Operation Backlog Completion 2017

Aug 092017

It was rumored a while ago, but now it’s official, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is coming to the 3DS.

With the addition of Apollo Justice, this means the entire mainline Ace Attorney series is now available for the 3DS.

It also kills my hopes of a Not Phoenix Wright Trilogy made up of Apollo Justice, Ace Attorney Investigations, and an official localization of AAI2, which would have brought all of the remaining DS games to the 3DS.

Still, I don’t give up that easily. Now I’ll just hope for an Investigations double pack bringing the two Miles Edgeworth spin-offs to the 3DS at a later date.

Apollo Justice will be on the eShop for $19.99 and include:

  • upgraded visuals
  • the ability to skip text
  • both the English and Japanese versions

Interestingly, this announcement also confirmed that there are differences in the background art for the two versions. (I previously had a discussion with someone about how Dai Gyakuten Saiban’s localization issues might be due to visual references to the copyrighted Sherlock Holmes stories. Now I believe even more that those references could be altered to avoid a problem.)

When the news first came out, fans noticed the description mentioned “five full cases” even though Apollo Justice only has four cases, and hoped this might mean a bonus case was being made. However, it now says “four full cases,” so this was most likely a mistake.

Meanwhile, if you thought some of the recent Collector’s Editions were bad, you might need to sit down before you look at the new special collection Japan is getting for the Ace Attorney series. It includes all six main games, a soundtrack, and many other CE goodies (including a gold plate and autographs) for 150,000 yen or roughly $1360.


Well, it’s nice that new players will now be able to play the entire main series without needing a DS game, but I’m still hoping for the spin-offs! Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney will be out on the eShop this November. Are you getting it?

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Aug 042017

Well, the second Dai Gyakuten Saiban (The Great Ace Attorney) game is now out in Japan.

Most criticisms I’ve seen about the first game concerned its loose ends and lack of resolution. It seems like it was written with a sequel in mind, and this game should bring everything together.

Look at that cover! It’s so cool! From the first game, the vampire-like prosecutor was enough to make me desperately want the game, but now he’s joined by several other awesome-looking characters in the background.

Unfortunately, there still has been no localization announcement.

For a while now, my hope has been that once the sequel came out to wrap up those loose ends, Capcom would consider it worthwhile to finally localize both games. If a significant amount of time passes now, and there’s still no news… it really starts to look unlikely. Whether the problem is copyright issues with Sherlock Holmes or something else, we might have to give this one up.

On the positive side, if it’s a copyright issue, we can start hoping again in… 2023.

What do you think? Do we have a chance of seeing Dai Gyakuten Saiban 1 and 2 (officially) in the West?

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Jul 072017

In Japan, Ace Attorney fans are anticipating the imminent release of Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 with a launch trailer.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are wishing we could play the first game.

As I searched for any hint that maybe Capcom will find a way past whatever issues it has with the localization and bring The Great Ace Attorney to the West, I noticed people wondering if localization is the reason Capcom targeted the subtitled playthrough.

I didn’t know this had happened again, so I looked it up. There was a subtitled playthrough of Dai Gyakuten Saiban on Youtube, and Capcom had it taken down earlier this summer. Why?

Capcom has the right to do so, but they’ve left other Ace Attorney videos–and the Investigations 2 fan game–alone.

Is it really because they’re concerned the videos will harm sales of the first game in Japan? Or is it because they have plans for an official DGS translation after all?

Two years ago I hopefully speculated about the exact same thing, and that turned out to be nothing. We’re probably grasping at straws.

Then again, Capcom might be waiting to see if the sequel does well in Japan… and if it’s a success, maybe an English release is around the corner. Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 will be out in Japan on August 3.

What do you think? Do we have any hope left, or is it time to give up on The Great Ace Attorney?

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