Operation Backlog Completion 2018
Jan 062017

Last year, I launched Operation Backlog Completion to finally make a dent in my backlog.

I vowed to play at least 30 games during 2016 and therefore get through 15% of my backlog.

I played more than 30 games, and as a result, 15% of my backlog is now… about 33 games.

Okay, that’s not the way it’s supposed to go.

It’s time for Operation Backlog Completion: Round 2! In 2017, I will try to beat at least 40 games to make a legitimate dent in my backlog.

Operation Backlog Completion 2017

And I’ll try not to replace those games at such a fast rate this time.

This year, I have additional backlog goals, as well. First, I will play the games I put on my “Top 5 Anticipated Games” lists. These are:

  • Cosmic Star Heroine
  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • Yooka-Laylee
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue
  • Tales of Berseria
  • Finding Paradise
  • Muv-Luv Alternative

Of course, this depends on the unreleased ones coming out this year, and I will play The Witcher 2 before Wild Hunt. I also really intended to play Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE last year, so that should be high on the list for this year.

Second, I will to play any crowdfunded games I already have but haven’t played. These are:

  • Aviary Attorney
  • Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan

(And maybe Mighty No. 9, but I haven’t decided yet.)

When I put it like that, my backlog has no chance, right? Take that, backlog!

Which of these games do you recommend the most? Do you have any backlog-defeating strategies to share?

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  205 Responses to “Operation Backlog Completion: Round 2”

  1. “(And maybe Mighty No. 9, but I havenโ€™t decided yet.)”

    I laughed out loud.

    Actually playing the third Zero Escape this year is a high priority for me, once Pokรฉmon Moon attention dies down.

    • Poor Mighty No. 9… I haven’t even officially added it TO my backlog yet.

      I also hope to start the Zero Escape series, especially now that the first two games are being re-released together.

  2. Yeah so far i have played a bit over 30 hrs of persona and i am really enjoying it. Dont think they are anything that really bother me at all…The only thing must be when your told to go to bed, but even that isnt that annyoing as it is pretty obvious most of the time, but yeah is recommended indead, it has alot of dialgue too.

    I see, 40 games is quite alot … i highly doubt i will be able to do a game a week so. But yeah 40 games is a good.

    • That’s great! Maybe I’ll get Persona 5 after I finish Mass Effect and Berseria.

      So far I’m at… 17 games played for the year, so I’m on track for my goal.

      • Nice do that. After all is considered better then both the latest mass effect and tales i guess, but that is opinions

        played or finished or both anyway that is pretty damn good. Would u give me that list?

        • That’s true. Berseria was also quite well-received, though. Not as much as Persona 5, but many fans feel Berseria is the best Tales game in years.

          Finished. I’ve got a few in-progress that I haven’t finished yet.
          The games I’ve completed so far in 2017 are:
          Final Fantasy XV
          Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
          Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse
          Gunman Clive 2
          Life Is Strange
          Alone With You
          Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance HD
          The Wonderful 101
          Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 0.2 – A Fragmentary Passage
          Angels With Scaly Wings
          Stories Untold
          Pocket Card Jockey
          Pokemon Omega Ruby
          Atelier Firis
          World of Final Fantasy
          Beat Cop

          • I see. Yeah thats good. I might give it a shot tough,

            Wow nice. How was baten Kaitos or life is strange?
            Cool list.

            • Baten Kaitos was a lot of fun. It has noticeably bad voice acting, but an interesting story and one of the most unique and unexpected plot twists I’ve ever seen in a game. Life Is Strange was also pretty interesting, although very depressing and emotionally draining, and I wish it had explained its time travel a little more.

              • I see. Where /how did you play baitos. Emualtor? or is it on eshop? But, thats good that the twist is both unexepted and unique. To many of todays games is arguably to predictable

                Yeah, i see. Yeah life is stange is intersting, depressing and emotinally as you said, not the best voice acting arguably tough. But , eah i guess it could have explained it a bit more.
                So that or undertale?

                • No, I have a physical copy of the game and played it on my Wii.

                  Oh, I’d definitely pick Undertale over Life Is Strange. I enjoyed Life Is Strange, but I loved Undertale. Is that the match-up that was in the GameFaqs contest?

                  • Oh thats cool. Thats nice.

                    I see. Yeah i would take undertale too.
                    Nah, it wasnt match up, but both was in the contest. I think i saw a other guy persuding you that it was better Ludvik or something

                    Just saw the bad ending of persona 5 ๐Ÿ™‚

                    • Oh yeah, I think Ludwig said he’d pick Life Is Strange, although he hasn’t played it, he just isn’t a fan of Undertale.

                      Oh, Persona 5 has a bad ending? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

                    • I see haha.

                      Yeah it had. i didnt know that before, and is not bad in the sense is just a stupid ending, but is suprising, sort of depressed ending if that makes sense. Persona 4 had a bad ending to, i think p3 fes also had one

                      Damn , right now i am here with an empty feeling.

    • Yeah, I figured you meant it in the dark/unhappy sense, like how the Silent Hill game often have a bad ending (and sometimes a “worst ending,” too).

      • I see. Yeah, i heard silent hill games also has quite a few ending. I really need to play the third one and perhaps the first one ,one day.

        • I wonder what will happen to the series now.

          • Yeah me too, seems like there wnt be another game in a long time… seems we get death stranding instead.

            • Death Stranding probably won’t be a similar sort of game, though. It’s supposed to be an action game.

              • Yeah i guess thats indead true. Ah well to bad. Still re 7 is supposed to be fantastic so.

                • I’m interested in Little Nightmares, too.

                  • Heard a little about that lately. But ,it seems to get decent review. Sorry for late reply btw. What is it really about?
                    Btw playing multiple games now on picked up or continued alien isolation again and just started resident evil 1 hd remaster/remake … is a remake i guess isnt it…

                    • No problem.

                      Little Nightmares is a horror platformer, sort of like Limbo or Inside, although not quite the same. I’m actually playing it now for a freelance review.

                      Resident Evil HD is technically a remaster of a remake. xD

                    • Sorry i am bad at replying atm.

                      I see, the collector edition is actually cheap and looks pretty cool.

                      Nice, i am thinking about trying it , perhaps i should wait for the review. Freelance? meaning you put it down here?

                      Yeah that is actually true, still is pretty good remaster never the less. But , yeah true. I just hope they do re nemesis, and code veronica after re 2.

    • No problem.

      Freelance means it’s off-site, in this case, MonsterVine: http://monstervine.com/2017/05/little-nightmares-review/

      I hope the RE2 remake is good.

      • oh right , i see. Off topic, just curious do they count for metacritic or gamerankings? ๐Ÿ™‚

        Yeah same. Played trough it 1 and half year ago was pretty good, really hard , compared to re remake witch by all means is good, but i have so much health and ammo that the survival elements is just near gone, perhaps it has to do with me playing on normal tough

        • I don’t think MonsterVine has been counted toward those yet, but it is for OpenCritic.

          I consider the first RE remake to be the perfect example of how to remake a game. It keeps the core survival horror gameplay intact, but tweaks everything and adds new content to make it even better.

          • I see, too bad is little weird that, that some review is on meta some are not , some is on gamerankings that arent on meta. Opencritic seems to be pretty damn strict tbh. Or is it sort of like metacritic with user score? Because it seemed like it. Hmm you sure it doesnt seem opencritic count for metacritic nor gamerankings. At least is pretty damn high rated so far on hltb and gamefaq user even tough a nr is just a nr isnt it.

            Yeah i can get that is pretty damn good, i am going to replay it as i am pretty sure it will be or feel even more like survival on the harder games, is kind of is still ,but again i have so much ammo and health ,but it might also be due to me being very careful, but yeah is a pretty damn good way to do a remake.

            Has there really been that many remakes really , hasnt most been remasters?
            Anyway what kind of tweaks are you thinking about defending weapons?
            Same with content

            • I don’t know too much about OpenCritic, just that it’s another review aggregate site like Metacritic and that MonsterVine’s reviews are included in it.

              REmake had the defensive weapons, the Crimson Heads, new areas, and all the Lisa Trevor stuff, I believe, since I don’t think that was in the original.

              • I see ,so is like metacritic, nice and gamerankings. Kinda wonder whats the difference is , i guess the difference is mostly due to what review the choose to incl and that perhaps the user scores are more accurate i dunno. It so far seems open critic at least as far as persona 5 go has two more reviews then metacritic. Witch probably is why is on 94 on open and 93 on meta, some reviewers i seen that is on gamerankings ,but not on meta, and then i guessn neither and open, there is also some reviews i seen that isnt on neither. Anyway nice and thanks.
                What do you put into this “Persona 5 is ranked in the top 0.2% of games scored on OpenCritic
                Based on 78 scored reviews, 83 reviews total.”
                With top 0.2% is that better then 0.1% in this case or not? Anyway only 78 scored review witch is 3 lower then meta, so some review probably is on opencrtic that isnt on meta and gamerankings and vica versa or whatever. Thanks anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

                Ah i see. Yeah the cabin where you meet Lisa isnt there i think in the orginal and some of the itmes has well changed place i think . These Crimson heads can go away or something haha. But , yeah i see, same with Lisa

                • Do you then use open critic sometimes? Compared to say meta?

                  i see reviewes like Fextralife not being used on meta but on opencritic even tough on opencritic they review for persona 5 is 10/10, but 95 if you go into the review itself…
                  This review doesnt seem to be used anywhere etc http://www.scmp.com/culture/arts-entertainment/article/2086293/game-review-persona-5-five-out-five-addictive-japanese
                  Or paradis gamer 10/10
                  Niche gamer etc, witch seems to be quite popular if you if you go by the comments.
                  Jvl 10/10, Outerheavenproducution. Tbh i havent heard of any of these beside fextralife dark souls wiki or whatever is called , also gamefa , Selectbuttom witch apperantly at the end of the review use open critic in it even tough i dont know why http://www.selectbutton.com/reviews/persona-5-review/
                  Saudigamer, Gearnuke but there 95 on the review itselft 10 on opencritic,
                  It seems some of the reviewers get round up ,but i dont know why anyway if you were to include all the reviewers from gamerankings, mea and open critic and then those few that isnt on neither i guess p5 would hit 95 or close to 96 even.

                  On gamerankings etc that isnt on meta or opencritic we have the koaltion as a 10/10

                  VideoChems on 87 is the lowest review on metacritic that i dont see on neither. They probably some

                  Or else it seems that every review on gamerankings is on metacritic beside koaltion.

                  But is harder to compare metacritic and opencritic, both has some review neither has, some lower, Jexuactu on 85 is the lowest on meta that isnt on opencritc Press start is the lowest on open that isnt on meta.

                  Sorry about that, i just found it a little curious to compare those. Also there is so boring at work right now. So there are alot of review , i guess if you take all three sites combined we have around 100 + At least 8 10/10 review if i counted right on open critic that isnt on meta + koaltion witch is 10 then that one site that isnt on neither witch is 10 review not on metacritic at least, + one or two more thati recall finding on the web that wasnt there , anyway thanks.

                  Also if you go on contributers they are even more 10 at least 9 of those are 10, and non below 9. So yeah, i think if we were going to use critic score for refernce you kind of need to compare metacritic, gamerankings, open critic + contributers i guess… i guess this count for some other games, but i dont see that many games hit more then 95-96 perhaps 97 if is zelda breath of the wild etc.

                  Might use open critic more seems like a easier side to navigate etc

                  Thats cool that i can add monstervine as a trusted review and then use steam or something perhaps i should do just that

                  Sorry for the long post is just a little fun comparing meta ,gameranking, open critic and contributers with or regarding persona 5 in this case.

                • Yeah, I don’t know too much about how it all works, except that MonsterVine joined it to have our reviews put on there.

                  About Persona 5, being in the top 0.1% would be better than being in the top 0.2%, but either way, it still shows just how much people really love that game.

                  XDD When it comes to reviews of games I’m thinking of buying, I might check one or two, but unless it’s really a divisive game, I don’t search for too many reviews.

                  MonsterVine is considered a contributor. It seems to be OpenCritic’s term for smaller sites and publications.

                  • I see, thanks anyway sorry about was just fun to see what reviews is there and not, i like how the site looked tough.

                    Ah yeah i see, still 0,1 % is much and if you take hltb and gamefaq etc is also pretty damn loved.

                    Hmm i see , well i use kotaku and perhaps gameractor.no, might read more from monstervine tough , eurogammer is also not that bad.

                    ah makes sense, well nothing wrong with that tough. Probably less likely to be biased i guess

                    • No problem, haha.

                      I’ve reviewed several games for MonsterVine now. ๐Ÿ™‚

                    • Nice, i think i have read some as you have linked me 3 or so i think, anyway thats nice, do you get something for it btw? anyway must be cool to review for a site regardless if is very big or not.

    • Yeah, I’m a paid reviewer for them. ๐Ÿ™‚ And it’s definitely cool to write reviews for a site.

      • I see thats cool and nice ๐Ÿ™‚
        Also finished of re remake yesterday.

        • Did you enjoy it? ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Yeah it was fantastic. Pretty good. Some allright scares. The soundtrack was pretty good and the amotsphere is top notch. A tad bit to much ammo on health items at the end witch took a bit away from the survival aspect might be due to normal difficulity. Will most likely finish it one more time with Chirs. Pretty good indead, and yeah i get hwat ppl mean with the dialogue or story being a bit cheesy. If i were to rate it even tough you can argue nr is more objektive then subjective, but eh whatever i might or probably would give it a 9/10 . I also like that sometimes is just better to run. Exploring the mansion more and more was pretty good. And fuck Wesker . Too bad i have to play Chirs story to see Rebecca.

            • Yeah, I think it’s one of the best survival horror games out there. The story and dialogue are definitely somewhat cheesy, although still better than the original’s dialogue.

              • Yeah i can see that and yeah is probably my second favourite, i will have to give it a taught but i might prefer silent hill simply do to it was a little more creepier and had arguably a far better plot, but i wont be suprsided when re 2 comes out that it might take nr 1 as while i have only played trough Leon A campaign it was pretty good. Anyway re 2 remake just has to come sooner or later. I am thinking about trying to finish of re nemesis got to the clocktower ,but hasnt many health berry left. Have an earlier save file in case i feel i need more first aid… that worm is just yeah i hate that boss, it might be simplier to just run an activate the buttom … witch i kind of did ,but i missed two first aid boxes where i think i could do with only losing one…
                Still some cheesy dialogue as you say is not like is very bad is actually a bit fun

                • I do generally enjoy the Silent Hill stories more than the Resident Evil ones. They go some interesting places.

                  You only played through the Leon A campaign of RE2, without following it with Claire’s campaign? Then you’ve only seen half the story!

                  • Yeah i guess that true only played sh 2 and 3 then. But some would argue that silent hill 2 story is among the best in games

                    So i heard, i hear there are Lean A and B and Claire A and B. For some reason after taking the final boss on Leon A i forgot to save or something. So i have to redo it. But, yeah i know alot missing , one of the reason i am patinetly waiting for that re 2 remake. IS also so hard playing it on the ps vita, i mean it works, but the gameplay and graphic are very old , if that makes sense so a update would be very good.

                    • Silent Hill 2 excels with its storytelling and symbolism, but for plot, I like Silent Hill 3 and 4 the best.

                      Right. Basically, if you play Leon A, then the second half of your game is Claire B, and if you play Claire A, then the second half of your game is Leon B.

                      I hope the remake is good. Hmm, I think I played RE2 on the Gamecube.

                    • Yeah i guess thats true , i really need to try and play and finish both sh 3 and 4.

                      I see. Weird so you play Claire B before Claire A. Hmm thats a bit cool. Do you know witch is the canon for each?

                      Yeah i think alot of ppl do , i really do , because re 2 with re remake control scheme if that makes senes will be so good

      • Well, not necessarily. If you decided to start with Claire’s scenario, then you’d play Claire A before anything.

        The wiki says Claire A/Leon B is canon, so most likely things happen in that version that are supported by later games. (Unlike RE1, which bizarrely has no canon ending available in the game, since canon says all four characters left the mansion.)

        I still need to try RE7 to see if Capcom really does have a good grasp on survival horror again.

        • I see. If i recall right when you done with Leon A it only jumps to Claire story without any choicee of A og B or does that come later? Thats what you mean if you decide to play as Claire it starts with that?

          I see, cool. Yeah i know that is weird about re 1. I heard tough that the pachinko version of the game actually has the canon ending of all 4 making it to the chopper.

          Yeah mee too.

          Just finished of deus ex mankind divided ๐Ÿ™‚

          But, yeah lets if they do have a good graps about survival horror again. Apperantly is pretty good even tough some say it is a good survival horror game but doesnt quite feel like a re game, i dunno.

          • A or B refers to the order you play them in. So if you play Leon’s story first (which is Leon A), it goes to Claire B. If you play Claire’s story first, that’s Claire A, and then it goes to Leon B.

            That’s funny that the canon ending finally shows up in a pachinko game. XD

            How was Mankind Divided? I heard mixed things about it.

            • Hmm i see. But , can you play Claire story before Leon, my memory is fuzzy. When you first start the game it start with Leon right? anyway thanks for the explanation. So is Leon A then Claire B. And then Claire A – Leon B.

              Yeah i know , still weird tough.

              Well i think it is pretty great is somewhere between 8 and 8.5 for me.
              I heard alot of stuff about the ending. And while is open ended it is not that bad. Yes it is a bad ending if there never will be a sequel, but still is not that bad…
              Well i think is great , by far the best combat/gameplay in the series. Rock solid level design. Can be played fully non lethal witch is great.
              Better side quest by far.

              But, not that normal that you only visit two locations , arguably 3.
              The story is worse then human revelution however.
              Overall i think it was pretty damn good, with a good varity in missions

              Still not better then the orginal tough, but worth playing if you played human revolution or like cyberpunk games or stealth games in general.

              Also liked the city of praha and well praha under act 3 was fantastic

              • Also manged to finish of persona 5 ๐Ÿ™‚ Finally decided now is the time to play the last of it :)=

              • You can. For the 2-disc version, you had a disc for each character and started with Disc 2 if you wanted to play as Claire first. For the Gamecube version, I think it was an option from the main menu. I looked it up and it sounds like the digital version makes it confusing, because you need to do something in the menu to change “discs.”

                Hmm, I see. I still haven’t played any of the Deus Ex games, actually.

                Great! Thoughts on Persona 5? I’m planning to start after I finish Tales of Berseria.

                • I see, makes sense i guess you just have to change disc in game, but makes sense thanks..

                  I see, also s worth mentinoing that is preferable to play human revolution before it. If you have play dishonored etc, i think you will like these games

                  Nice. Hows tales of berseria so far?

                  Well i loved persona 5,i dont think there was even one thing at all that bothered me, and if there was i could easily look past it because of how well it does the other stuff. Fantastic game, great story/plot, with alot of good themes.

                  Not one side character i didnt like. Fantastic soundtrack. Well right now my feeling is that is overtaking p4g as my favourite game at least on most days if that makes sense… depends on mood and other factors , but yeah i used around 96 hrs according to my save file probably a little more if we count game overs witch i guess is 100. Think i will go for a ng+ pretty soon and probably be my third game that i manage to finish on a ng+.

                  One of the things i really liked was that the bosses took quite some shorter time it felt to kill compared to p3 and p4g. Also other reason i really like it but, that is a bit into spoiler territory. Also worth mentioning the atmosphere , artstyle is pretty good too.

                  • I still haven’t played Dishonored, either. xD Such a long list of games to try…

                    Tales of Berseria is pretty awesome so far. They’ve definitely redeemed themselves for Zestiria. I just passed some plot points in Berseria that had me stunned and excited.

                    I’ve heard so many great things about Persona 5. It’s next on my list after Berseria.

                    • I see.

                      Nice. Well perhaps i should give it a shot. I have only tried symphonia and i have xillia 1/2 in a dual-pack home.

                      Nice,i hope you will enjoy p5 then, is pretty damn long.
                      Also if is your first persona it is suggested that you keep multiple saves. I didnt until i reached close to the end where i had to have some backup saves.

    • And you enjoyed Symphonia? I’ve also played Xillia, but not Xillia 2 yet.

      All right. In most RPGs, I keep at least two saves, so I’ll make sure to have several for Persona 5.

    • Witcher 3? I still need to play 2 first.

      • yeah meant witcher 3, and yeah i see ๐Ÿ™‚ Forgot about that

        • I’ll get around to it! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • what are you plating these days? Or any games that your going to buy in the summer? Btw good ๐Ÿ™‚
            I am playing wipeout collection, some fifa 16 and final fantasy tactics war of the lion
            Going to do a ng+ of persona 5 or at least start one in the summer regardles of the stupid review gamecritics. Also thinking about doing it for witcher 3 when i am done with blood and wine. And the last two weeks i guess i mostly will play ff xii hd. Thinking about pre ordering it as it is as hd remaster and they mostly go well and i get a free t-shirt too.

            • I recently finished Steins;Gate 0 and I’m almost at the end of Tales of Berseria. Once I finished Berseria, I plan to start Persona 5!

              I’m also trying to get into Pokemon Moon, but the beginning feels pretty slow.

              The 3DS has a bunch of games coming out this summer that I’m interested in, like Culdcept Revolt, Ever Oasis, and Miitopia.

              Oh, I’m interested in FFXII too!

              • Nice, Was Steins Gate 0 any good? I see i hope you will enjoy P5.

                Thats too bad, havent tried the new pokemon seems i did right waiting for the upgraded version.

                Havent heard of any of these 3ds games

                hmm yeah, have you played any of xii? I checked those gamefaq round 1 and back then you hadnt so i guess it hasnt changed?

                Also just finished ff tactics ๐Ÿ™‚

                • Steins;Gate 0 was a bit more confusing than the original, and not AS good, but still a pretty great story.

                  I’m still not sure if Ultra Sun/Moon are upgrades or sequels or what.

                  All three of those 3DS games are coming out this summer. Ever Oasis and Miitopia have demos out now.

                  Once FFXII: The Zodiac Age was announced, I decided to just wait for that.

                  How was FF Tactics?

                  • Hmm i see. Still need to finish/ play the first one.

                    Yeah true enough, lets wait and see i am still curious how they turn out and thus i wait for buying the sun/moon before then.

                    Hmm, thats cool. Perhaps i should give them a look.

                    I see, yeah thats probably smart.

                    I taught it was fantastic. If you like fire emblem games it is pretty damn great. Pretty hard. Pretty good characters , arguably very few charaters that arent what to say blank and white, most characters isnt just pure evil ,but rather something in between with some excepations. Alot of different classes that you can mix together. Some pretty cool hidden characters. Great plot , a pretty dark plot too, witch is also pretty open ended a little to much for my taste arguably… I mean i am still if i were to rate it stuck between wether is a very strong 9 or rather 9,5 or even a weak 10. A dark tale witch is just very dark , also the music is fantastic

                    • Ever Oasis is out now. I think it got fairly good reviews.

                      And that’s good to hear!

                    • thats good.

                      What are you playing these days?

                      Here is mostly going to wipeout collection witch simply is pure fun and reminds me of f-zero gz from my childhood.

                      Also playing some p5

                      and got a platinum on witcher 3

                      tommorow or the day afte ri will most likely have ff xii and crash nsane triolgy too

    • I’ve been playing a lot of Persona 5 and Trails in the Sky, both of which are quite good JRPGs so far. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also started playing Majora’s Mask 3D.

      • I see nice. I was meaning to reply, but yeah sorry for late reply. But nice , that you liked both. Want to try trails in the sky too.
        Hmm i see yeah i need to finish mm myself.

        • No problem. Yeah, I’m still playing them, but they’re both a lot of fun and rather addictive. ๐Ÿ˜€

          Majora’s Mask is interesting, but I’m not sure I like the time loop structure.

          • yeah i see, yeah p5 is very fun indead. Havent played trails, i might one day tough. Hmm i see, you know there is ways to both fast time if i am not mistaken and slow time? Yeah i know , i found it a bit cool actually. But , yeah i can see that.

            • Trails in the Sky is interesting. Lots of dialogue, lots of NPCs to talk to. What I wasn’t expecting is that it feels like a mystery at time, since the main plot points so far have involved investigating crimes.

              Yeah, I can slow down time or skip ahead to a time. But I dislike having to repeat certain things when I return to the first day.

              • Hmm i see. Hmm i see, sounds not like the usual from rpgs and so on, i hear it does world building very good.

                Yeah, i can see that. How far you come? I have reached the third palace, close to being done w it too.

                • Yes, it’s rather slow-paced, and from what I understand Trails in the Sky and Trails in the Sky Second Chapter are essentially two halves of a very, very large game. xD

                  Now I’m not sure what we’re talking about, Persona or Majora’s Mask? XDD

                  • I see. Yeah a little like golden sun 1 and 2 then

                    I am talking about Majoras mask in this case. Sorry

                    • I haven’t played the Golden Sun games yet, although I got the first one from the Virtual Console.

                      I’ve done the first temple in Majora’s Mask so far, but I’ll probably start the second one soon.

                    • yeah i see. Well point was that the first golden sun games was orginally supposed to be one big game.

                      Hmm i see. Still quite some way to go then

    • Ah, gotcha. That does sound like the Trails situation.

      Right. I’ve been playing several games as review assignments lately, which has slowed my progress on other games.

      • I see

        Hmm, yeah that makes sense. After i finished and platinum wipeout collection 3 weeks ago i havent finished any game either, i have played some ff xii, p5 ng+, sc chaos theory , fire emblem awakening and just started on god of war ghost of sparta, when i am done with that then i will probably start god of war 2 also have 3 home so perhaps that after god of war 2. Also was pretty close to starting dmc 1 hd again.

        What kind of games have you reviewed ?

        • How are you enjoying those games?

          The last few games I’ve reviewed were Vaccine, Fallen Legion, and The Lion’s Song, and right now I’m playing Fate/Extella to review it.

          • damn i so slow at answering these days sorry.

            Well wipeout reminded me alot of f-zero gx and doing platinum was pretty tough. Even online was pretty fun. So yeah i had alot of fun hrs in it , think i spent close to 100 hr or so , but yeah pretty great furturistic razer.

            FF xii has also been quite good. Played around 20 hrs on ps4 and 20 hrs on standard edition on the emulator, really like the new job system , but yeah well by all means is not perfect, but i like the combat , i like the gambit system and you could argue that very few games uses that system i guess. Also the main theme is great, but yeah , is ff game if you like da orginis you would like this if you dont except it to be a turn based rpg you will probably still like this.Also think the graphicc or art style if we call it that is pretty good

            P5 is probably my new favourite game of all time, at least on most of the days if not all … ofc there some other games that could take that spot depending on mood perhaps etc.. But, yeah the game connected so well with me, all fra its art style is stylish and great, the soundtrack is fantastic, really like all the characters and that counts the side characters , find all of theme intersting enough, even the villains is mostly pretty good. And the toned down the length of how long bosses takes to defeat witch is nice.

            SC chaos theory well is, what to say an all time classic , finished 4 times at least if not more probably even 6. At least once on pc and ps3 (hd) and 2 on gamecube, probably even 3 times there , and i might have finished it twice on pc too, but i dont know anyway played it alot, even recall that i managed to get 100% on all lvls tough on hard. I started with pandora tommorow witch i still feel is a fine game by it own. Anyway chaos theory is one of my fav stealth games or for that matter games.. Is great, the level design is pretty solid ,while somewhat linear some lvl have different routes, you have different ways to take down enemies, lure them by whistling, shoot them, knock them out, sneak past them etc. And some of the better lvls are arguably later in the game.

            For fire emblem awakening, spendt over 140 hrs on it on hrd , yet to finish it, but yeah is a fantastic turn-based rpg tactical/strategy game, really worth playing if you like that genre, the story isnt much to wirte about also that counts for the villains to mostly. Still the other characters the one your recruit is varied enough, good, and with the class system that you can change classes and use skills from multiple classes is great , also great with the child system. A good game indead.

            God of war ghost of sparta is pretty decent, not quite as good as the first one and i feel it isnt as good as chain of sparta either, drags perhaps a hr too long, yet to finish it ,but i am like 1 fight or so from the main boss perhaps i bit more , and the last fight is a pain on hard, with wraith that go underground , yet beneath and grab you even dodging is pretty hard, and makes matters worse is that is a giant giant going around hitting you too, also a small place, so if you get to a corner you almost screwed.

            Can also add that i bought rise of the tomb raider on friday. And i feel were i didnt like tomb raider 1 mostly by being to easy especially on the puzzle side and not to interested in the plot, i fell tr rise of the tomb raiders is great, the puzzles is genereally harder. They are varied, i like the story, the atmosphere, the combat is good, perhaps a bit to easy, the gunplay is mostly pretty satisfying so is the climbing, also like the new Lara so there is that. The survival asspect is great even tough i can agree that it isnt really that hard. Trying to do all the tombs. And is also one of the few games witch chasing collectibles is fun , going around exploring, find journals , recordings etc. Great game, played close too 20 hrs done one dlc that can be started half way trough the game witch also was good. Like that different outfit has different pro and cons. After i am done on hard i might go for very hard or survival attack. Pretty great. Really hope the new TR builds on this or at least from what i played of it so far, builds on Lara, on variation in tombs, on climbing and exploring and even survival asspect and even tough the is quite easy it could be build on by being a little bit harder at least on the combat side as ppl seem to think it was overall quite easy, for those who wants. So yeah really like rise of the tomb raider. Also while i am at it there is a dlc called endurance , both for sp and even coop, really hope to gets build on , even tough i have yet to play it, it sounds, it seems from what i looked on pretty great.

            Laslty been close to buying shadow tactics blade of shogun, will probably play the demo first, then we will see.

            So overall all of those games is pretty good even tough ghost of sparta is the least favourite by a clear margin.

            I see Vaccine seems to be getting pretty bad reviews. Fallen legion a little better and lion song seems to be pretty good going by steam reviews or around 8 if going by metacritc.
            What do you think of these games? Same with Fate/Extella.

    • I have the collection of the first 3 DMC games, but I haven’t tried them yet.

      • nice. I take it you like that genre well you likedb ayonetta so, i would guess so. Anyway i will probably finish the 3 one, the second one is supposedly pretty bad.

        Anyway bought a couple of games trough psn yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I’ll eventually give them a try. My backlog is so full, especially with long RPGs like Persona 5. XD

          What games did you get?

          • I see. Yeah i get that, is indead a problem.

            I bought undertale for a second time.
            – Hotline miami, witch is finished, going for a+ on the lvls i need for the trophy + secret ending now
            -Dying light the enhanced edition
            -Binding of issac rebirth
            – Bastion
            -Limbo/ and inside

            Also taught about get shadow tactics blade of shogun, but not on sale tough and This war of mine, but no idea if the ps4 version is any good or not

  3. Thats a bit cool has some reviews on steam and they seem to be mostly positive. But yeah lets hope. I really need to finish or play steins gate , phoenix wright 3 and perhaps daganronpa

    Also got every trophy on hotline miami

    and just started Bastion, got i guess around 60% trough right now for the story

    And me and my friend will also start some Dying light soon

    • I gotta play Danganronpa too, and also the Zero Escape series.


      Have fun with Dying Light!

      • thanks, we tried dying light on hard, pretty rough ๐Ÿ™‚

        Also incase you havent finished Bastion, well it was pretty damn good.

        • I did finish Bastion, although I didn’t love it as much as a lot of people do.

          • I see. We like what we like.

              • Btw i was playing some bloodborne the last 4-5 days to pick of the last bonus boss and try to get all trophies on the main game witch i did today… i rememeber /recall that you wanted to played it eventually , have you played it yet? Because while i finished this game for the first time 6 month ago.. it really has grown on me, it really has become on of my all time favs, i mean i loved it when it released in 2015, but i arguably or not even arguably, i love it even more now… at least regarding the gameplay, the atmosphere, soundtrack even and the design. Doing one of the dungeons required for the last bonus boss with 50% less health was really damn hard.

                Also finished bastion again and got a platinum there too.

                Also played some Hitman from 10 of sep – 14 sep or so before i took a small break playing hitman again. The new hitman was too pretty good, remind me of blood money.
                Anyway i might continue that, trying to kill of the targets in different ways get some more trophies etc

                Or i might finished undertale for a second time, start stardew valley , or xcom 2 or dishonored 2 , mostly thinking about dishonored 2. Also thinking about trying to finish of god of war ghost of sparta and start the second one, or steins gate, but yeah i will find out.

                Now i am stuck too what to play next

                • Nah, Bloodborne is still one of the many, many games I hope to play someday and still haven’t gotten to. xD It seems really good, though.

                  I’ve been playing Monster Hunter Stories and (still) Persona 5.

                  Steins;Gate! Although Steins;Gate is mainly reading, since it’s a visual novel.

                  • Yeah i see, i really think its excellent , at least regarding is gameplay/ combat, but is quite hard tough. On the next psn sale i will probably give the old hunters ago.

                    How is monster hunter stories? Your enjoying p5?

                    Yeah i know. I ended up finishing ghost of sparta ,one trophy from the plat ๐Ÿ™‚ And i just started danganronpa yesterday, i just got the collection some days ago. So i will probably play trough 1 and 2 if i enjoy 1, and then we will see.

                    As you say perhaps steins Gate, anyway thanks for the heads up, but yeah i kind got that it is a visual novel ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yeah. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m hoping to play some more horror games as we get into October, too.

      • hmm yeah i see. Examples?
        Ever played divinity orginal sin?
        Really thnking about giving the second a shot ,or i am actually think i will buy it either today or tommorow.

        • One of the first I started is Yomawari: Night Alone, for the Vita. It’s good so far. I also want to see if I can find a way to get Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth running properly on a newer computer.

          A friend and I started Divinity Original Sin in co-op but never got very far. We’ve been planning to go back to it eventually. xD

          • Hmm i see nice. Call of cthulhu huh so worth playing? Isnt there a 2017 version coming out?

            Nice, the first one? or the new one?

            • I ended up buying it yesterday with some other games

            • The new Call of Cthulhu is a new game from a new developer, just both using that name. The old one seems good, but it’s nearly unplayable on modern PCs because it crashes constantly. :/

              The first one. I’ve heard great things about both the original and now the sequel.

              • yeah i see. I knew there was an old one and a new one coming ,but not new developer. To bad the old one crashes alot.

                Hmm i see, isnt the new one coming in 2018?

                • Yeah, let me see. Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth was developed by Headfirst Productions (now bankrupt) and published by Bethesda. The new one, Call of Cthulhu: The Official Video Game, is being developed by Cyanide and published by Focus Home Interactive.

                  It will be based on the pen and paper Call of Cthulhu game. Dark Corners of the Earth weirdly wasn’t based on any version of “The Call of Cthulhu,” but on another Lovecraft story entirely. xD

                  • I see. Wasnt meant that you needed to look it up, as i could probably managed to find out. But anyway thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ Cyanide huh, barely if at all heard off them, when i looked them up , i recall hearing about blood bowl and styx ๐Ÿ™‚

                    Hmm will admit think i heard of the pen and paper version when i searched on it a long time ago the call of cthulhu 2018 or something https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Call_of_Cthulhu:_The_Official_Video_Game … But yeah a bit weird to call it call of cthulhu dark corners of earth when it isnt based on any verion of it then ๐Ÿ™‚
                    Still thanks

                    • Yeah. XD

                      My guess is that Dark Corners of the Earth used the name “Call of Cthulhu” because they already had the rights to the name and because it’s one of Lovecraft’s most famous short stories.

                      If it was called The Shadows Over Innsmouth (the story it’s most closely adapted from), that would still get the attention of big Lovecraft fans, but it wouldn’t be as immediately recognizable to people in general as Cthulhu is.

                    • Hmm i see that makes sense. Yeah i see. Dont know so mcuh about lovercraft tbh , but yeah i see.

                      Yeah due to populariaty then ๐Ÿ™‚
                      but yeah thanks, makes sense.

    • Yeah. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Looking forward to Super Mario Odyssey?

      • Hmm, well i dont have a switch yet, i am kind of waiting to see how Super mario Odyssey, xenoblade chronicles 2 and metroid prime 4 turns out. But yeah i am looking forward too it hope is good, if so imight decided to buy switch for xmas.

        • Super Mario Odyssey got its first review already as a 10/10, so that seems promising so far. I don’t think we’ll hear more about Metroid Prime 4 for a while, though.

          • thanks for the headsup. Yeah i checked it earlier today and yeah a first 10 not bad and is from edge witch barely gives out 10 even toguh we can argue wether that is good or not. Still when the first review is that high it only shows that it seems nintendo really know what they are doing witch really isnt that suprising, they really focus on gameplay over story witch many other games does these year anyway, seems that game will be great.

            Yeah i know it most likely will be a long time for metroid prime 4
            But right now there arent many games i want on the switch, i mean not yet, in two weeks or so we got super mario odyssey so we will see, but yeah i am kind of waiting for it too at least be two clear tittles that i want, but there is xenoblade too. So right now it seems i will wait a little before i buy the switch, probably not as long as metroid prime comes out, but right now i dont feel and urge to buy it , perhaps later tough.

            • Even though I’m generally a fan of games that emphasize story, I make an exception for games like Mario. (Although I’m also a fan of Mario games WITH story, too. xD)

              I’ve been reviewing some of the indie games on the Switch. I enjoyed Yono and the Celestial Elephants (which is also on Steam) a lot.

              • I see. Well i think alot of ppl prefer games that emphasize on story, most these seems to prefer story over gameplay even, but yeah i see.

                Looked up that game it looked pretty weird… but yeah i guess it indead could be cool so far from the 10 reviews it got perfect score on steam ๐Ÿ™‚

                • Yeah, that’s true.

                  Yono is kinda like a mini Zelda game, but with an elephant as the main character. xD

                  • So what about you do you prefer good gameplay/combat over story or the opposite? I guess i am in a minor, as i rather have good gameplay av story/ character driven story… unless it is a rpg of some sort perhaps excl open world. Dont mine both, but rather have a focus on gameplay some intersting mechanics over story etc…

                    • I’m the opposite. I almost always prioritize story over gameplay. There are a few exceptions, like platformers and survival horror games.

                    • yeah i see, seems most people prefer that these days, but yeah for platformers and survival horror i agree with gameplay. Also add for exceptation for story or for me is visual novels

                  • also i see, haha sounds intersting enough ,or rather weird enough.

    • Well a visual novel without story wouldn’t be much of anything. XD (Except for the sorts of visual novels that people play just for h-scenes, I guess.)

      • yeah, yeah true enough just wanted to point it out.
        What do you think about super mario odyssey ?
        I mean, i had a huge feeling that it would be good, since when nintendo really tries, well it tend to be good also one of the arguably few triple aaa developers that focus on gameplay either with it with 97 on meta ( lowest being a clickbait review according to alot of ppl especially if you compare it to they other once) also 98 on opencritic, highest there and hight 98 close to 99 on gamerankings

        Anyway seems to be excellent if, i get it for a decent price on say xmas sale i might buy switch, at least i hope xenoblade 2 will be good.

  4. i see. I also bough ty 1 and 2. Ty 2 is a huge childhood game , first early access game i have bought ,but is supposedly with very few bugs.

    • Oh? What are they like?

      • Well i havent played ty 1 yet. But ty 2 was pretty good when i finished it these times over 10 years ago. But, they are pretty lighthearted, decent story, pretty good characters, some humor if i recall right and very good adventure / platformer games, probably not thebest games if you look at it from critics ,but user score is pretty high. I just remmeber i had alot of fun from it, and it must be due to the platformer section, the bosses, that it wasnt that hard back then, fun exploring and collecting stuff and so on. But that is a long time . Anyway i am starting ty 1 now so. Since i just finished of divinity original sin 2 yesterday.

        • Ah, gotcha. Maybe I’ll look into them sometime. ๐Ÿ˜€ I just finished Persona 5, so I’ll be writing my review of that soon.

          • Wow nice cool hope you enjoyed it, but we will see how much you enjoyed it compared to me tough… Well i finishe ty 1 yesterday took me around 7 hrs. Didnt get one game over, due to saving lifes, so one of the easiergames i have played in a long time, but i will say after the second boss the game got far better , when you got more boomerangs. Anyway regarding ty 1 it was a bit chessy, but yeah now you got a little more info, have a steam review of it out ,but yeah you pretty much got all of it here ๐Ÿ™‚

            Now i will start shadowrun returns, just something tells me i should play it. Will finish ty 2 later tough ,but right now something just tells me i want to play shadowrun and wait for ty 2 a little

  5. I read the review, nice review, was great readng and see someone else well enjoying it.

    I am not quite sure i really agree with the progtagnistt thing… i mean i actually i am fine with him being silent, but you mean your not sure if atlus wanted a set character or not? Bit, yeah it a recurring theme in persona 3 and 4. And the dungeon is far better then in persona 3 at least they have they own themes, and there arent random genreated witch they are in 3 and 4 was fine, yes they are random genereated but comapred to nr 3 it isnt the same place every time… the dungeon changes inthe game and isnt the same tower. Either way opinions

    your second problem i dont really know what you want to point out.

    Still i liked the review and agree that no game is perfect, but yeah p4 and p5 is still some of the closest i get to perfect jrpg…

    I dont know what you would rate p5? IF you had too, or do you as me prefer not to rate games?

    • It just seemed odd to me that he was a silent protagonist without really being a blank slate. Like, to some degree he was a character with a defined personality, but since he rarely showed his personality, it was an odd feeling. Does that make more sense?

      My second criticism? The lines specifically about taking down adults or fighting evil adults just always felt out of place to me, because it felt like they belonged more with a theme of generally rebelling against authority, while we were fighting people who were specifically evil. Those lines just seemed… less mature, a little silly. Not the sort of thing that would damage my view of the game, but just make me roll my eyes a little (like some of the repeated lines in Tales of Berseria).

      I don’t usually rate games, but if I had to, I’d probably give Persona 5 a 10/10. Definitely one of the best games I’ve played this year.

      • Hmm yeah i think so like he had a “criminal record”? yeah i think so, still yeah i get it, but yeah didnt have that problem, i think i get it, in p4g the mc is a little different dont know if you want me to spoilt that ,or figure that yourself out how the protagonist is in p4g and p3 fes i mean the are silent there too… but yeah i think so.

        yeah i guess that is fair, didnt think about thus had no problem with that. I really liked all the themes the game went trough though.

        I see, nice, yeah i know, i dislike rating myself, i mean i think we talked about ,but yeah i prefer rather to use some word to describe the game or something. But ,cool.

        How many 2017 games has you finished? I mean game from 2017 not total with older games?

        Me only divinty and p5 and both is among not only my best games this year ,but yeah overall.

        PS: i take it your review wont show up on opencritic?

        • No, not really the criminal record part so much, since that’s a necessary part of the plot. Hmm. I guess it’s harder to explain than I thought. xD Just sort of like he had a personality of his own.

          Hmm, games that came out in 2017? I’ve finished… hmm, looks like about 20 according to How Long to Beat.

          No, but I think the reviews I write for MonsterVine do.

          • hmm i see, ah well opinions still it seemed you loved it at as you gave it a full score… i still think is as close i get to a perfecy jrpg so..

            ah wait sorry i wrote that wrong , but 20 games that pretty good, with older games ?

            Yeah, true monstervine indead does ๐Ÿ™‚

            • Oh yes, it was undeniably a fantastic JRPG. ๐Ÿ˜€

              If we count older games, I’m almost at 40 games completed this year.

              • Then your are some games ahead of me. I taught i had finished alot i have around 30 + dont have the nummer right now but can find it when i get home on sunday. I guess your played both alot of longer and shorther games?

                anyway whats your goty this year p5?

                • Yeah, several long ones but also a bunch of shorter ones. The shortest one was a 30-minute visual novel. xD

                  Hmm, yes, probably P5 so far at least.

                  • hmm i see , 30 min is quite short indead.

                    Btw does minesweeper count as a game that you can finish ? ๐Ÿ™‚

                    Anyway just decided to start or try to play tw shogun 2 again, i had 6-7 hrs before today , played over 5 hrs today. Last time i played it before today was like 4 year so. Witch actually feels pretty short kind of since i have wanted to play it alot the last years , just didnt have time, wanted to try to figure out how to do the game, how it works compared to rome and medievil 2 witch i also played alot and is excellent. Anyway decided to play that instead of shadowrun hong kong, finished shadowrun dragonfall btw and got 30 review on steam atm ๐Ÿ™‚

                    Btw shadowrun dragonfall is arguably better then returns in everyway and returns was allready excellent.

    • Hmm, probably not unless I see a really fantastic deal on something I want. What about you?

  6. Well i dont know there is quite alot of steam games i am thinking about getting like
    legend of heroes trails in the sky, its supposedly very good, also if i am buying the first one i will probably buy the second one too.
    – There is also a chance i will buy Clannad, The witness, Ori and the blind forrest , and what remains of edith finch ( but perhaps the latter one there will get a bigger sale in xmas? Also taught about night in the woods , west of loathing but again perhaps better to wait.

    I am pretty sure i will at least buy clannad, the tiness, ori, trails in the sky . Probably what remains of eidth ficnh too.

    There is also some xmas gift i might buy that i can decide from parents, like nioh, re 7 or other movies/ series like the latest spiderman, dunkrik, the last planet of the apes films witch is apperatnly good, or homeland ses 6 and vikings ses 4. But most of these like xmas gift from parents or something.

    Latly perpahps bth expansion for shogun 2 and one of its smaller dlc.

    Btw what dod you think about the neverwinter nights enhanced edition?

    • I’m trying to keep my backlog in check and finish playing some of the games I have before I buy many more. xD Trails in the Sky is actually one of the ones I have in progress! I’m enjoying it a lot, but I took a break from it to play a few other games first. I’m hoping to get back to it and finish it this year.

      Clannad is one I’m interested in eventually trying.

      I never played Neverwinter Nights, but I’m interested in the enhanced edition. I still have to play the Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition sometime.

      • I see, yeah i try that a little too, but yeah on haloween sale i bought the shadowrun games and ty and 2 finished 2 of those 4, but yeah sometimes you get a nice deal, and well my backlog is too big so i have kind of given up finishing it, it also been a great year so when i can get re 7 for over 60% cheaper and same with nioh and 50% off hzd and all those game is considered good well i am really thinking baout getting them, but as an xmas gift from family or something..

        Btw i also decdied to most likely give shadow tactics blade of shogun a go …

        But, yeah i see, well i have finished alot of games this year a certaintly more then that i have bought either way i see.

        Hmm nice

        Yeah, so you have baldrus gate and not the second 1?

        • Or rater take in this case legend of heroes i taught about buying that last xmas, and if i checked steam i have it on my wishlist since 2014 so yeah i kind say now i want to give it a go. And ori since april 2016 .

          Anyway i see your point, i try to buy if i buy beneath i sum each month… or so.

        • My backlog is way too big, too. xD I’ve been trying to resist the allure of sales this year, hahaha. I already got too many this year, thanks to Humble Bundles.

          Yep, I have the first Baldur’s Gate (enhanced edition).

          • Yeah i see well tbh i dindt buy anything during the smmer nor during last xmas sale, but yeah same here. Too many games thanks to humble bundle?

            Anyway yeah well i try to buy games that i really want if i get a allright price cut then yeah well at least i will think about it…

            nice ๐Ÿ™‚ I have yet to get the enhanced edition ,still have the orginal on cd with expansion pack for 1 an 2 home

            • Haha, yeah. Right now, though, I’m mainly looking forward to Xenoblade! ๐Ÿ˜€

              I never played the original Baldur’s Gate, but I’ve heard good things about it.

              • i see. Have you played some xenoblade yet? If so what do you think about it?

                Hmm, yeah same, the expansion pack to both the baldurs game was also pretty good.

                Well i am playing shadow tactics blade of shogun and ori. When i am done with those i am thinking about the witness or legend of heroes trails in the sky or play shadowrun hong kong or finish of tales of borderlands and inside ๐Ÿ™‚

                • I haven’t yet. I’m trying to finish Super Mario Odyssey before I get into Xenoblade.

                  That’s good to hear!

                  I’ve finished Muv-Luv Alternative, so I’m going back to .hack//G.U. Last Recode.

                  • I see, yeah i guess that it might be a smart idea indead.

                    You mean about the expansion pack, yeah i guess it indead is.

                    How waas Muv-Luv? I hear its one of the better visuel novelle? I have it on my steam wishlist… same with .hack//G.U. You played those games before?

                    • Muv-Luv was pretty good, although it felt rushed at the end to me. I never played the original release of .hack//GU, but I got the remastered collection this year! It’s pretty good, although the story pacing is slow.

                    • i see. Hmm , yeah well i guess i will get it. What do you think about the game awards, i mostly feel is stupid, mostly feel comparing different genre is just stupid and it seems to be more about popularity then anything else…

    • I don’t care a whole lot about what wins game awards, but I do love seeing new announcements at game events, so last night’s Game Awards were fantastic to me just for the Bayonetta news! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Yeah well same, is more or less pointless, i dont rember the other year who won that and that, and i just took a quick look this year, still is just some ppl deciding who wins at it ore or less seems to be mostly about popularity then anything else, still a goty award is kind of stupid to begin with in that you ccant directly compare one genre with an other, but yeah well i see.

        Yeah new bayonetta will be cool, one more reason to buy the switch.

        • Yeah, although it can be fun to see what games other people really enjoyed. I was happy to see Persona 5 won Best RPG.

          It’s also good to see Bayonetta 1 & 2 are being ported, too. That will help people who skipped the Wii U.

          • yeah there is also the thing about niche games, i mean yeah is great p5 won best rpg i agree…. but yeah as someone told me or we argued perhaps sometimes the are afraid of a little hate and thus choose the ” more ” popluar opinion.
            Yeah it might be fun to see what other game people enjoyed, but again it mostly is tripple a or double a and not alot of indies games i feel…

            yeah , that is indead cool, even tough i got them both, but yeah agreed

            Played some ori now and getting close to the end of shadow tactics…

            • If people in charge of the Game Awards just wanted to pick the most popular opinion, I’m not sure a game like Persona would have won since it’s still somewhat niche despite how good the reviews were.

              I’m pretty excited about Bayonetta 3 and coming up with theories based on the trailer.

              Right now I’m still finishing up Mario and hoping to start Xenoblade soon. ๐Ÿ˜€

              • Yeah well it might, but then again Persona seemed like the most popular of the rpg choices there, but , yeah well while botw is great and all and probably will all the other candiates probably all of them deserved a goty it still seemd one of the safer option for the goty itself…
                Still weird why they have best rpg , but not best strategy game etc , still good it won, yeah it got alot of good reveiws , still if we take say on open critic contributer + critc score it might actually be above botw… yeah well just some voters, but it loked like some of the safer optior for the goty , but yeah well perhaps i might agree when and if i get botw done.

                Nice, not seen the trailer yet,but cool.

                Cool . what do you think about odyssey?

                • I mean it won best rpg so there is that, and is more or less pointless as many say, but again many ppl think it wouldnt have any chance t win goty to begin with at is was far to niche compared to zelda and mario ๐Ÿ™‚

                  Anyway btw getting nioh and re 7 for xmas and if nioh is even better the bloodborne or ds as some ppl say then damn i going to have at leasy 3 games that could very well reach tie….

                • I was thinking in terms of sales, where something like Final Fantasy has Persona beat by a huge margin, far more people have heard of it, etc.

                  Super Mario Odyssey is so much fun! I’m in the post-game now, and there are some really cool things in this game.

                  I’ve heard good things about Nioh. And speaking of Bloodborne/Souls, what do you think is up with Bandai Namco’s mysterious game tease?

                  • Yeah well that is true, but then again p5 is considered a better game by the vast majority… still is by far less popular then odyssey og botw.

                    Nice, i have heard the post game is pretty damn good with alot of stuff too do. Nice that there is alot of good new stuff.

                    Your talking about this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNudU2titiE
                    ? I have no clue really, am curious what they will make ,but as long as the do what they have done in souls and bloodborne a more fouc on gameplay/combat with good world builing i am all up for it, i am really all up for it either way i think, yeah i dont know, it will be interesting.

                    • or as someone said not everyone in the jury has played that game.

                    • Yeah, that’s true.

                      Oh yes, there’s lots of things to do in the post-game, including one thing that I found really pretty awesome.

                      Oops, sorry, I got mixed up since there’s been a lot of rumors about Bandai Namco games and they published the Souls games. I meant to say From Software’s new teaser, the “Shadows die twice” one.

                    • Also as a friend said most of the jury hasnt played either way i think awards as best rpg is far better then best goty ,because goty is far more subjective, but yeah well…

                      Nice, i guess that one thing is a big spoiler ?

                      Ah, yeah i kind of mix them, but no i have no clue, but yeah as is from softare, well i am up for a new ip, but i am not saying no to a new bloodborne either because that game fantastic , at least from a gameplay point of view.

    • Yeah.

      I wouldn’t really call it a big spoiler, but it depends on what you consider to be spoilers. xD

      For From Software’s tease, so far I’ve seen people suggest a new Bloodborne, Tenchu, or Kuon game.

      • hmm well if is story or gameplay element perhaps , well is a mario game , so i guess you can tell it…

        Tenchu huh a might be up for that, never played any of them wanted to try the first one tough, but so hard to get in norway , i mean yes i guess i could use ebay or something, but yeah new stealth game with ninja in current gen , sure i am up. Up for new bloodborne too . Barely heard about kuon, any good?
        Up for alot as long as its well gameplay focused or as good as ds or bloodborne i am all up, hadnt noticed that it was from software who created tenchu and kuon…

        • In the post-game you get to visit the Mushroom Kingdom, and it’s a huge homage to Super Mario 64 with lots of references to that game, including all of the power moons being stars.

          I never heard of Kuon until people started talking about it in connection with this teaser, but apparently it was a PS2 survival horror game developed by From Software, and people who played it say the teaser has some audio similarities with Kuon.

          • Hmm, sounds cool, so you get the chance to do alot of the worlds in 64? Still anyway nice

            i see, well we will see , will be intersting anyway.

            Saw the new star wars today and ghost in the shell 1995 movie yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚

            Started legend of heroes trails in the sky.

            • No, you can’t explore the worlds from 64, but there are lots of little nods to it everywhere.

              Nice! ๐Ÿ˜€

              What do you think of Trails in the Sky so far?

              • i see, still nice.

                Hmm, so far i am at the end of chapter 2 , played over 19 hrs. The game starts a little slow, witch ofc is usual for alot of jrpg, but it has it moments, you get introdused to some of the gameplay elements alot of the characters , and you can also walk around doing stuff quite early. Helping peoples with their stuffs. I genereally like alot of the quite moments in this jrpg, the dialog is pretty good. And seeing that when you done a main event that the dialog from the npc changes . Or that when your done with a quest before talking to the quest giver, can actually happend…. that you still only need to talk to him once, not twice witch you would in alot of other games if i am not mistaken.
                The game has tons of charm, the soundtrack is pretty damn good, and i get why alot of ppl think is one of if not the best world building games out there. Also worth saying that you barely if at all have to grind and that the game kind of becomes a little bit easier as you go on an get a little more ability choices.
                It is also divided in chapters , so the game seems to take place in a short amount of time, well so far i am enjoying it alot and that the second game or second chapter is according to most even better, well makes it pretty intersting.

    • It was pretty good! (The first G.U. game, that is. I’ve never played the original .hack games released before tehse ones.)

      • i see. Yeah havent played any of the hack games either, but yeah i might indead pick the hd collection up …

        • The collection includes the “Terminal Disc” that has a recap of the original four games at the start, so that was a nice way to catch up on the overall universe.

          • Hmm thats a bit cool. Sorry i havent been on the computer or not to much on the pone either for some days days now at least

            Anyway i am close to finihing botw and what an excellent game that is too, i mean those three games i have finished from last year if we count soon botw. All three has hit me so well.
            Anyway also startet bayonetta 2 finally, so i am playing both right now.

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