Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Sep 232014
Gyakuten Kenji 2 / AAI2 box art

So far, it looks like our July 1 attempt to convince Capcom to localize Gyakuten Kenji 2/Ace Attorney Investigations 2 has been a failure. No localization news has been revealed, despite the number of people who still want an official release of this game and the success of the fan translation. At this point, Capcom should just make a deal with the creators of the fan translation to officially release it on the eShop.

But we aren’t giving up! We’ve created a new Facebook page devoted to the cause, from which you can find all the contact information for Capcom and news of any organized write-ins/call-ins we plan. Join us, and convince Capcom to localize this great game!

While you’re at it, take every opportunity to remind Capcom that we want it. With enough attention, Capcom will realize it’s profitable… right?

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  6 Responses to “Localize Ace Attorney Investigations 2!”

  1. I’d join the page!

    …if I wasn’t banned from Facebook.

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