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Oct 052015

Super-Mario-Maker-Ace-AttorneyI’ve been pretty hard on Super Mario Maker.

My thoughts about it during E3 2014 were “I don’t really care.”

One year later, I criticized its heavy presence in Nintendo’s E3 show and said, “I didn’t care about it last year, and I still don’t.”

Since the game came out, though, I’ve seen a lot of great Super Mario Maker videos. From cool automatic levels to super hard levels to unique shout-outs, fans have taken this game in all different directions. I’m tempted to get it myself.

And as a huge Ace Attorney fan, the Ace Attorney levels caught my attention the most. That’s right, fans have used Super Mario Maker to pay tribute to Ace Attorney.

Here are a few Super Mario Maker Ace Attorney levels I’ve found:

The Fragrance of Dark Coffee

ID: BE94-0000-006D-51CD

This musical level is simple, focused on an homage to a popular Ace Attorney song. Even though I dislike Godot, I still appreciate his theme… and this level is pretty cool.

Ace Attorney Objection!

ID: 2EF8-0000-006E-17EB

Another musical level features one of the most iconic Ace Attorney songs – the “Objection!” theme.

Objection! 2001

ID: B967-0000-004C-FF33

Since I don’t have the game yet, I wasn’t able to compare this to the previous one, but two different takes on the same Ace Attorney song should be interesting.

Mario Mario: Ace Attorney

ID: 18C2-0000-004F-B452

By far the most interesting Ace Attorney Mario Maker level I’ve seen yet, this one focuses on gameplay rather than music and creates a simple Ace Attorney case Mario-style. Check it out for yourself, or watch this fun video from GameXplain to see how it all works.

Stuff like this is almost enough to make me want to get Super Mario Maker, to play levels if not to create them. If you know of more Mario levels inspired by Ace Attorney, let us know in the comments below!

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  5 Responses to “Super Mario Maker: Ace Attorney Levels”

  1. Note: feel free to share comments about other cool Super Mario Maker shout-out levels, too, as well as Ace Attorney ones.

  2. erma.
    get this game . for realzies. thanks

  3. (Trying again)
    Saying you don’t care about the game twice in the span of two years isn’t being “pretty hard.”
    Our mutual treatment of Sticker Star is “pretty hard”, if you want a comparison.

    That case level is brilliant, though I wonder what inference you should get when you look at that completion rate.
    And how many people would pick up on the themes if GameXplain didn’t lay it out for you.

    Also, that evil plumber WOULD abuse his own client to escape the courthouse. Phoenix Wright would never do that.

    • Yes, but Sticker Star deserves it.
      I say I was pretty hard on Super Mario Maker because I no longer believe it deserved that.

      I think it would be much more confusing without GameXplain’s help… and that’s probably why it has such a low Clear rate.

      True, it’s more of a prosecutor behavior. Franziska would definitely do that.

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