Operation Backlog Completion 2018
Jul 212017

You might think that having four plushies of Hatoful Boyfriend characters would be enough. However, you would be mistaken.

My shipment from the second Hatoful Boyfriend plush project Kickstarter has arrived, and now I have seven more Hatoful Boyfriend plushies to add to my collection:

  • Rabu
  • Azami Koshiba
  • Tohri Nishikikouji
  • Ryuuji Kawara
  • The King
  • Kazuaki-kun
  • Hitori Uzune

Several of these characters can’t be explained properly without spoilers, so I’ll leave it at that.

Finding space for seven more bird plushies wasn’t easy, but now they’re all nicely arranged with the others. Getting a plushie of Ryuuji made me feel a little guilty that I never got Ryouta… but at least Shuu can be happy.

And maybe someday I’ll complete my collection by getting the birds I skipped over. Who knows? For now, though, I’m delighted with my eleven Hatoful plushies.

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Dec 022016

hatoful-boyfriend-king-plushie-addonThe second Hatoful Boyfriend Plush Project Kickstarter has almost met its goal, and two new add-ons are available!

If you (like me) backed the project too late to get the limited edition plushie of The King, you can now get your own King plush by adding $15 to your pledge.

Look at him. He needs a hug.

This is not the same as the limited edition plushie. The $15 add-on is for the version of the King you see through the majority of Holiday Star, while the limited edition version appears to be his true form shown at the end.

Next, they announced a special holiday add-on featuring Miru and Kaku, along with two hats. Yes, hats.

The Miru & Kaku bundle includes not only includes plushies of the two troublesome little… creatures… but also winter pom pom hats styled after Sakuya and Nageki. You can get them by adding $30 to your pledge, although unfortunately it doesn’t appear that Miru and Kaku are being offered alone.

If you’ve played Hatoful Boyfriend and you’re wondering who in the world these three characters are, they’re from the sequel, Holiday Star. Take a look at my Holiday Star review for more details.

Remember, in addition to Holiday Star characters, this project includes secondary Hatoful Boyfriend characters like Ryuuji, Azami, and Hitori.

Click for implied Hatoful Boyfriend & Holiday Star spoilers

Check out the Kickstarter page to make your pledge and get some more bird plushies!

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Nov 162016

tohri-route-pcDo you feel like you’re missing a certain something? Have you noticed the distinct lack of gaudy mad scientist pheasants in your life? Then you’re in luck!

If you played Hatoful Boyfriend on the PC, like I did, you can now experience the route we missed.

Yes, Tohri’s route has finally been released as a standalone short visual novel called Hatoful Boyfriend: Tohri Nishikikouji Special Edition.

For those of you who played the PlayStation 4 or Vita version of Hatoful Boyfriend, you’ve already experienced this story. So, what exactly happened?

I’ll let Tohri tell you himself, as he does at the start of this short visual novel.




A new route for Tohri, who previously appeared only in Holiday Star (which is worth playing if you enjoyed the original), was added to the PlayStation versions. The Steam version couldn’t be updated to include it, so the creator decided to translate Tohri’s route and release it as a standalone visual novel.

And here it is!

It’s about 15-20 minutes long, since it’s just the scenes specific to Tohri’s route, and there are no alternate paths (the two choices you get to make lead to death if you pick the wrong option–not your death for a change, but Tohri’s). As such, it can feel a bit disjointed, although chances are good you’d be fast-forwarding through the in-between scenes by this point in the game.

Short and straightforward though it may be, it’s definitely worth playing, especially if you found Tohri funny in Holiday Star. It plays like any Hatoful Boyfriend route, and it’s one of the more lighthearted ones… Tohri’s route will make you laugh instead of shredding your emotions.

Interestingly, it touches lightly on Shuu’s past, even though players of the PlayStation version would most likely play this before BBL.

Anyway, go check out Tohri’s route!

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