Operation Backlog Completion 2018
Mar 062017

Square Enix has provided new information about its upcoming JRPG Dragon Quest XI, and Gematsu has translated it.

According to this new information, when the main character learns he is the reincarnation of the Hero who saved the world, eh sets out to meet the king of Delcadar. When he tells the king this, however, the king calls him a “demon child.”

From there, it looks like he has to escape the king’s soldiers.

The website also includes several new screenshots of both the PS4 and 3DS versions. They still haven’t shown Dragon Quest XI on the Nintendo Switch, however.

They haven’t clarified the PS4 version’s combat system, either, although it looks pretty likely now that Dragon Quest XI is a turn-based RPG regardless of version. With many series switching to action, it’s good to know classic Dragon Quest is still being made.

I’ve still only played a single Dragon Quest game, but I hope to play more. Maybe I’ll have played more by the time Dragon Quest XI’s localization is announced!

What do you think of Dragon Quest XI?

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