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Aug 122015

Knowing me, you probably expected me to spend today talking about the Resident Evil 2 remake announcement. But I’m going to talk about another game instead.


See, when I checked Twitter this morning, I saw an announcement from Moa Hato about her upcoming crime procedural visual novel, Black Holmes. With how much I enjoyed Hatoful Boyfriend, this takes precedence.

Black Holmes was actually announced back in 2013, with the release of a promotional pamphlet and a few details about the game. As a mystery/crime story, it was inspired by Sherlock Holmes and The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Circumstances delayed the project, and its website and Twitter account sat dormant ever since… until today!

Black-Holmes-NoahVery few details are available about Black Holmes. It’s set in 1889 London and stars a detective named Noah Holmes. His character page shows four different pictures of him. My personal favorite is the one with the hat. I also like his different-colored eyes.

The other characters haven’t been revealed yet, although the character from the introduction page is shown in a few pieces of artwork, as well as the original promotional pamphlet, which suggests he will have a major role.

Two songs from the game are also available to listen to on the site.

According to the official Tumblr page, English pages will be added to the Black Holmes site soon.

I can’t wait to learn more about this game! It sounds as though it will have a more serious tone than Hatoful Boyfriend, although we all know stories involving mysteries and crimes can be lighthearted.

Let me know your hopes for and theories about Black Holmes in the comments below, and I’ll keep you updated as more information comes out.

We can talk about Resident Evil another time.

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  4 Responses to “Black Holmes, a Crime Visual Novel from Moa Hato”

  1. I fundamentally disagree with talking about Resident Evil 2 another time.

    So there. (And if we were actually affiliates I’d even article-drop this and make fun of you on my own site.)

    …By the way, why isn’t it “survival-horror” with a hyphen? 😮

    • Why do you disagree?

      …Because Resident Evil coined the phrase and didn’t use a hyphen?
      As a more serious answer, survival-horror would make sense if it was a mix of two genres, a la action-adventure. But contrary to what action horror fans would want you to believe, that a survival horror game is any game that includes elements of survival and horror, “survival horror” is its own thing.

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