Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Apr 272015

Last October, I wrote a post looking at my top 5 most-anticipated survival horror games. Two of the games from my list, the Resident Evil HD Remaster and Alien: Isolation, have already been released. Fatal Frame V has been confirmed for localization, Routine is (as far as I know), still happening, and that just leaves my #1 upcoming survival horror game, Silent Hills…

…and it isn’t good.


The new Silent Hill game was supposed to be a collaboration between Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro, and Norman Reedus. It was revealed through P.T., a teaser disguised as an indie horror game. Players who tried P.T. have described it as one of the most terrifying experiences ever (if, like me, you haven’t played it, you might want to head over to the PlayStation Store to link it to your PSN account before it disappears on April 29) and it increased the hype surrounding Silent Hills.

Sure, some fans had doubts, particularly with P.T.’s first-person perspective and the controversial receptions of recent Silent Hill games, but most people had high hopes for Silent Hills.

However, you might have heard about the recent trouble surrounding Kojima and Konami, which included the Kojima Productions logo being removed from the Silent Hills website. There have been a lot of rumors, but it seems certain that Kojima is leaving Konami after Metal Gear Solid V is complete. MGS fans have their own worries about that, and the news left a lot of people asking, “What’s going to happen to Silent Hills?”

A disappointing answer surfaced yesterday, with the report that Guillermo del Toro said the project was cancelled.

Right on the heels of that news, Norman Reedus expressed his disappointment.

Konami says the Silent Hill series itself will continue on, but confirmed to Kotaku that the “Silent Hills” dream-team collaboration has been cancelled.

So now we’re right back where we were prior to P.T.’s release. Where will the Silent Hill series go from here?

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