Operation Backlog Completion 2018
Apr 292016

Ace-Attorney-6-EmaLast night, new Ace Attorney 6 footage was shown during an Ace Attorney stage show.

Thanks to Court-Records, those of us who missed the stream live can watch the new footage.

There wasn’t a lot of new information revealed, although it seems as though Nayuta will prosecute cases in Kurain.

However, the videos do show a little more of the first case, new footage from the second case (including Ema Skye and fingerprint analysis), and a bit from Apollo’s DLC story.

Here is the first video, which shows a little over 9 minutes of Case 1.

This second video covers about 10 minutes of Case 2, a few minutes of the DLC case (with Klavier and Jinxie), and a showcase of the bonus costumes.

It was fun to watch this footage and see Ema again (although I’m still holding out hope for at least a Gumshoe cameo). And personally, I don’t mind a lack of new information about the game… gotta have some surprises!

Right now, the main piece of Ace Attorney 6 news I want is its localized release date. An E3 announcement, perhaps?

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Apr 272016

Zelda-WiiU-NXI’ve been ambivalent toward Nintendo’s unusual E3 decisions over the past few years.

When they first replaced their stage presence with a Nintendo Direct, it didn’t impress me. In 2014, though, Nintendo’s digital show was fantastic, and the Nintendo Treehouse segments kept me watching long after I would have otherwise stopped.

Last year, the Treehouse stuff was still fun, but the digital show was not.

And this year… I’m not entirely sure what they’re doing.

Today, Nintendo made some major announcements. The NX will launch in March 2017, and the Wii U’s Legend of Zelda game has been delayed to release simultaneously for the Wii U and NX.

However, the NX won’t be shown at E3.

Zelda will, though. The new Zelda game will be playable at E3. It will be the only Nintendo game playable at E3.

Wait… what?

I’m not upset about the delay or dual launch for Zelda, because I wasn’t interested enough in it in the first place. And I can sort of understand using E3 to focus on other news to give the NX its own dedicated reveal later in the year. But bringing only a single playable game to E3 feels… alarming.

Supposedly this is to “provide attendees a complete immersion.” That’s… good for Zelda fans, I guess, but it doesn’t do much for attendees who love other Nintendo games.

Why not include Tokyo Mirage Sessions, to help people who still don’t understand what it is? Why not bring Color Splash and prove us naysayers wrong? What about one of the Dragon Quest remakes?

As much as I love Nintendo, this news baffles me. What about you?

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Apr 252016

Sometimes you hear great things about a game, everything points toward it as being a game you’ll love, and so you start it up… and it doesn’t click with you.

Today, I’d like to talk about a few of those games. Not games I consider bad, not games I have no interest in, but games I really wanted to love and just couldn’t get into.

5. Inazuma Eleven

Inazuma-ElevenWhen I heard Inazuma Eleven was finally coming to the 3DS eShop, I was thrilled. I bought it right away. After all, it’s an RPG from Level-5, a company whose games I love.

But Inazuma Eleven is also about soccer. Since it’s crazy anime soccer, I thought it would overcome my dislike of sports games.

Unfortunately, while I liked the premise and characters, I didn’t enjoy the soccer games. And since soccer matches are Inazuma Eleven’s version of RPG battles, I finally put it down.

4. Real-Time Strategy

That’s right, an entire genre fits on this list. From Age of Empires, which I wanted to like because my best friends loved it, to StarCraft, which I found on sale and thought sounded really cool, many RTS games passed through my backlog before I finally said, “Huh. Maybe I just don’t like real-time strategy.”

Now if I want to know the story of an RTS game, I watch someone else play.

3. Half-Life

Most people consider Half-Life and Half-Life 2 great games. I wanted to be one of those people. I tried the originally and kept plugging away at it until I finally asked myself why I was playing a game if I wasn’t having fun.

Then I tried Half-Life 2 and again found myself not enjoying it. I kept going until I reached Ravenholm, which was awesome and exciting… and as soon as I left Ravenholm and returned to the rest of the game, I went back to not having fun.

2. Radiant Historia

Radiant-HistoriaThe previous three can be explained. I don’t like sports games, RTS isn’t my genre, maybe there’s a reason I only play a handful of shooters.

But this?

Radiant Historia is a turn-based RPG, one of my favorite genres. It’s frequently mentioned alongside other games I love. Fans describe it as a must-play JRPG. Friends highly recommended it to me.

I played it and played it, and I want to love it. I like the idea of switching to a different timeline so you can learn things to overcome a problem in the first timeline. The combat seems interesting.

And yet… I feel nothing for the characters. I rarely think about the story. When I get into battles, I mainly want to just get them over with.

I put it on hold when Yo-Kai Watch came out, and I recently tried to return to it. Once again, I found myself wanting to play other games instead.

I’ve played about 17 hours of Radiant Historia, but it looks like that’s as far as I’ll go.

1. Okami

AmaterasuMore than any other game on this list, Okami is one I wanted to love the most.

It’s filled with Japanese mythology, it plays similarly to a Zelda game, and it was developed by Capcom’s now-dissolved Clover Studio that went on to form PlatinumGames.

Every time I played it at first, I enjoyed the general gameplay, but I never found myself wanting to play more. Overall, I think I would have liked it more if it was shorter.

After the first false ending, I played some more, got tired of it, and took a break. When I returned, I was determined to complete it even though I was increasingly playing it just to get it done. At last, I pressed forward to the end of the game… and got stuck, at which point a walkthrough alerted me that no, I wasn’t at the end of the game.

I stopped then, probably forever. Okami is the #1 game I wish I loved.

All of these games stand out as ones I expected to love and just couldn’t get into. What games have you felt that way toward? Let me know in the comments… and if you think I need to give one of these games another chance, go ahead and make your case!

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