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Sep 202014
Main characters of Dai Gyakuten Saiban


The Dai Gyakuten Saiban live show has come and gone. Since I don’t know Japanese, I couldn’t follow along very well for a lot of it (I basically understood “Dai Gyakuten Saiban” and “Sherlock Holmes”). There was no localization news, but we did get to see an extended version of the trailer, which showed what is probably a jury, even though I want it to be a mob to cross-examine like in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright.

They also showed some gameplay, including another one of Holmes’s “rampages of reasoning” (which Siliconera helpfully explains).

Thanks to Court-Records, I was able to learn some new details, too. For example, Dai Gyakuten Saiban started because Mr. Takumi was asked to create an Ace Attorney game that would be more accessible to series newcomers. He didn’t have any ideas… until he imagined making a game with Sherlock Holmes in it.

Yes, Holmes came first.

TGS attendees also got a chance to see additional footage in a special theater, along with a fully-voiced “Special Court” promotional video. It seems Holmes thinks the protagonist is a dead Italian cook.

I wish we could have seen that… but more than anything, I hope this game is localized!

If you missed the livestream, you can watch the video below.


Yesterday’s trailer for Dai Gyakuten Saiban (The Great Ace Attorney) was a lot of fun, and shed some light on how Sherlock Holmes’s rampages of reasoning might go, but it’s not the only presence the new Ace Attorney game has at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

In just a few short hours, at 11:15 PM Eastern Time, Capcom will have a live show about Dai Gyakuten Saiban. While it’s unlikely we’ll hear localization news, and even less likely we’ll get our long-awaited announcement of Ace Attorney Investigation 2’s localization, it’s been promised we’ll love the content Mr. Takumi has to share.

So, come back in a few hours to see what new facts we’ll learn about this game!

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