Operation Backlog Completion 2017
Oct 202017

Routine isn’t the only game I was looking forward to that disappeared from view. What happened to Fiona Frightening?

Fiona Frightening and the Wicked Wardrobe was a 3D platformer in the style of Banjo-Kazooie, and it was planned for the Wii U.

The story followed a witch named Fiona who used “Monsdresses” from her monster allies to fight an evil Boogieman trying to rewrite the story to make himself the winner. It sounded like a cute and spooky game, perfect for this time of year.

In 2015, I thought they might have a demo ready in time for Halloween, and earlier this year I included it on my list of best upcoming 3D platformers.

Now, the chances of it still coming out for the Wii U are pretty slim, but is it coming out for anything else instead? (They mentioned their interest in the Switch.) What happened to this game?

Fortunately, it appears Fiona Frightening hasn’t been cancelled yet. While the official Fiona Frightening Facebook page has been quiet ever since July 2016, they responded this March to say they were waiting for the demo to be completed.

And… they must still be waiting.

It’s hard not to worry about Fiona Frightening and the Wicked Wardrobe, especially since they’ve gone for such long periods of time without anything to show. Still, at least it’s not officially cancelled yet.

What do you think? Will we eventually get to see (and play) Fiona Frightening?

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Sep 042017

I’ve been excited for A Hat in Time ever since I first saw it on Kickstarter, and the full release is almost here!

The void of 3D platformers has been filled somewhat since A Hat in Time was announced, but it still looks like one of the best!

The developers officially announced that A Hat in Time will be out on October 5, not only for the PC but also for the PS4 and Xbox One.

It will also feature mod support, including a full level editor. They also announced official mods, such as Raz’s helmet from Psychonauts.

Their list of mod partners also includes Gurumin, which I enjoyed a lot, so I’m interested to see what that will be.

They initially announced a fee to upgrade to the PS4 or Xbox One version, but later apologized and said it was a mistake due to their inexperience with consoles. They’re working on a solution.

Meanwhile, they’ve been posting comparisons on Twitter to show how far the game has come along since it was first announced.

A Hat in Time is estimated to take around 8-9 hours to play straight through, and over 30 hours for 100% completion. I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time, and I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Are you going to play A Hat in Time?

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Jul 122017

From the moment I saw Super Mario Odyssey, I wanted it.

It’s the main reason I bought a Nintendo Switch, because I hope to play Super Mario Odyssey at launch.

I waited through the Wii U’s entire life cycle for a game in this style. While Super Mario 3D World was fun, it didn’t have the same style as Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and even Super Mario Galaxy (which itself was somewhat different). I kept waiting for one of those Mario games to be announced.

So when a 64/Sunshine-style Mario game was announced for the Nintendo Switch, I was ecstatic even before we got to see Mario’s new ability to “capture” enemies, which looks like it as tons of potential.

Super Mario Odyssey might not have a traditional hub area after all, as you use your ship to travel between worlds, but it looks like there will be plenty of places to explore and secrets to discover. We’ll be collecting Power Moons this time around, but you won’t be sent back to the start once you find one. It sounds like it’s really emphasizing exploration.

Six worlds, or Kingdoms, have been shown so far:

  • Metro Kingdom, which includes the realistic New Donk City first shown
  • Tostarena, the icy desert area
  • Wooded Kingdom, an area with forests and mountains
  • Luncheon Kingdom, the bizarre food world with sentient forks
  • Cascade Kingdom, the place where the dinosaurs live
  • Cap Kingdom, a mysterious world that might have some connection to the Odyssey

Nintendo also said there are more Kingdoms that haven’t been announced yet. These places all look expansive and unique, and I can’t wait to explore them.

Meanwhile, Nintendo has been tweeting about some of Mario’s new moves, like the Spin Throw…

…spinning Cappy in place…

and the Homing Cap Throw.

Meanwhile, the official Super Mario Odyssey Japanese account shared footage of Mario capturing a Lava Bubble (or Podoboo), which lets him safely travel through hot water and lava.

Everything I see from Super Mario Odyssey makes me more excited about the game. Are you looking forward to it?

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