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Sep 232015

Yokai-Watch-anime-WhisperWhen I’ve discussed yokai in the past, it’s usually been one of two topics: my yokai horror story or the Yo-kai Watch video game.

When Yo-kai Watch’s release date was announced, however, I referenced all of the other Yo-kai Watch media being localized, including the anime. At the time, we only had a fall release window for the anime, but the official date has been revealed.

Yo-kai Watch debuts on the Disney XD channel in just a few weeks, on October 5.

The Yo-kai Watch anime started airing in Japan in January 2014, as part of the Yo-kai Watch craze sweeping the country. When the anime movie was released, it had the highest grossing opening weekend of any Japanese movie since 2000.

Level-5 hasn’t said anything about the movie yet as far as I know, but if the game, manga, and anime (and toy line) does well in the West, it seems likely the rest of its media will follow.

Check out the first Yo-kai Watch anime trailer.

I’ve never really watched much anime, and I’m not even sure I get the channel this will be shown on. Maybe I’ll look into it later if it’s particularly well-received, but for now I’m most interested in the game.

The anime debuts on October 5, with the manga releasing on November 3 and the video game on November 6. Are you interested in Yo-kai Watch in any of its forms?

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