Operation Backlog Completion 2018
Jan 172018

Final Fantasy XV has three DLC episodes out (along with a multiplayer expansion), more DLC on the way, free updates with gameplay changes and additional lore, and… now a Royal Edition on the way.

The Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition, as well as the PC version, will be out on March 6. In addition to the main game, it includes:

  • The three DLC episodes and the multiplayer expansion
  • An expanded explorable map for the Insomnia City Ruins, with side quests and special enemies
  • A controllable Royal Vessel boat that lets you explore between Cape Caem and Altissia
  • A powerful “Armiger Unleashed” option once you collect all the royal arms
  • A first-person camera mode
  • Weapons, car skins, and items
  • New myths and legends about the world, along with an Archive where you can review all of the Cosmogony stories you’ve seen
  • Quests to strengthen Regalia Type-D
  • New trophies/achievements

If you already own Final Fantasy XV, you’ll be able to upgrade to the Royal Edition by buying the Royal Pack. The price for upgrading was initially reported as $19.99, but Square Enix says that was a mistake and the price hasn’t been announced yet.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I generally don’t mind DLC, “definitive editions,” and similar things, but since Final Fantasy XV felt rushed and/or incomplete at launch, it’s a little frustrating. I’m happy that they’re slowly fixing Final Fantasy XV, but it also makes me wish it had some of this stuff at the start.

Plus they’ve given no indication that the new DLC content will be included in this. That might be part of a second Season Pass.

Still, I have to admit… part of me is still hopeful that Final Fantasy XV will eventually become the game I hoped it would be when I started it.

How do you feel about the Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition? Are you planning to get this additional content?

(On a side note, one of the casualties of the site disaster was the “related posts” section at the bottom. It was nice while it lasted…)

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Jan 152018

First off, I want to apologize for my silence last week. I had some website issues and couldn’t log in all week long. A few things still aren’t quite right yet, so expect some changes in the weeks ahead.

The important thing is that the site is functioning again, and we’ve got some exciting news to discuss… like The World Ends With You: Final Remix for the Switch!

The original The World Ends With You for the DS is one of my favorite games. I love this game.

I’ve been waiting for a sequel since 2012, when Square Enix teased “New 7 Days” at the end of the mobile port. The World Ends With You 2 has been one of my pipe dreams for a while.

Well, it might not be a sequel, but The World Ends With You has not been forgotten. It’s coming to the Switch this year with HD graphics, new controls, and a new epilogue scenario.

New story content is the most interesting part, but I want to touch on the controls first. The original game has an unusual control scheme for combat, with one character on the bottom controlled through the touchscreen and another character on the top controlled through button inputs. The mobile port simplified this system for a single screen to make the top-screen character just another part to be controlled with the touchscreen.

Just from the brief glimpses of combat in the Switch trailer, it looks like both control schemes might be available. That’s a great idea, and I look forward to seeing how they make it work with only one screen.

Now, let’s talk about the “sizable new scenario” mentioned in the trailer.

The World Ends With You told a complete story, but its Secret Reports showed the potential for sequels and a larger universe. Will this new scenario touch upon those elements? I hope so. Either way, I’m excited for more TWEWY.

One of the most interesting parts of the trailer is that the girl shown at the end as part of this new scenario is the same girl from the original sequel tease back in 2012. Some fans have taken this to mean we’re getting this instead of a new game, but I hope Square Enix is using this to test the waters (and prepare a new audience) for an eventual sequel.

Overall, I’m pretty excited, and I’ll definitely buy the Final Remix.

In unrelated news, remember Detective Pikachu, the odd 3DS spin-off I was hoping would be localized? Apparently that was only part of the Detective Pikachu story. Now a new game, which includes both the original and new story content, is coming to the 3DS… and being localized!

It still seems crazy and weird… and yes, I want to play it.

Are you excited for The World Ends With You: Final Remix? What about Detective Pikachu? Let me know in the comments!

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Dec 012017

Bandai Namco has announced a “Tales Room” broadcast on December 16 to celebrate the series’ 22nd anniversary.

The broadcast will include a look back at 2017 as well as information about content currently in development.

This is exciting news, not only because we might get an announcement of the next Tales game, but also because we should find out what Tales game they’re bringing to the Switch.

Back in May, Bandai Namco announced that they were working on a Nintendo Switch Tales game for this fiscal year, but they haven’t said anything about it since. We don’t know if it will be a port, a remake, or the next mainline game.

On the other hand, they could use this broadcast to discuss the mobile games and nothing else. Still, if they plan to have a Tales game out for the Switch before the end of the fiscal year, you’d think they’d announce it soon.

What do you think? Will we learn what the Switch’s Tales game is on December 16? And what sort of game do you think it will be?

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