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Jun 052017

E3 2017 begins at the end of this week, so it’s time to talk about our hopes and expectations for this year’s game announcements!

E3 2017 Pipe Dreams

None of my E3 2015 pipe dreams have happened yet, so they remain:

  • Ace Attorney Investigations 2 localization
  • The World Ends With You 2
  • Bayonetta 3 / spin-off
  • Tales of Symphonia prequel

Now, one of my E3 2016 pipe dreams actually came true, a new main-series Professor Layton game!

(Some people will argue that Paper Mario: Color Splash being good actually did come true, but I haven’t played it yet to know.)

That leaves us with:

  • The Great Ace Attorney localization
  • Xenosaga HD collection
  • Knights of the Old Republic III
  • A story-driven Paper Mario with gameplay like one of the original three

In addition to these dreams, I’m going to add one more to the list: World of Final Fantasy 2.. I loved World of Final Fantasy, and it has an incredible amount of sequel/prequel potential. Here’s hoping Square Enix intends to do more with the concept.

But what do I actually think will be announced at E3?

E3 2017 Predictions

Last year, I predicted a couple things that actually happened, as well as a few that didn’t. Of those that didn’t, I still think we’re on track to get a surprise Mother 3 localization from Nintendo and learn how the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be structured.

In addition to Final Fantasy VII details, I expect Square Enix will show a trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3, possibly with a solid release window. And perhaps a remake, localization, or sequel for their lesser-known DS game Sigma Harmonics.

I’m also going to move a new Bayonetta game from “pipe dreams” to “predictions,” due to their recent possible hints, and I predict that this E3 will include an announcement of Shenmue I & II HD.

Finally, I think we’ll see a new Metroid game announcement, localization news for Dragon Quest XI, and the mysterious “weird” game From Software is working on.

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