Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Aug 172015

At last, it happened. After fans asked for years, Capcom finally announced a Resident Evil 2 remake. Our requests have been answered, our hopes fulfilled.

Now we can start worrying.

Resident-Evil-2Resident Evil 2 is my second-favorite Resident Evil game, after the amazing “REmake” of the first game. REmake is my go-to example of how to handle a remake, as I mentioned in my recent discussion of Final Fantasy VII. I hope Capcom follows its own example and creates a true “RE2make” deserving of the name.

Ever since Resident Evil 4, Capcom has strayed from the survival horror genre. Its closest attempts were the Revelations games, which wobbled on the edge of the genre, afraid to let go of the new actionized style.

When Capcom points to Resident Evil: Revelations or Leon’s scenario of Resident Evil 6 as their return to the series roots, it presents two possibilities: 1) Capcom is lying to attract fans of the classic games, or 2) Capcom doesn’t know what made the old games great.

Let’s hope it’s the first. While we don’t want to think Capcom is out to deceive fans just to get sales, it allows for more hope that they can make a survival horror game if they want to. And they clearly want to.

The HD remaster of REmake, the upcoming HD remaster of Resident Evil 0, and now the Resident Evil 2 remake all show Capcom wants to appeal to that core fanbase again. Maybe the positive reaction to the REmake remaster has helped them overcome their fear of creating a true survival horror game.

A remake brings challenges that remasters don’t. It’s more than just a simple polishing of the graphics. REmake added new mechanics, areas, and story content, which is part of what makes it so brilliant. Its remastering was just a shinier release of the same game, with an additional control scheme option.

An ideal Resident Evil 2 remake should follow that style and be an enhanced, improved survival horror game with fresh surprises for returning players while the core gameplay holds true to the original. On the other hand, if Capcom just releases the exact same game with modern graphics, I wouldn’t complain.

And I can’t wait to hear what they do with the music!

Do you think the Resident Evil 2 remake will be survival horror? If so, will it take REmake’s approach to adding new content? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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