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Author photoHi, I’m Samantha Lienhard. My love of video games is second only to my love of writing, so I created a blog that unites these two interests. From The Witcher to Ace Attorney, I blog about the video game topics that most interest me while also providing you with ways to easily access my fiction.

I’m not a mad scientist, no matter what you may have heard. I’m a Catholic author from Pennsylvania who writes fantasy, horror, and comedy, although I’ve dabbled in other genres.

I graduated from Mansfield University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Creative Writing, and from Seton Hill University with a Master of Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction, where I wrote my dark fantasy novel, Penteract of Blood.

Video games are among my top inspirations. My writing and gaming are closely intertwined, which is why I present the content here together. I’ve worked on several game projects, including the upcoming action RPG Destiny Chronicles.

I hope to become a successful author, game writer, and blogger. Currently, I also do freelance work. If you’re looking for a writer or editor, take a look at my published stories and games, and check out my freelancing guidelines.

If you like what you see (or have questions, comments, reviews, etc.), you can contact me. Alternately, if you just want to support the site, here are a few ways you can help out.

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