Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Nov 162013

Well, we made it–the halfway point in National Novel Writing Month. This is the 15th day out of the 30 days we have to write our 50,000 words, which means at this point, participants would like to have at least 25,000 words to be on pace.

As far as numbers go, my collection of horror stories (“The Night of the Swan and Other Dark Tales,” because I needed a name for it) is on pace. I just edged over 38,000 words today, so I’m doing much better than I need to. It’s never gone so well before.

As far as content goes, well…it’s NaNoWriMo. You aren’t supposed to spend too much time thinking, planning, or editing. It can get a little crazy. You get some good stuff, you get some bad stuff, and you get some downright weird stuff.

Right now, my collection contains:

1. A story about an evil swan
2. A vague, rambling story about Halloween that doesn’t know what it wants to be and just can’t escape the fact that it was written at 1 in the morning.
3. A vampire story
4. A story about an insane artist
5. The start of my yokai craze, which was inspired by Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, fueled by class, and greatly aided by the blog I linked to.
6. A second yokai story
7. A third yokai story
8. A rambling story about a sorcerer who probably worships the Devil
9. A story that really can’t decide what it wants to be, as it starts as a horror story about an emotion eater who feeds on fear, then pits him against the Devil and gets all religious and spiritual, and finally concludes as a romance

And that’s the entirety of my 38k words. I’m doing well, but the end isn’t here yet. We’ll see what sorts of insanity the next few days of writing bring.

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