Operation Backlog Completion 2017
Jun 192017

When Level-5 first revealed that the new Layton game would star Professor Layton’s daughter Katrielle, I was among many fans who wondered what this meant for Flora.

After the events of the first game, Professor Layton presumably adopted Flora Reinhold. If they wanted the new game to star his daughter, why invent a new character instead of using his adopted daughter?

Katrielle Layton also bears a resemblance to Flora, most noticeable in the newly-revealed bonus costume. Players who download the digital 3DS version of Layton’s Mystery Journey when it comes out in Japan will receive a costume for Katrielle that puts her in Flora’s outfit.

If you showed me Katrielle in her costume without context, I’d easily believe she was an older Flora.

But they have different eye colors, so it’s pretty clear Katrielle is not Flora. She also would have no reason to hide her identity, especially if she was still going to call herself Professor Layton’s daughter.

(Unless, of course, someone was after her because she was a Reinhold, but it’s still a stretch.)

So then, is there a connection between Katrielle and Flora?


Some fans think Katrielle is actually Layton and Flora’s daughter. This is highly unlikely. Yes, Layton and Flora aren’t blood relatives, but I just can’t see Level-5 putting Layton in a relationship with his adopted daughter.

Other people have suggested she might be Flora’s daughter with someone else, maybe even Luke. (Being a blood relative of Luke would explain the talking dog.) Why Katrielle uses the name Layton and considers Professor Layton her father would require an explanation, but it’s a definite possibility.

Finally, the similar appearances might just be a coincidence, and Katrielle’s only connection to Flora is that they’re both Professor Layton’s daughters.

What do you think? Is there a connection between Katrielle Layton and Flora? If so, what do you think it is?

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May 192017

Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy might have a different structure than past Layton games, but the latest details and screenshots confirm it’s still the series we know and love.

The game is split into multiple mysteries, each with its own episode. Episode 01, “Clockwork Streets,” follows Katrielle on an investigation into the theft of Big Ben’s clock hand.

Level-5 introduced two supporting characters involved in this first episode, twin brothers Marc and Reggie Yanchatta. While they’re connected to the first mystery, we also got to see two characters who might be involved in the game’s overarching plot.

The “Seven Millionaires of London” are important to the game, and among them are Ridley Fremens, the mayor of London, and Clerk Gospec, a multi-millionaire who wants Katrielle to investigate an incident at his theater.

From its original title, I assume there is also a millionaire named Ariadone. Since they’re referenced in the game’s title, the seven millionaires will likely play a large role in the game.

As you investigate, you’ll use a magnifying glass to investigate areas on the screen and find puzzles, collectibles, and “Insight Coins.” Insight Coins reveal puzzle hints, and right now it’s unclear if there’s any difference between them and the typical hint coins.

You’ll also need to find a certain number of “investigation points” to advance the story.

Finally, just like every other game in the series, Layton’s Mystery Journey will have mini-games. The first announced is “The Ideal Diner,” where you must listen to a client’s request and create their ideal dinner.

While I’ve been excited for Layton’s Mystery Journey ever since it was first announced as Lady Layton, I was a little concerned that the new structure might dramatically change the gameplay. These screenshots have reassured me. I see plenty of familiar Layton gameplay here, and I’m more excited than ever for Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy.

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Apr 192017

On Monday we discussed the renaming of Lady Layton to Layton’s Mystery Journey: The Millionaires’ Conspiracy (a slightly less complicated title than what I thought at first), and now we have the 3DS release window.

While the mobile versions will be out in the West on July 20 alongside the Japanese release date, the 3DS version of Layton’s Mystery Journey will be out in the fall.

When in the fall? “Early autumn 2017” is all the website says, and since the game should be entirely translated by July 20, I’d be surprised if the 3DS version took too long.

The official English website is up now, as well, with pictures of the main characters. It includes links to the sites for previous Layton games, including a link to Mystery Room, so maybe they haven’t forgotten it entirely after all.

(Still hoping Alfendi appears in this new game.)

Hopefully we’ll get a concrete release date soon. If it’s only a few months away from the mobile release, I’ll probably wait for the 3DS version… especially if a physical copy is available.

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