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Sacreya’s Legacy

Private Investigator Ben Mason hasn’t had a lot of cases — mainly because he’s undead. When a new client asks him to find her sister, he accepts and follows the missing girl into the heart of a zombie outbreak. There, he will have to face the legacy of Dr. Sacreya, the scientist who made him what he is.

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Fried Fiction


Short Stories

“The Artist”

Ian is the only person who knows the truth about Gregory Ramussen. To the public, Ramussen is a brilliant artist and a fantastic teacher.

But Ian knows what lurks behind the façade–a madman whose strange powers once crippled Ian’s hand. When he threatens an investigation, he finds himself in a dark confrontation with the sinister artist.

“The Artist” is part of the horror anthology Final Masquerade.

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“White Lady”

A short ghost story based on a legend. Many people have claimed to see Sarah, the ghost of a girl who died in North Hall Library years ago. This is just one interpretation of Sarah.1

Love-Under-the-Mistletoe“A Special Present”2

Being an elf, Lucy spends her days working on toys in Santa’s workshop. There is more to life than just making toys, however. Lately she has realized just how much her best friend Asher means to her. He is more than just a friend–much more. With Christmas just two weeks away, she decides to make him a special present to show him her feelings.

Unfortunately, as the holiday gets closer, Asher becomes strangely distant. All he seems to care about now is working on toys. For these two elves, is even their friendship just a thing of the past?

“A Special Present” is part of the holiday romance collection Love Under the Mistletoe.

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When Dr. Algernon P. Lewis goes on vacation to Death Valley, he expects it to be a boring trip. Certainly nothing that can help him with his research into the mysterious Anaian civilization.

The terrible secrets he uncovers, however, change everything he ever believed.

“Sand” is part of The Mad Scientist Journal Autumn 2014.

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A series of mysterious murders terrifies everyone in town, especially little Marie. The killer gets inside the strangest of places and never leaves any fingerprints… only bones stripped of their flesh. 

As time passes with no end to the murders in sight, everyone searches for an answer. Marie’s brother is convinced it’s the work of a curse placed on their crazy Uncle Zachary, but that can’t be true…

Can it?

“Rokurokubi” is part of Wicked Words Quarterly Issue 3.

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Flash Fiction

“The Shape in the Sky”

Strange noises and lights during the night…and the madness that follow. A flash horror story based on a specific prompt from The Word Wood–to include the noun “spots” and the verb “dream” in the story.

Cold and Twisted Romance Flash Fiction

A series of flash fiction stories categorized as “cold and twisted romance,” which mean they veer toward horror more often than not.

Specklit Drabbles

A series of drabbles published by SpeckLit. Each drabble is a story told in exactly 100 words.

1 If you’re interested in the legend of Sarah, you can learn more at Sarah’s Page. There also is a 100-word story there that I won a contest with. The prize was a midnight tour of the library, which was fantastic!
2 Found in Love Under the Mistletoe. This is a romance, so it’s not quite like the rest of my work.