internett, but there happens to be those time when we simply dont have internett.

                Yeah i taught it was only 2 crash games on the gba, but it was morethen then two it seems.

                Yeah, at the same spot, but it seems that if i die on the way or at least get a gameover before that pat , that i can get around that stupid vrash.

                i see, yeah i guess we have been talking about it.

                Yeah i know and that is just a huge problem

  6. Hi!

    How are you?

    i was you just checking in, just finished ratchet and clank 3. 9 days ago i finished the orginal crash bandicoot.
    And now i am thinking about finally finishing Ico . Or starting the orgingal resident evil 1.
    Also me and my friend from norway… meet on a norwegian game side , were you can review games, look at new, or go at different forums, he eventually bought dark souls 3 two days ago so we are playing that.
    And i am also playing again alot of rainbow six vegas 2 and some portal 2.

    • I’m doing well, and I hope you are, too. I don’t know if you saw my newest review, but I just finished Final Fantasy XV!

      Sounds good! 🙂 Portal 2 is great.

    • If it handles it like Alien: Isolation did, I’ll be happy. 🙂

      • yet to finish that one, but yeah it played good so lets hope.
        At leeast your answering me 🙂

        i mean , do you have any idea why gamers are so bad at replying or answering?

        • 🙂

          Eh, I think it probably has nothing to do with gamers, just that a lot of people on the Internet in general don’t always reply.

          • perhaps, thats true, but then people should learn to be better at it .

          • i just checked my backlog i have around 115 games i need to finish at least.

            • I have a little over 200 in my backlog.

              • omg and i taugh my was bad .. i tried another count 142.

                + 65 games on steam wish list and

                + some games like this that i want to buy that are old

                – The legend of zelda a link to the past
                – Dragon quest 8 3ds
                – Final fantasy tactics war and lions
                – Final fantasy xii remaster
                – Metroid prime 1,2 chrono trigger and phoenix wright
                – Xengears
                – Chrono cross
                – Super metroid

                Metroid prime due to my gamecube got broken and i never got to finish neither. Chrono trigger and phoenix wright not play them on emualtor but rather legally kind of.

                There is also some games i need to finish again, or finish my current second playtrough or third or whatever

                I am not counting games on ps4 and on pc /3ds or wii u that are newever then say 2015 , because i need to give tlg , ff xv a shot etc. Doom

                • I use How Long To Beat to keep track of my backlog now. https://howlongtobeat.com/

                  There are plenty of games I want to get, too. I think there’s 76 on my Steam wishlist, and then there are lots of games for other systems I’m interesting in…

                  Lately I’ve been playing Shantae & the Pirate’s Curse. I’m hoping to finish it before Kingdom Hearts 2.8 comes on Tuesday.

                  • i see. How does hltb use. You make an account and pick all the games you have? Or you just check average play time?

                    Yeah, i see. So overall i am little luciker then you there that i have some less games. But probably not to much. For others systems there arent that many games that i need to buy.

                    Nice. Is Shantae any good?
                    Ah , yeah thats right kingdom hearts 2.8.
                    There is also dragon quest 8 and resident evil 7 that i might buy next week

                    I , play mostly rainbow six vegas 2. But , also some portal 2 and gabriel knight . Some DS 3 if my friends wants to play it.
                    I also want to try out digimon story .

                    • Yep, you make an account and then you can add all of your games to various lists (playing, completed, backlog, etc.). It lists average playtime and some other information.

                      Shantae is a lot of fun! I played Risky’s Revenge last year and now I’m playing Pirate’s Curse. I usually don’t like 2D platformers as much as 3D platformers, but they have almost Zelda-like progression in some ways (finding keys in dungeons, solving puzzles, getting new tools to open other areas).

                      Lots of games are coming out. 😀

                    • nice. I make take a look at that. Sounds pretty good instead of using a excel sheet or something

                      I see. Thats nice. How the second one compared to the first one? I might need to give it a shot

                      Yeah, but we will see how many of them turns out really good.

                      how come i didnt watch kingdom hearts 2.8 opening before now ,so good.

    • Yep, it’s a pretty useful site!

      Well, I’ve never played the original Shantae, but Risky’s Revenge and Pirate’s Curse are both a lot of fun. I’d say Pirate’s Curse is the more fun of the two.

      My copy of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 should arrive today. I can’t wait! 😀

      • seems like it.

        Oh wait ,there is three of those ? 🙂 ah i see.

        nice, i hope you will enjoy it. I will buy it on a sale eventually.

        Btw how many games are you going to finish this year? i see the bar at the top of the page 🙂

        • There’s four now, actually: Shantae, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, and Shantae: Half-Genie Hero.

          I’ve got KH2.8 now and I’ve started it. 😀

          I’m hoping to play 40 games this year.

          • ah i see. cool


            Wow. I managed to finish 25 or so games last year .
            2 games so far this year soon 3.

            • 🙂

              So far I’ve finished 4 games this year: Final Fantasy XV, Baten Kaitos, Shantae & the Pirate’s Curse, and Gunman Clive 2.

              • nice. Whats your favourite out of those.
                Baten katos , i have heard about that.
                same with gunman

                nice. I have only finished crash bandicoot 1 and ratchet and clank 3

                • I’d say Baten Kaitos was my favorite of those four.

                  Are you going to get the remastered Crash trilogy when it comes out?

                  • i see.

                    Hmm, yeah probably, eventuanlly, dont think i will buy it on launch. But yeah , down the line i most likely will. Perhaps not for the first one ,but for the 2 and 3 one yeah. But lets hope they dont fuck it up either. You?

                    • And I’m the opposite, I’ll get it for 1 and 2, since 3 is the only one I’ve already played. Since they’re not fully remaking it, I doubt we have too much to worry about. They shouldn’t change the gameplay much or anything.

                    • hehe i see nice. The original is so hard. I have played some of the second one. Thats good that they dont fully remake it . So good news.

  7. thanks. Just finished crash bandicoot , i meant gabriels knight sins of the father ,also finsihed mark of the ninja yesterday.

      • Gabriel knight sins of the father despite being over 20 years old is pretty damn good. The characters are intersting enough, the plot is good with some decent twists and is pretty hard i had to use a guide despite the game having a pretty good hint system. Yeah is good if you like/enjoy point and click.

        Mark of the ninja, is an excellent 2d stealth platformer. With different ways to do to each level. Decent characters and plot, but the gameplay is top notch.

        Heres my short reviews on steam for both of them

        Pretty good games just started invincible inc, then when i am done with that then i think i will perhaps try either indiana jones fate of atlantis or syberia

        • Ah, okay. 🙂

          I’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance and World of Final Fantasy.

          • nice , i hoped that helped out a little.

            Nice. Yeah i might get on to do dream drop distance too. I managed to get a chance to borrow 2.8 hd collection from a frined so.
            World of final fantasy , hmm yeah perhaps i really should try that. What was your favourite game you new game you played last year and what was if you count old games your favourte game you played or finished last year, yes multitple option r allowed.

            • Awesome! 😀

              Well, my favorite game I played overall last year was Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. My favorite new games I played last year were Steins;Gate (if it counts as new), Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice.

              And if you count it, World of Final Fantasy, even though I’m still playing it this year.

              • i see nice. Need to try both bbs and steins gate . I guess we can count steins gate for 2016 🙂
                But nice. Yet to finish xenoblade chronicles x.

                Yeah, why not if you started with it last year then i guess we can count world of final fantasy

                What about xv?

                • World of Final Fantasy is pretty fun. 😀

                  I enjoyed Final Fantasy XV a lot, but not enough to consider it a favorite.

                  • i see, i might or will probably get it on sale

                    hmm, fair enough 🙂 lol. Yeah well i am more waiting for complete collection or something like that.

                    • Okay. 🙂 I might have described it this way before, but World of Final Fantasy feels like a cross between Final Fantasy, Pokemon, and Kingdom Hearts.

                      Oh yeah, once the DLC and updates are all out and everything?

                    • yeah i think you did and that sounds near perfect if not perfect 🙂

                      yeah something like that. I was very close to buy it at release, but all those dlc and that expansion pack has just made me eh i think i am better of waiting especially if i hear whats right that chapter 13 is missing something or dragging on or whatever.

                    • just like to add , finally finished beyond good and evil 🙂

    • Yeah. 😀

      I actually liked Chapter 13 as it is, but I’m definitely in the minority with that opinion.

      What did you think of Beyond Good and Evil? I’ve never played it, but I watched a playthrough.

      • i see, well at least i got the chapter right. Wha do you think the expansion pack will be about Luna?

        Well it was pretty good, i startede last it in 2015, and finished of the last third today this weekend and i played 30 min the weekend before. It was pretty good. Some good characters. A decent plot/story. Great soundtrack. Overall a good game with my biggest complain being the last boss, were its last phase was just pure bullshit, i mean i dont wanna spoil it in case you want to play it, but damn did i dislike it until i figured ah wait is it really this easy (needed some help tough, i just couldnt figure it out) Was stuck 2 or 3 times in the game, not it was ridiclus hard just more were do i go now and so on. I am also not the fondest that there wasnt any lock on function in combat. But, yeah overall a good adventure game with a great setting. Liked the atmosphere and it has tons of charm. Yeah ubisoft make that sequel now.

        • I have two theories about the expansion, both of which would involve spoilers for the main game. xD

          Do you think the sequel will ever come out? In November, they confirmed they were still working on it.

          • i see, the only thing i seen unfourtantly and i was somewhat curious is the ending and what happend to luna…

            i hope so. But yeah even tough we heard something in november witch arguably is a good thing it seems that is still in development. But, i dont know, i mean even if it comes out is ubisoft i guess who still makes it and the question is in witch state is it in. It has been devloped from scracth and that is never a good thing.
            Yeah my guts says yes, but i am not sure.

            • Ah, I see. My theories are related to other spoilers.

              Yeah. :/ Well, we’ll see. Maybe at E3 they’ll have more to show!

              • i see, then is best to stay away from that i think.

                Yeah, perhaps. The thing is i dont look forward to e3 as much as i did 4 or so years ago there was a periode of 2-3 that i really looked forward to it and watched. Is still on my radar , but yeah perhaps , is the trailers there that are worth watching. We will see, but i doubt ubisoft will show it that soon as they have just stated from scratch last year. We will see. But i doubt it. Anyway new games, new trailers is always intersting.
                So far there hasnt been any games i bought so far this year either new or old.

                Onto something else curious
                Have you ever watched House MD og Fringe?
                Also i have got my hands on diancie in case i didnt tell you that and genosect . Also have all the three birds.

                Anyway lets see what happens. I am waiting alot for tides of numnera for in feb

                In mars we got perhaps ghost recon. OFC zelda. I am also curious about Nier. Mass effect.

                • Btw did you play to resident evil 7?

                  Also have you yet played persona 3/4, suikoden 2 ? Or even mother 3?

                • I still love watching E3 for the game news, especially surprise announcements.

                  I’ve never really watched either of them, but I saw one episode of House in a psychology class.


                  Oh yeah, Tides of Numenera looks interesting. It’s tied to Planescape somehow, right?

                  Did you play the Nier demo?

                  Nah, I ‘haven’t played any of those yet. XD

                  • yeah i can see that, yeah suprise announcements is well usually cool.

                    I see. Thats a bit cool. Do you remember what episode? did you like that episode? if i may how long ago?

                    Thanks 🙂

                    Well it is a spirtual successor whatever the hell that means… and it has at least one guy who helped with Planescape torment joining

                    No , i havent.

                    I see 🙂

                    • Yeah.

                      Hmm… the episode was about a girl whose mysterious symptoms turned out to be because she tried to kill herself, but I don’t remember any more specifics. It was all right, but it didn’t convince me to run out and watch more. xD This was probably… maybe 5 years ago?

                      Oh, I see. So it’ll be like Planescape, but not using the same IP. That makes sense.

                      You should download the Nier Automata demo to see if you like it. I thought the demo was pretty fun.

  8. Hmm i see, well to bad, even tough i suggest you to give it another go. But yeah well i see your point i have finished season 1 and 2.

    Yeah something like that. Yeah ,but like planescape, btw did you finish it? it will take a huge emphaise on story and i guess choices.

    You know what i actually missread it as nioh, but yeah nier looks intersting, tryed to find the first one for an allright price witch is just hard, but yeah thanks for the advice, i will try to give that i shot.

    also btw have you played lttp or tlou?

    • I don’t watch a lot of modern TV shows.

      I’ve ever played Planescape, just heard good things about it. It’s on my list to get sometime.

      Oh yeah, Nioh looks interesting too.
      They’ve said Nier Automata will be accessible even if you haven’t played the first Nier, but it sounds like there are at least some returning characters.

      I’ve played parts of LTTP, but never finished it, and I still haven’t gotten around to TLOU.

      • i see. Well i kind of do. Me and mom watches fringe for example.

        Yeah is pretty damn great is probably the only game that has alot of people calling that it can be even compared to a book without the other guys saying something bad towards i seen. I seen tlou been called that too but, then the others usually say how many books have you really read. Probaly some other games that gets compared. If that makes sense. Anyway is opinion and is a good game both of them even tough planescape only problem might be is just ok combat.

        Yeah it does. And it looks hard.
        That is indead nice. Yeah i guess i can handle some returning characters. Will probably give it a shot.

        Nice. Was it good lttp? i heard you should play links awakening before or was it after and then between world? Anyway i see with tlou, no hurry tough. I feel is good especially on grounded, by all means not perfect…

        Have you played dragon quest 8? I got my dad and asked him when he was going to store if we could go inisde gamestop and to check dragon quest 8 price… if it cost beant 400 nok witch is i guess 40 pound, my dad just bought it to me when i planned on paying him back. So there is that.

        Yeah and it looks hard

        • People do tend to argue over how writing in games can compare to books. xD But I’ll definitely try Planescape sometime.

          I’ve played both Link’s Awakening and A Link Between Worlds, but for some reason I just never got into LTTP.

          I haven’t played Dragon Quest 8 yet, but I recently got Dragon Quest 7.

          • yeah nice. I think is going to be hard to compare something directly to a good book , or the best of best regarding movies.

            nice i see. Is links awakening recommended? People seem to think is fantastic
            i see. I got dq7 home too, might finish it sooner or later, but dq 8 well i just heard it is fantastic so there is that… and most jrpg and especially those one ps2 really hits with me so there is that . if that makes sense.

            • Yeah, that’s true.

              I liked Link’s Awakening a lot! I definitely recommend it. Here’s the review I wrote of it: http://www.samanthalienhard.com/2015/07/links-awakening-different-sort-zelda-game.html

              Many people say DQ8 is one of the best in the series. DQ7 is supposed to be really, raelly long.

              • yeh:) Take the harry potter books and/or lotr for ex they are damn huge and most would consider them pretty great. How many words are in those alot … they are probably better plot and character development then well probably every game with alot of details… but then again two different medias or something like that… but whatever you got my point

                Nice i will take a look at that thanks

                it seems they pretty even if you look at hltb it seems if you take the ps1 version of dq 7 is very huge and by far the largest, the 3ds version is on par with dq 8 on ps2 and the 3ds version is probably shorter….Anyway i am around 5hr and 30 min in and i am loving it so far.

                • Oh yeah, definitely a ton of words in those, haha.
                  Sometimes people act like if you read a lot, you can’t enjoy game stories, and that drives me crazy. I read a lot, and I still love stories in games!

                  Hmm, that’s true, they do look about the same.
                  Great! 😀

                  • yeah that is true… well i read a little when i was younger or listened to it … but not anymore still is hard to directly compare the best books to games or too movies regarding story/plot/charater development . I mean they do it different and i guess the closes games has come to books is pst and perhaps xenogears , some as i said would argue tlou ,but most who do usually get backlash that they havent read alot of books, but arguably when it comes to character development tlou might be close if not better then most movies, but books eh nah i dont think so, but sorry for that. Yeah i love stories in game too, different medias… something is probably easier to do in games, then in movies and books and vica versa … they are alot of good story driven games out there so…. like undertale even, tales of symphonia… portal etc or of thos e i know you have played.

                    I played alot of dq 8… i wont spoil ,but what i can say is i love that each place you visit kind of has it own story.

    • It’s hard to avoid all tropes, though. Cliches are a different matter, but nearly everything is a trope of one kind or another. XD

      No, I haven’t. What is it like?

      • What is the different really? i have no curious. Yeah i guess thats true to avoid tropes is hard, but there is possible to try to use those that are less used or something. I feel there is something bad when you figure out what is supposed to happening in the story before you even think about it, i mean sometimes… i think is possible to try to use a little tropes and try to be a little less predictable.

        I see. Is a tactical turnbased stealth game. Is a rogue like witch means each level is randomly genereated, i think is my first really rogue a like game. Is has tons of different characters, with different weapons , abilites, and so on , is great and is hard. And i play with no rules witch mean i can if i get gameover i have to redo all the missions.

        • I guess I’d say the main difference is that cliches have been used so often, they’ve become too common or boring or predictable. I agree that you shouldn’t use so many tropes that your story becomes predictable… but for example, if a character switches sides partway through the story, are people going to be upset because that’s a trope? Probably not unless it was badly written.

          This is a good explanation: https://dragonscanbebeaten.wordpress.com/2011/06/13/the-difference-between-tropes-and-cliches/

          Ah, I see. Sounds tough!

          • yeah i see so cliche is something that is very well know to happend? And tropes is something we are familar with then ? Like hero killing 100s of soliders in a game etc. Anyway yeah i agree with your example that something i would feel is good if is good written, what is not that good i think is when you see character death coming long before they happend…
            So cliche is kind of trope that is just overused?
            Then if thats so lets just say that tlou has alot of arguably overrused cliches. IMO, still good by all means

            Anyway thanks for link
            Yeah is pretty rough. One of the few games i played were i have been close to put the difficulity level down

  9. i might have asked before but do you think that sometimes our enjoyment or fun or whatever from a game comes also due to how popular it is ,but also do to how many awards and critic score it gets?

    • I don’t think so at all, at least not for me. I have noticed that you seem concerned about awards and score influencing people’s fun, but I’ve played so many games where the majority thinks it’s good but I just can’t get into it, or where my opinion runs contrary to the majority’s, that I don’t think it’s much of a problem. There might be a little of it at first–“I finally get to play this game everyone praises!”–but not once you get going.

      Yeah, a lot of cliches are overused tropes, or tropes that no longer “work.”

      • well i mean, there quite some who woender if people care a little to much about high scores. I try to ignore it, or i do, at least, now i mean i tend not to buy a game that get much beneath 8 on critic and user. I mean , well perhaps am concerned, but what can i do , people like what htey like, and sometimes i read that people doesnt always play the game for fun,but sometimes just for the plot… what i mean is , there has to be some or quite some people let say young that get influenced a bit by high scores and awards… i read that reviews wants hgih score otherwise people wont buy the game thus influncing arguably people..

        Anyway most game people tend to think is good i think is good, but probably not as good, sometimes better ,but there are quite some games that is not that liked that i love.

        i see.

  10. Still at the end of the day i guess is subjektiv and so on, sometimes you can argue that a game has objektive faults ,that are pretty obivous, but sometimes you can argue it has more faultsi that only affect you like graphic style etc..

    still sometimes you can wonder how many games some people has actually played when they scream that this is the best game ever and who are we to judge that… anyway i am not juding you or anything, i fully understand why you have tales of symphonia as best game ever

    • Haha, yeah, it’s all pretty subjective. xD And there are definitely people who will avoid games that don’t get good scores, but once someone actually sits down to play a game themselves, I’d be surprised if knowing the scores influences them that much.

      • Yeah i guess. Yeah i guess thats true.. Still there is the question about hypetrain, it seems is funnier to be a part of games that everyone loves then one that is still generally good, but well not have that many active people who praise it everywhere. Anyway what seems to be a little obvious is that alot of gamers at least on youtube tend to only choose newer games and seems not to have played to many of the classics

        Yeah i can scores dont influence them to much, still i guess is funnier loving a game with high scores and be part of the mass then not…

        Is it really that funny commenting that you low a game that is generally hated by cirtics and also users? eh i dont know , you usally get alot of insult towards you , were people sometimes in this case to will wonder how many games have you played

        Anyway i guess we like what we like , but in some extent our enjoyment might be swayed a bit if there is alot of love or alot of hate at least as younger you are a guess… but i dont know

        anyway some fanbases are just to obessive still we in the end of days either play games because the fun or have a great story/plot etc.

        • That’s true, although the classics still get a lot of love if you look in the right places.

          It does get some odd reactions if you love a game that most people hate. XD Or, I’ve also noticed, if you enjoy a game or series that has a reputation of being bad or cheap (or weird).

          The World Ends With You is great! 😀 It takes a bit to get used to the combat, but I loved it. I know we’ve discussed this before. xD

          • yeah i guess that is true. But yeah you have to look at the right places, because if they get arguably mentioned at the wrong places well people may claim you only like it because of nostaliga when you played it the first time ever that year etc.

            yeah it does then again if you can you can ignore it then thats fine

            Yeah i know i dunno why i havent finished it yet i 21 hrs in it.

            Still i think people should be less aggresive and stop using awards,scores and so for arguments that they game they love is the best… i mean i get the feeling alot of the new generation hasnt played that many old games thus easier for them to say a new one is best… anyway it doesnt really matter what they care , is really more about what you care
            Alot of good games out there.

            • One of the benefits of having a crazy backlog like mine is that I can often shoot down the “nostalgia” argument with, “Actually, I played it a couple of years ago for the first time.” XDDD

              Even without scores, people would still argue over it.

              • yeah i see.. well i can i can use that too .

                Yeah people would still argue over it, but i argue the will argue a little less about or at least in a more friendly manner, because i feel user scores is a little outdated i mean how can we say a 10 rated rpg is better then a 9 rated platformer in theory….

  11. anyway is subjektiv and i get it has alot to do with time what game you like, how many games you played before you played that game, i mean is hard to get impression from a game if you have finished 100 + games or more etc. I guess it has to do with when you play it and in what mood if you have alot of voices telling you is the best of the best the likelyhood of it to be the best is lower.

    anyway i am having ton of fun with dq 8
    When i done with that i might again try to finish invinlbe inc, to the moond, twewy or tales from borderlands

  12. anyway ppl will have to like what they like regardless of how many games they have played, but point is alot of people who say a new game is the best tend to or seem not have played that many classics and think their game is almost everyone opinion if not everyone , still it gets harder to decide what is your best game if you havent finished alot of new once or old once or as many as i for exampe have or some others, how many have you finished?

    still as i said in some extent that these days a game that get any lower then a 9 almost is considered rubbish or very bad, thus reviewers arguably tend to be arguably more friendly… perhaps… anyway our opinions if we are younger might get swayed easier then when we get older.

    still in the end it matters what you yourself like and not what others too,even tough some people probably opinion can change over night or depending on what youtube with they post in perhaps , i dunno, alot of good game, i am soon going to buy lttp

    to be honest i dont know why i care about it , i was pretty good to ignore it for half a year or so before it got back ,but negativity, best this and that, every game almost has someone saying this is the best… and people generally think they are always in the majority and people are just stupid to think otherwise… for me unless is a rpg , gameplay is the most important for a rpg is story

  13. There finally finished bayonetta 1, was damn fun, fantastic game.

    • i like to add even if i was here that most reviewers these days to ignore small faults witch seems that most user will then ignore those too

    • Yeah, Bayonetta is awesome. 😀

      Maybe you should ignore game reviews. It seems like the reviews, and fans’ reactions to them, disturb you. Maybe it would be better to just ignore reviews entirely unless they’re from specific people whose opinions you want to know.

      • yeah it was good.

        well alot of people had that discussion now when there is problem or weird when you get everything from 50/100…

        anyway is fine , i might have made more out of it then i wanted it. I am not to fond of it … as many say alot of reviewers seems to ignore flaws these days or get payd thus the flaws might be easier to ignore… anyay i read kotaku`s reviews they are pretty good. Steam review is always funny. Norwegian gamereactor.no is pretty good… they also explained or said that even if you can explain sometimes a game is just a 9. There is also decent/good youtubers super bunnyhop and totalbiscuit.

        I wouldnt say i disturbed directly , is just happens sometimes i can get a bit eh yeah who should we trust , perhaps am frustrated and i am sorry for that ,but there is alot of old games that deserve creds instead of perphaps only new once. Alot of gamers recently seem to just have started and forgetting that it is opinions and there is alot of old good games

        anyway is opinions. How many games you have played might have something to do with how well you like a game. What you mood is or humor. If a game is genereally hated it probably easier to hate it yourself and vicaversa, if reviewers ignore flaws you probably do that too.

        Perhaps gamers arent to influnced about scores when they play the game ,but the certaintly are regarding what games to buy anything less then 8.5 seems to bad these days. Witch leads to gamers getting paid.

        still as i said i persoanlly have alot of games i love, perhaps not one specific favourite.

        Anyway sorry about this. Is fine to have someone to talk too about well everything. Me and a friend discuss this too and come to the same conclusion that comparing a 9 rated platformer to a 10 rated rpg is stupid or that is outtaded or that you dont buy anything usally less then a 8.5 or so. Or that you might ignore flaws to easy or games are just easier too.

  14. i am sorry if you got to bad start, there are probably some good reviewers out there who is fair ,but again a gap of 50-100 on horizon zero dawn for example is much

    anyway i am thinking about buying lttp, super metroid, paper mario, legend of seven stars and mega man x on wii-u . Lttp will def be bought

    In the end is about finding the right reviewers you trust and that isnt easy anymore. Again i find kotaku overall very solid.. not 100% agree but pretty close

    • I generally read a few reviews, but I focus on the content more than the score. Sometimes the “flaws” are things that don’t bother me or even things I like!

      The old Paper Mario games are excellent. 😀

      • but i hope you can see point a little 🙂
        yeah i guess the content is far more important as the score is different something you can see from all the reviewers. What kind of flaws would that be? Yeah i guess sometimes flaws can be postivty, doesnt mean reviewes should skip thhem witch seem tto be genereally more the case now then it was… i mean the review overall while maybe good they seem to be more friendly anyway kotaku gives me usually more then fair enoug reason of the game without the score and the people commenting there are friendly and usually have a couple of games they can compare it too
        anyway again sorry for this

  15. Anyway thanks for convo so far and sorry about that . i Guess it was that day when i down or upset or that disagreed heavily with some people still no exuce anyway i am better at ignore scores even tough i am itchy about anything less then 7 on hltb, gamefaq ,steam,Meta from the majority of reviewers sorry. Anyway kotaku works great. Tommorow i might try to finish smg or finally to the moon

    • Anyway thanks for convo so far and sorry about that . i Guess it was that day when i down or upset or that disagreed heavily with some people still no exuce anyway i am better at ignore scores even tough i am itchy about anything less then 7 on hltb, gamefaq ,steam,Meta from the majority of reviewers sorry. Anyway kotaku works great. Tommorow i might try to finish smg or finally to the moon

      It also depends on the reaction from fans. If they are open minded is good. If they have a friendly discussuion is good .if they dont harass you is good if they do i ignore them so no problem . If they can tolerate critzim is good. But is not fun being attacked and talk to a fans who think they are in the majority and thue your opinions is invalid not fun … but if they do i ignore them. Again disturbed is a strong word. Is more about how the behave and how friendly they are… most gamers or alot of them on youtube think they are in a majority so i have pretty much given up and ignoring youtube depending on the vid and what the comments is about… if the comment section isnt friendly to begin with i try to ignore reading the comments or comment on it. Kotaku is great tough. Reviewers is generally fine i just think they should be a little better at pointing out flaws and not usually ignore them even if they are minor. There has to be a reason ppl think some of them are paid. Anyway opinions differ and perhaps the review site chooses the more friendly one

      • As an example of what I meant, I remember reading Alien Isolation reviews that lowered the score for backtracking. Backtracking in my survival horror games is just what I wanted, so that was a plus for me.

        I used to get in more arguments online with fans about games, but now I don’t as much. I generally look for fans of the games I like and talk with groups there. 🙂

        • ah yeah , i remember, yeah backtracking is fine.

          You mean you got to arguments with people that was fans of a game you wasnt… well i have tried and got a lot better at ignoring that , since when you try argue that the game they are fan of isnt perfect well it usually doesnt go that good, is fine on kotaku or perhaps the norwegian gamereactor. But yeah i try to talk to fans of the games l i like. it works pretty good if you talk to a guy you know well from the nett or learned to know well , like you for example it seems we can talk alot without nesseraly attack each other, also good talking to your real life friends that you work with that usually goes fine too usually not always but it works at least if i doesnt both of you have forgotten or most likely ignored it by tommorow.

          anyway i guess i was tired of the stupid arguments that people sometimes used and get a little frustrated about because when as i said the use scores as an argument they hint that they wouldnt love or at least use that argument if they didnt like that game that much, and then they saw it also has most awards and you conter the arguments say witcher 3 has more awards, this only happens once i think , because it has only be once were felt i could use that argument, and then they say awards doesnt mean a shit. Also user scores argument for hltb or gamefaw or steam and especially metacritic seems to be total invalid too haha..

          anyway thanks, still i wouldnt call it disturbed just more that i learned to ignore people on the nett and not have arguments with them as you say simply because most arguments they use is bad… you have 5 they 1 and this still keep usin your arguments is stupid etc. Anyway opinions

          Will most likely finish 2 games soon.

          • Yeah, I used to get into arguments over the direction of the Resident Evil series (4-6) and things like that.

            Good, ignoring them is good. 🙂


            • I can see that i heard re 7 is good.

              Anyway is just gets sometimes a bit frustrsted when it seems most disagree with you.
              Still i learned from school that if you have 5 good arguments and they one you probably have a point

              Will you play horizon zero dawn?

              • just finished phoneix wright , the first one, the last parts of the last case was pretty damn great

              • I want to play RE7; I’ve heard good things about it.

                True. 😛

                Horizon Zero Dawn doesn’t really interest me, so probably not.

                Great! Are you going to move on to the next game now?

                • you talk about the second phoenix wright also justice for all… or are you talking about any game… anyway yeah i might do justice for all , i heard is a little shorter and overall weaker, but that it is connected Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Trials and Tribulations ? so yeah i most likely will, also that trials and tribulations is most often then not called the best so there is that too if is overall a better game then the first one i will be genuinly suprised.
                  But, i will most likely play them on a emualtor tough

                  • Yeah, I was talking about Justice For All. JFA is one of the weakest in the series, but it’s still a good game, especially its last case. I also agree that Trials & Tribulations is the best.

                    • i see. Well i will try jfa then. then afterwards trials and tribulations. Was also thinking about starting mother 3.

    • I’m still convinced we’ll get an official Mother 3 translation.

      • yeah i hope so. Have you watched akira btw?

        • No, I haven’t. What’s it like?

          • I see. I got it recommended from a friend that i meet on a norwegian web side.

            Is an anime from 1988… is considered to be a landmark in japanese animation and a sci fi movie for that matter

            well it a solid movie, based on a manga with alot of action, the first 15-20 mins was pure, pure gold, they were fantastic. Great characters, tons of action, alot of charm, great music, great story/plot or whatever we call it , a fine movie… sett in a post acylptic world 2019…

            • Gotcha. Sounds interesting. 🙂

              How was Dark Souls?

              • well if you like anime is certantly worth a look.

                It was pretty damn great. Hard ,but tons of charm , great atmosphere. The music at th last boss somehow reminded me of Roxas in kh 2. An ok story i guess. But the gameplay is top notch. Yeah the game was fantastic… perhaps not the perfect game ,but eh s not like i am wholly disagreeing with edge either. And compared to tohers i barely at all had any frame rate drops.
                Great characters. More then enough enemy variety and boss variety for that matter. I cant say to much towards ohe music as i dont remeber that much of it. Last , i think the level design was done mostly pretty well… you have multiple option from after the “trial”. And different way/option to play it is always a positvity.

                • I’m still new to anime, but maybe I’ll check it out sometime.

                  Great! I’ve got to try one of my Souls games sometime. Although the one I really want to play the most is Bloodborne.

                  • yeah me too barely watches anime ,but well a friend suggested me that one so.

                    I see. Bloodborne is fantastic… that is one damn good game… that one off those well new games i really like , that focus on gameplay above story…. is great, fast and hard.

          • there finished of dark souls 🙂

    • Bloodborne appeals to me in the same way the Souls games do, but with the added appeal of horror (and even Lovecraftian/cosmic horror).

      I’m conflicted about the new Zelda game. It’s changed so much of the usual formula, I’m not sure I’d enjoy it as much.

      • i see. Yeah i think we talked about that a little before ,but yeah isee. I am about to finish of the last boss now , had a backup of the save for long time in case i wanted to plat it on do 3 playtroughs so i just could do a different choice at the end. But , i chasing trophies isnt something i do as much now. After i finished wolfenstein on the hardest it kind of said stop. I might try to get 4 more platinum so i can say i at least have 25 overall with 5 on my old user and 20 on my new on i think

        ah i see. Well i kind of was until edge gave it 10/10 their 19 games since 1993 and 40/40 in famitsu in 1986 with zelda being it 24 game… so i bought it today and right now it looking to get on second place on metacritic just behind oot with far less reviewers and on top on gamerankings witch i find insane.

        • Oh, gotcha. I rarely get platinums.

          Everyone’s giving Zelda great reviews! It’s pretty crazy, haha!

          • yeah i see. Do you have any?

            yeah it is. Is pretty damn insane. Still is seems to be a more split on users at least on metacritic and gamefaq ,but metacritic has been worse and worse regarding that

            Hopefully i get mine tommorow if not i have to wait til monday

            • Steins;Gate might be my only platinum trophy. There are a handful of Steam games I’ve gotten all the achievements for, but not many.

              Let me know what you think of Zelda once you play!

              • i see nce. Yeah , some games is straight forward on steam.

                Yeah will do. PS : i am playing on the wii-u.

                It still seems that at reviewrs and the general peopel who has played it that its fantastic, but yeah i will try to give u a mini review

                • Psychonauts is probably the only game where I got all the achievements and really had to go out of my way to do it.

                  Are you planning to get a Switch eventually?

                  • i see. Yeah , thats a game i have to try to finish soon or atleast by 2018.

                    yeah probably. I am thinking about getting it either for my b-day or xmas. I probably will wait to xmas and wait for at least the new mario to get released, fire emblem, xenoblade 2 or something… right now there arent many reason , theres like only zelda , but the wii-u version appereantly runs fine and i will get that well tommorow most likely so… yeah eventually.

                    i see binding of issac will also be released on switch how is that?

                    • Yeah, I definitely want a Switch before Mario comes out, but right now I don’t see a big reason to get one right away.

                      People have been recommending the new Zelda game to me.

                      I’ve never played Binding of Isaac, and I’m not really interested in it.

                    • yeah i agree there

                      damn this year seems to have a lot of heavy hitters, even tough zelda at 98 on meta and gamerankings is going to be damn hard to beat

                      yeah i played 5 hrs of it yesterday and it was so fantastic, the climbing is so good , i even liked the cooking. Also cutting down trees in genious.
                      I got chills after 3 mins

                      i see

                      have you ever tryed deponia? is on 90% on steam witch is ridiculus

  16. btw have you ever played a genre you started disliking and then enjoyed?

    • Hmm, a whole genre? I’m not sure… I used to think I wouldn’t like survival horror, but once I played it I liked them. Maybe Xenoblade Chronicles X counts, since I generally don’t like open worlds, but I really liked it in XCX.

      Nier Automata is getting pretty good reviews too.

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying Zelda so far!

      I haven’t played Deponia yet, but a friend gave it to me as a present, so I have it.

      • yeah i have a friend who has played literally one turn based game and decided he doesnt like the genre and that was an ff game on the ds.
        For me i had the problem with horror 2 i finish fear 2 in 2009 and was to scared to play horror for 2 or so year then tried sh hd cllection and it was was to creepy, didnt have the problems ppl say they had, then it apperad on gamefaq and i tried silent hill 2 again and alien isolation and i actually really like the genre, resident evil 2 has to be mentioned and perhaps even zero witch i played first time in 2015 and 2016 or so.
        But yeah i see what you mean, i guess it counts, because you never know before you try something and argue as movies that just giving one turn based rpg is to soon to dismiss the whole genre….
        But yeah XcX kind of counts as it is also and open world ,so fair enough.

        Yeah , it is it seems to hit around 90 witch is fantastic, i had feeling for strong 80s, so yeah it is.
        is with tides of numenera, nioh, mass effect probably and ofc persona 5 games i will get this year , persona 5 probably or very likely on launch.

        Thanks, played anohter 8 hrs today, i really liked that the impleant alot of mechanics you wonder why others games just havent like stuck by lighting, the climing, the way you cook and cutting down trees to also make bridges, i just dont remember any game doing those before.

        I see, yeah i might give it a shot 90% off is alot.

        • Aw, that’s too bad. It wasn’t the DS FFIII, was it?

          See, I don’t like horror movies, so I assumed I wouldn’t like horror games, either. It’s hard to explain why I like one but not the other.

          There’s so many good games coming out, and a lot of them are RPGs! I want to try the original Nier before I play Automata, though.

          I’m still not totally sold on Zelda, but people are making a strong case for it.

          Yeah, definitely.

          • i have no clue really didnt ask him, but i would be suprised if it was that one… i played a little bit of it last week, trying to finish of that last boss since saves on the ds is saved on the cardridge so i didnt lose my data when my 3ds got broke. Yeah it could very well be that, either the ds games isnt generally that good , they are some of the worst entries arguably to begin with.

            yeah i see, my point was simply that seeing one movie in a genre and then calling the genre isnt something for me , seems to be a little to early… to make a judgement the same with game, like trying 1 fps game and deciding that the whole fps genre isnt for i mean it feels a little off, i mean giving judgement to a whole just because you didnt like that game or movie , i dont know i dont think thats to fair.

            like there is turn based rpg i dont like, but most i fine more then good enough…
            I mean know that if you dont like shooter or rpg or horror movie there is a fair chance you dont like other ,but to get the whole genre simply because you played one of the least orginal or worst game in the genre, is pretty bad.

            yeah i know. Yeah me too just so hard to get your hands on.

            hmm i see, any reasons beside is open world?

            • I brought it up since FF3 for the DS is one of the only Final Fantasy games that I actually didn’t like very much. I finished it, but I was happy to be done with it.

              Yeah, exactly. (I tried several RTS games before finally admitting it just wasn’t the genre for me. xD)

              Open world and that it seems to be leaving behind so many Zelda traditions. It’s made me wonder if it’ll even feel like a Zelda game.

              • i see. Yeah , i am not to fond of it either ,still i will try to finish it eventually. Anyway when i look up the selection for ds games for final fantasy only iv seems to be good.

                yeah thanks, good we agreed there haha

                well, i see, well like people say what is zelda tradition…. what i get most seems to actually think it might be the best ,still iguess is a bit early. But what are you refering too? the thing is after those hrs i played there is alot of freemdom, there is fun to climb , alot to see, shrines, bosses, for me it feels so far like a zelda game ,but yeah i see your point , there is something about that is just go out , enjoy the world, see it wonders, see the adventure and just enjoy.

                • What other ones are on the DS?

                  I guess going through dungeons, finding new items in those dungeons to solve puzzles and progress to new areas, things like that.

                  • Final Fantasy III (2006)
                    Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales (2006)
                    Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings (2007)
                    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates (2007)
                    Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift (2007)
                    Final Fantasy IV (2007)
                    Shido to Chokobo no Fushigi na Danjon Toki Wasure no Meikyū DS+ (2008) (Japan only)
                    Chocobo to Mahou no Ehon: Majo to Shoujo to Go-nin no Yuusha (2008) (Japan only)
                    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (2009)
                    Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light (2009)

                    Then three only released in japan that is related to the series.

                    I see. Yeah i guess some would find that missing, but then again i guess it opinion based i actually really enjoyed for once that you get everyone thing pretty early.

                    • Oh wow, that’s a lot more than I thought.

                      Well, I’ll probably try Breath of the Wild eventually, since I’ve heard so many good things about it.

                    • yeah it is.

                      Yeah it is. Some people seem to have fps drops tough.

                      PS: youtubers and gamers is so toxic
                      And sometimes your better of yeah lieing with a youtube who said it was bs that unless i played it on switch i would have a huge fps dips… i told him now i havent had minor or major… i then said i might have a had 10 seconds or less and he asked me to lie ,yeah perhaps i did ,but then that dude lied witch saying i am willfully blind of can i be that when i dont see anyone sometimes your just better of ignoring youtubers or lie when he does it i hate it,but yeah the game is overall excellent imo, i havent had any major or minor fps drops if any at all,asi told him i might haveh ad one in the village witch means i lied in a minor way ,but it call also meen i was ust sloppy and then i didnt lie.

                    • Anyway is easy to forget a fps drop or a one bug and dont think about it before someone reminds you that there are fps drops and you start thinking about it and the only thing you call was 10 or less seond of weirdness that might have been it, doesnt meen you lied, but forgetting and even if it was a lie it was very minor when it has only if every occured once in 20 + hrs of gamepaly

    • Unless it’s really bad, I have trouble noticing fps changes at all. I remember seeing someone once post a comparison shot of 60 fps and 30 fps and saying, “Can you honestly say you can’t tell the difference between these two?” and me and a couple other people honestly could not tell. xD

      • yeah me too, and that exactly it , i mean yes i guess some games works better in 60 fps and some doesnt, but it depends on the genre… i dont notice huge fps drops, i can barely recall noticing it any games what so ever and when i have it been for a brief moment or two and not enough to bother, me i had it perhaps in the one of the city in zelda for a brief moment, but then again it could also be me who just miss clicked. I guess the difference is there in some genre, but it really depends on genre i feel. Is it really that bad to play a 30 fps action adventure game ,when not to much is happening, i guess game with alot of shit going on its better ,but eh, people who say it doesnt deserve a 10 because of fps drops , i mean yeah for you doesnt mean everyone else get bothered by it or have it…. we arent “fanaticism” or what ever that means.. and even if play the same hardware doesnt mean it counts for both of us… i mean is like my friend sayd every game he plays that should have tons of bugs doenst have it and when it isnt supposed to be any he notice it… anyway opinions, still as someone said

        click baid review ,or reveiws that is overly critical to something to begin with is well not that good, i guess is an opinion that to if they are valid points ,but again if is clear that you deduce a point or two because of some nintendo problems eh i dont think thats fair either, still we like what we like , and is an opinion never the less, right now i love zelda and that all that matters isnt it.

        • Yeah, I know what you mean.

          • still i find using average score from imdb, hltb , gamefaq, metacritic, and critic score from meta+ gamerankings and perhaps Gr or kotaku to work for me, still ppl cant force me to hate or change my mind about it , i am just doing the first dungeon in zelda and i am enjoying it alot

            • I still get the feeling you take review scores into consideration much, much more than I do.

              • perhaps i do. Still there are games that are hated by users that i actually find decently good dragon age 2 for example… i mean i am better to ignore the hype these days, but as i said i usually read kotaku and Gamereactor review… and if the user scores is good then i buy. If both is lower then 8.0 or 80 on average i am getting a little sceptical that it might be better to wait…

                • Dragon Age 2 wasn’t bad, although I disliked some of its storytelling.

                  • Yeah, i guess the storytelling could be better , but is generally seems to be a hugely disliked game

                    • That’s true. Dragon Age 2 has a fairly negative reputation.

                      How do you think Mass Effect Andromeda will be?

                    • yeah… when or as we talk about dragon age i actually feel they have been arguably worse and worse. I have to try to finsih inqusition this week before the new mass effect… i am the last mission.. so 64 hr playes since 2014.. dont think i have played it in two years , but eh one mission left why leave it at that.

                      I dont know really. The previews i have read. What i have seen and the launch trailer makes it looks very intersting… i hear it has the same amout of dialgue as me 2 and 3 has togehter, i really hope it brings some of the rpg elments back and if it gets compared to mass effect 2.I hope it will be good. It looks pretty good. But yeah , if it get decently good reviews at around 80 + and users and the reviews is mostly postivie and looks intersting, is more about what they say, but i am really not that into buying a game that has less or lower then both 70 user and critc… because if it has the arguably something both seem to hate like replay vaule, to predictable and so on… yeah i am looking forward to it and yeah there is chance i buy it at realse.

    • I enjoyed Dragon Age Inquisition, but I wish they’d handled parts of it differently. I hope Andromeda doesn’t feel the same way. I’m conflicted about Andromeda so far. I’ll definitely look up footage and read the reviews before I get it, although I don’t care what the number score is so much as what people say about it.

      • damn there was supposed proably to be an and between read and what … but yeah i forgot. What parts do you refer to? side quests? one of my biggest complain is these bosses on hard reminds me on the wow days where ppl had to kite bosses

        Yeah, i kind of agree if i get you right that is. I tend to agree more with users, still if critc score or users fall say lower hen 60 one of them i am getting sceptical , what is it that the user see that the critics dont or the opposite if users thinks is fantasic and around 80 or so what do they see the critics dont…

        Anyway i will also buy nier next week

        • I went into it in more detail in my review (http://www.samanthalienhard.com/2015/11/the-split-personality-of-dragon-age-inquisition.html), so you could take a look at that, but basically Inquisition felt to me like the open world parts were so completely separated from the story parts, they might as well have been separate games–and the story felt short and a little bland to me. I didn’t find the main villain threatening or compelling (unless you count a certain other character as the true villain).

          I was also disappointed the Architect didn’t make an appearance, although that’s more personal bias. When I saw the design of Corypheus, I thought for sure the Architect would return.

          The Nier demo was lots of fun. I still plan to play the original first, though.

          • thanks i will take a look. Yeah i see. Yeah i guess you had to play the dlc in dragon age 2 , to probably hate / like Corypheus more. But, yeah i guess thats true that areas is so seperated…

            I see, Architect , the guy from dragon age awakening?

            Yeah , i see. Well i hope you will find it

            I also just started mother 3 , pretty good. 1 hr in so far so good.
            Also finished valkyria chronciles yesterday ,that was great
            And yeah i will try to finish of the last boss in dragon age… i will try to use two mages instead of one today because his just running away and so on.

            • I played that DLC I think, but I still found him bland in Inquisition.

              Yeah. Since the Architect and Corypheus basically looked the same, I hoped the Architect would play some sort of role in the game if you left him alive in Awakening.

              I have a copy of the original Nier I got from a Square Enix sale (along with Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, in fact). It looks like it’s gotten a lot rarer since then, so I’m glad I got it when I did!


  17. i see.

    Yeah, i guess alot would like to see a return of the architect. Never played more then the first 15 mins or so of awakening.

    yeah, is pretty hard to get by, so thats cool. Kingdom hearts 358/2 days is also a bit cool.

    Thanks. The first 2 and half hr has been pretty damn good. Your really wondering where the game takes the story next.

    • Oh, I see. Well, I found the Architect to be a pretty interesting character.

      Yeah, I’m happy I played 358/2 Days myself instead of just watching the cutscenes included in the 1.5 Remix.

      That’s always good!

      • thats cool 🙂

        Yeah , i see it was better that way then with gameplay?:)


        • It’s not the gameplay itself, but the game’s pacing and structure. The cutscene collection tried to fill in the gaps, but without NPC conversations (each “day” in the game, you can talk to some members of Organization XIII before going on your mission) and a few important moments they decided to leave out, the impact isn’t the same. When I watched the cutscenes in the remix, I thought the story was sad, but when I played the game, I really felt the change in mood.

          • i see. Yeah that makes scened. Ah i see, so because of some missing npc conversation the collection version isnt that good. Yeah i see, is probably alot better to feel the change indead.

            • Yeah, and a couple of important moments. For example, there’s one scene where Roxas starts wondering about his motivations and whether anyone cares about him at all. It’s very important to understanding his later decisions, but the remix cutscenes left it out.

              • i see. Thats to bad. But yeah , i guess it could be better if that was included.

                PS: when people say something is a great review i guess it the context they agree with and not always the score ? 🙂

                Anyway i started nier two days ago was fun , fantastic, a damn great soundtrack

                • anway this weekend i guess i will mostly play nier, mother 3 and perhaps mgs v.
                  But i guess we have talked about it ,but say if there is a guy who trust ign and they give a game a 9 ,do you think that it might influence the guy too think the game is just a 9 for him to?

                  Anyway when i look at the game coming out this year damn they are alot of good once .

                  • but yeah again perhaps i shall start to more and more ignore the score and rather care about what my score is or wether the context in the review bother me or not hehe, anyway still there is like only one outlet i really like and perhaps 2 or 3 norwegian reviewers, i find some reviewers that while i find they context to be good they score is so off from my opinion

                    • I’ve heard fantastic things about Nier!

                      I think that might make the person more inclined to try the game and expect good things from it, but I don’t believe someone else’s opinion can trick that person into thinking they like the game more or less than they really do.

                    • Yeah its fantastic. Great game. But yeah i am only 6.5 hrs in.

                      Yeah i guess that is also true. But is not good to except to much. But yeah i guess , but alot of people looks for something to validate they opinions it seems . But i guess a good argument could make you change opinions a bit. But still using awards, high critic score and nostalgi as an argument isnt that good

    • How could an argument make you change your own opinion on whether or not you like something? (Unless it’s related to something like story, where you could miss something and have it explained, and then change your opinion based on that.)

      • I mean if someone makes a damn good argument for a flaw or story and you replay the game you might find the flaw and relise hmm was it really that good as i might it be. Because if a guy say this game did this and this bad perhaps you opinion will change perhaps you will still like it but not as much… still i like what i like and usually most flaws they mentioned might be right but it wont change that i really like the game … unless there is a flaw so apperant that you figure out how did i miss it. Perhaps it doesnt change wether you like it or not but perhaps you learn to see it or learn to appreciate it.

        I mean say you like a game you talk to some guy who point of numerous flaws would you enjoy it as much? Perhaps your opinion wont be changed but at least you could see hmm perhaps it wasnt that perfect at all but i still dont care

        • Hmm, well I can see that to an extent, if there’s a flaw you missed and having it pointed out makes it harder for you to enjoy the game as much as you did before. On the other hand, if you really like it despite those flaws, does it matter? For example, there are people who will argue that Tales of Symphonia is a mediocre game with outdated gameplay, boring characters, and a lackluster story, but no matter how many times they argue that, I’ll still consider it a fun game with a fantastic story and characters. xD

          • thats true, my point was simply that you opinion might change to an extent, but no, usually you could very well see past it unless there alot of major once etc. Yeah, i guess thats true with tales of symphonia and i would say the same is still a fun game, i guess most would still consider it fantastic or great.

            Either way sorry for that my point was simply if there is a flaw you missed that is big you opinion might change a small bit…

            I mean ,is not like i take ppl opinion for granted, why i look at different places, outlets, read perhaps 1 or 2 or more review and try to ignore the score as is just a number, probably why i use kotaku and fine some norwegian places devent , gamefaq user score a pretty good indicator.

            And most often then not i dont agree with the reviewers, sometimes i feel is to critical or not, even tough the score can be a good indicator and if the majoirty of people loves it and outlet give it a high rating and you agree is fine and if the dont is fine that too even tough is perhaps not as fun to talk about the game…and in the end is just a matter of what do you like , if people like the game you do then thats fine, even if i find some arguments like nostaligia. But yeah
            Anyway there are so many places to look at things now and is harder to harder to for me to find outlets that really trust, perhaps the context is good ,but again the score isnt, you will probably fine someone who shares your opinion even tough you have to look for it, but yeah whatever ,still i find myself being a bit more critical towwards games lately, still if i find the game a 10 then is a 10 for me unless i realise that i hyped it up myself if that makes sense

            But , yeah thanks

            Anyway , tried some virtue last reward a bit today is pretty good, over 1 year ago since i last played it lol

            But , yeah i dont fine tales of symphonia medicore.

            I guess with games today they are so many good games to chooce from that is hard to choose one 🙂

            • Yeah, I can see it being possible to overlook a major flaw that changes your opinion of it later on. Or maybe just coming to it from a different perspective. I know there are books I read as a kid that I thought were the greatest books ever, but once I was older and read more, I didn’t enjoy them as much when I returned.

              For me, of course, there are some games I’ll get no matter what the critics say. The next Ace Attorney game could get awful scores and I’d still play it to see for myself.

              I plan to get the Nonary Games collection that has 999 and VLR in a single package, since I never played either. (I just wish the Danganronpa collection came to Vita here like that one did. xD)

              • yeah, thats what i mean. But yeah these days if there is a flaw or so i just eh screw it…

                Haha, i see, you think they will be more? But , yeah i see. I dont think i have any game series that does for me. Perhaps fire emblem 🙂

                Ah , i taught you played them. Well 999 was good and vlr is arguably better. But, yeah i need to try danganronpa too.

                • Why would they stop the Ace Attorney series here? Plus I still hold out hope they’ll eventually localize the Great Ace Attorney prequels.

                  Not yet, no. Friends have been recommending those games to me for a long time now, though.

                  • yeah i guess thats true. Hmm, what is great ace attorney?

                    I see.

                    Anyway sorry about earlier

                    Just finished mother 3 and it was fantastic

                    • It’s a distant prequel starring Phoenix Wright’s ancestor. You might have seen me blogging about it as Dai Gyakuten Saiban, which is its Japanese title.

                      No problem. 🙂

                      Great! Now I just wish they’d officially translate Mother 3…

                    • ah i see. Yeah i think i saw the blog.

                      Yeah same

                      Have you played and smt or persona games yet? damn the smt fans is somewhat toxic

                      Btw you dindt play planescape torment yet? if so in a little over a week you get http://store.steampowered.com/app/466300/

    • Yeah, when I reference DGS, that’s the game I mean.

      I still haven’t played any SMT or Persona games, although I own Tokyo Mirage Sessions (if that counts) and I hope to play either Persona 3 or Persona 4. Persona 5 looks pretty cool.

      Oh wow, I didn’t know they were releasing an enhanced Planescape. I was actually thinking about buying the original game just yesterday. xD Now I’ll probably wait for this.

      • i see.

        Hmm, i dont know perhaps to some extent, but yeah you should give them a shot as you love jrpg. And p4g has tons of humor.

        No, me neither, i heard rumors, but eh it seemed to be confirmed today with a relase right around the corner. Yeah i think that is smart , i am going to re buy it with the soundtrack, because the soundtrack is fantastic. I dont think it will cost much more then 15-20 euros so, that will be a instant buy for me.

        Thanks for the link

        • Yeah, I’ve heard really good things about that one in particular.

          GOG is listing Planescape Torment: Enhanced Edition for $19.99, I believe, with a discount if you own the original through GOG.


          • Yeah i see, it seems to be both considered the most popular , but also the overall best in the series even tough that differ a little from ppl to ppl even tough smt fans cant arguably admit it.

            I see, thats cool. I think it will be around the same on steam, or at least i have a feeling it will be.

            I also have to think about buying arcanum

            • Now that Persona 5 is out, though, maybe that one will become the most popular.

              Yeah, that makes sense.

              What is Arcanum like?

              • yeah i hope so. I hope it better then p3 and 4 witch it seems to be according to most if not every reviewer. Some of the negativtes in the reviewer like on the reviewer had problem with no french text…but yeah the negatives that see to go in most reviewes seems to be pretty small nitpicks, so yeah i am going to look forward to it in 4 days time. Anyway, yeah lets hope so, at least i get it seems one damn good jrpg, i missed a good turn based the ps3 even tough i will need to finish ni no kuni.

                Well i havent played it, even tough i got it on disc, even tough i had problems on my laptop and had to use my old laptop and burn it to a newer cd or a other cd… but yeah , the game is in the same gate as baldurs gate and planescape torment from what i recall. Is apperantly pretty good with alot of different races, classes and so on. I think its better if you try read somo on wikipedia. So i have no clue how good it really is, but well i guess it still has some ppl who still loves it.

    • I’m not sure yet. I haven’t decided what system I want Yooka-Laylee for. I was thinking of waiting for the Switch version, but that won’t be available at the same time as the others.

      • i see, i am waiting for the majority of reviews to come out before i decide, i dont know if i will really give it a shot if it get a lot lower then 75 or so. At least not on full price

        • The reviews have been mixed, but the general impression I get even from the negative reviews is that it feels like an old 3D platformer like Banjo-Kazooie, which is exactly what I want from it.

          • hmm, yeah i see. Yeahi read one review and it seemed to get the same impression. Well it would be good if is like banjo… banjo was so good so.

            • Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie are among my favorite games.

              • I see. Yeah i really liked both too even if is a long time since i have played both.

                • I played Grunty’s Revenge and Nuts & Bolts too, although they weren’t as good as the first two main games.

                  By the way, this comments section is getting pretty big, so maybe we should move elsewhere or to another post.

                  • I see. Yeah i actually finished Gruntys reveange too.

                    Yeah perhaps, its getting huge. Any tip?

                    Just started persona 5 two days ago , loving it so far

                    • Hmm, well, we could jump to another relevant post, or even take the conversation to email or messages on another side or something like that.

                      That’s great! I’ve been playing Mass Effect Andromeda and Severed. Almost done with Severed.

                    • mhm yeah we could do another post. Email works. Messages is also a good idea, started to use that alot.

                      Nice, how is mass effect? I was so hyped for it when the launch trailer came, but then review came out and most seemed to have a lot of common problems, so i said eh well i wait for sale, i mean sure is the context that is important and not the score, but what i read or got the impression of was it was best to wait…
                      Severed, havent heard of any good?

                      PS: reminds me i finished lttp today… i am one game ahead of schedule 🙂

    • Well, which do you prefer?

      I was conflicted about Andromeda and didn’t plan to get it at launch, but one of my friends wanted me to play it, and then I saw it on sale for $44, so I got it. xD It’s okay so far. There are some interesting aspects to it, although the story hasn’t gripped me yet.

      Severed is really pretty cool. 😀

      What’s your game schedule again?

      • Well i think we will use another post simply because i guess is a little easier with long post there compared to messenger.

        I see. I really wanted to buy that after is launch trailer, decided against it tough. Might try it on sale ,but well either way i am busy with persona 5

        Nice will take a look at it

        Finishin one game each week… until 31 december. So far i managed to finish 16. Actually i might be even more then one game ahead of schedule

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