Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Nov 022015

Update: It has begun! Now go and vote!

On November 5th, voting will begin for the first round of GameFaqs’ “Best. Game Ever. 20th Anniversary Edition,” in which people vote for the games they consider the best until only one remains. There are also prizes if you can accurately predict the winners.

Gamefaqs Best Game Ever

I normally ignore these, but KoopaTV’s choices Ludwig’s choices filled me with righteous anger, and it’s time to make my stand!

Or something like that.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the round 1 contenders. Keep in mind, these are my personal opinions and some of them might not line up with yours. In fact, I all but guarantee it.

Division I

Chrono-TriggerChrono Trigger vs. Ratchet & Clank 3 – I have yet to play the Ratchet & Clank series, so I can’t directly compare these two games. However, Chrono Trigger was fantastic and I generally prefer RPGs to action platformers, so my vote goes to Chrono Trigger.

Speaking of which, do you think Square Enix will ever make another Chrono game, or will they just continue to troll us by placing its music in their E3 preview videos?

Dragon Quest VIII vs. Persona 3 – The last time I played a Dragon Quest game, it was still called Dragon Warrior and I never finished it. The closest I’ve come to playing Persona 3 is looking at it on Amazon. So I really can’t vote on this one. However, I’ve heard many strong recommendations for Persona 3, so I lean in that direction.

Batman: Arkham City vs. Mega Man X – Arkham City was a good game, even if its open-world nature makes me prefer its predecessor. I haven’t played Mega Man X, but 2D platformers aren’t my favorite. Therefore, I pick Batman: Arkham City.

But Arkham Asylum is better, although it didn’t make this list at all. I dislike open world games.

Final Fantasy X vs. Half-Life – This one is no contest for me. One of my unpopular gaming opinions, right up there with hating open worlds and enjoying Amy, is my dislike for the Half-Life series. And while Final Fantasy X was a bit too linear, it had a good story and an excellent battle system. In this match-up, I’d vote for Final Fantasy X any day.

Super Smash Bros. Melee vs. Portal – I’m sure I’ll receive some criticism for this one. Another unpopular opinion of mine is that I’ve never been able to get into the Super Smash Bros. series. However, the original Portal is an amazing game and definitely my pick.

Minamimoto-PiPokémon Gold/Silver vs. The World Ends With You – Oh. Oh. Why would you do this to me, GameFaqs??

The second generation Pokémon games got me into the series. Their remakes got me back into the series after my long hiatus. And yet… The World Ends With You is one of my favorite RPGs. Ever.

If I look at this from a purely objective standpoint, Pokémon Gold/Silver probably deserves to win, especially if SoulSilver and HeartGold are taken into account. But this isn’t an objective analysis, it’s my own thoughts on these games… and as much as I love Pokémon, I love The World Ends With You more.

Metal Gear Solid 4 vs. Kingdom Hearts II – Another match-up where I’ve played neither game. MGS has a great reputation, but after how much I enjoyed the first Kingdom Hearts, I will tentatively give this round to Kingdom Hearts II.

The Last of Us vs. Halo 3 – I haven’t played The Last of Us. I know, I should. People keep recommending it to me. On the other hand, as if last week’s ramble about the Flood didn’t indicate this enough, I love Halo. So for the time being, I say Halo 3 is the better game.

Division II

Final Fantasy VI vs. Assassins Creed II – Another one of my favorite RPGs ever versus an open world stealth game? Anyone who knows me should know this is no contest: Final Fantasy VI.

Tales-of-SymphoniaPaper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door vs. Tales of Symphonia – WHY???

The Pokémon/TWEWY match was hard enough. Now GameFaqs has pitted two of my favorite RPGs against one another, and it’s only Round 1! Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is charming, entertaining, and a definite must-play. But when it’s up against a game I called perfect… I’m sorry, Paper Mario. I vote for Tales of Symphonia.

Tales of Symphonia should win this entire contest! It won’t, but it should. Just my opinion.


Ahem, moving on…

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic vs. Xenogears – Whoa, GameFaqs isn’t pulling any punches with these choices. This would be another really hard choice… except I haven’t played Xenogears yet. Therefore, I will lament my backlog while cheering on my beloved Knights of the Old Republic, and hope I don’t regret this in years to come when I play Xenogears at last.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker vs. Pokémon X/Y – Why… why is Pokémon X/Y on this list when Black/White isn’t? My feelings toward X/Y are less than ideal, so I’ll happily vote for my first and favorite Zelda game, Wind Waker.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U vs. Planescape: Torment – I may not be a big Smash Bros. fan, but until I wrote this article, I thought that other game was called Planetscape. Since I haven’t played either, I can’t really vote, but from my limited knowledge I’ll give this one to Super Smash Bros. Wii U.

Sovereign the Reaper from Mass EffectSuper Mario Galaxy 2 vs. Mass Effect – I enjoyed the original Super Mario Galaxy, but I haven’t played the sequel yet. People say it’s great, but is it good enough to overcome my love for the original Mass Effect? I’m not so sure. For me, Mass Effect wins.

Minecraft vs. Halo: Combat Evolved – Building games like Minecraft don’t interest me at all, and I really love Halo. Therefore, my vote goes for Halo: Combat Evolved.

Final Fantasy VII vs. Journey – I can sense the fights breaking out already. I’m sure Journey is a beautiful game, and maybe fans overhype Final Fantasy VII a little… but it’s still a really great RPG. I vote for Final Fantasy VII.

And pray the remake doesn’t ruin things.

Division III

Super Mario Bros. 3 vs. Age of Empires II – I may not be in love with 2D platformers, especially older ones, but I hate the whole RTS genre. (I’m full of unpopular opinions today.) Therefore, my vote goes to Super Mario Bros 3.

Pokémon Red/Blue vs. Tetris – Tetris is more classic, but I find Pokémon a lot more fun. Pokémon Red/Blue take this one.

Portal 2 vs. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – Remember my earlier thoughts on Portal? Well, if it comes down to the two of them, I consider Portal 2 to be the better game. Meanwhile, I never got into the Sonic games, old or new. I vote for Portal 2.

ClementineUncharted 2: Among Thieves vs. The Walking Dead – One day, I swear, I will give Uncharted 2 an honest chance even though I hated the first game so much I couldn’t finish it. However, that day has not yet come and it’s up against a dark, gripping story that wreaked havoc on my emotions. My vote goes to Telltale’s The Walking Dead.

But why isn’t The Wolf Among Us a contender? Anyone? I like it more…

Fallout 3 vs. Life is Strange – I haven’t played either of these games. I’ve heard good things about both. I’ve watched gameplay of both and been unable to stay with it. I’ll tentatively give this to Life is Strange, but I really don’t know.

Undertale vs. Mass Effect 3 – Stop reading this article and go play Undertale.

Even if Undertale didn’t win for its characters, humor, moral consequences, gameplay tricks, and overall concept, how can you argue with its amazing soundtrack?

GTA: Vice City vs. Final Fantasy VIII – Of the classic Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy VIII might be the weakest. However, it has charm, good RPG gameplay, and memorable characters. Meanwhile, I have zero interest in the Grand Theft Auto series. It will probably lose, but I vote for Final Fantasy VIII.

Super Mario World vs. Animal Crossing: New Leaf – I haven’t played either, I probably never will play either, and I’ve heard excellent things about both. For the sake of classics, I’ll give this to Super Mario World.

Division IV

Yes, I know this picture is for the whole trilogy.

Yes, I know this picture is for the whole trilogy.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – This isn’t a hard choice for me, but it’s painful to see this match-up. What chance does Ace Attorney have against a juggernaut like Skyrim? Nevertheless, I love the Ace Attorney series. Here’s hoping Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney pulls through.

Goldeneye 007 vs. Diablo II – Another pair of supposedly-great games I haven’t played enough to compare. I’ll go with Diablo II, but my heart isn’t in it.

Metroid Prime vs. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind – Although I haven’t (yet) played Metroid Prime, you know how I feel about open world RPGs. I give this one to Metroid Prime.

Half-Life 2 vs. Demon’s Souls – Two games I’ve started and not completed… yet under different circumstances. I quit Half-Life 2 after I finished Ravenholm, because I realized I found the majority of gameplay boring. I quit Demon’s Souls because I wanted to play other games more, but still hope to return to it. My vote goes to Demon’s Souls.

Super Mario 64 vs. Mario Kart 8 – My memories of Super Mario 64 are tinged by nostalgia, since it was one of my first games. Mario Kart 8 was fun, but I only spend a handful of hours with it. The winner here should be Super Mario 64.

Final Fantasy Tactics vs. Resident Evil 2 – I’ve never played Final Fantasy Tactics and I probably never will. Resident Evil 2, on the other hand, is one of my favorite survival horror games. This is probably another controversial opinion… but I choose Resident Evil 2.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess vs. Skies of Arcadia – This is a surprisingly tricky one. Do I vote for a good game I enjoyed, or for a game I haven’t played but desperately want to because of all the good things I’ve heard about it. If Skies of Arcadia ever becomes easier to find, I’ll be able to give an answer. For now, I abstain.

Persona 4 vs. 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors – I’ve heard amazing things about both of these games, and I hope to play both of them in the future. Although both sound great, I lean slightly toward 999 and name it my pick in this match-up.

Division V

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time vs. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – I’ve never been much of one for cards. While Hearthstone is entertaining, I got more enjoyment out of Ocarina of Time, even if I didn’t play it until the 3D remake. Therefore, my vote goes to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Suikoden II vs. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – Once again, I haven’t played either game. However, the Monster Hunter series doesn’t appeal to me and I like what I’ve heard about Suikoden. From this pair, I vote for Suikoden II.

Okami vs. Warcraft III – Warcraft III is a game I’ve never played in a genre I dislike. Okami is a game I keep trying to play and just can’t enjoy as much as I want to. I abstain.

Final Fantasy IX vs. Kingdom Hearts – It’s been a while since we had one of these. As I mentioned earlier, I really loved Kingdom Hearts when I played it over the past few months. If it were up against something else, Kingdom Hearts would win. But it’s up against one of my first RPGs, a game I truly love. I’m sorry, Kingdom Hearts. I have to go with Final Fantasy IX.

Xenoblade Chronicles vs. Donkey Kong Country 2 – I might come under fire for this one, but I can’t get into the Donkey Kong games. And I loved Xenoblade. While I’m still uncertain about the upcoming spiritual successor, my vote here goes to the Xenoblade Chronicles.

Fire Emblem: Awakening vs. Super Mario Maker – This is a tricky one. I haven’t played either, both have been recommended to me… I say Super Mario Maker. Of the two, it looks more fun. It also produces fun fan tributes, as we discussed before.

Banjo-Kazooie Box ArtBanjo-Kazooie vs. Baldur’s Gate II – Banjo-Kazooie is one of my favorite games of all time. I don’t care how good Baldur’s Gate II is (I might play it someday). Banjo-Kazooie wins.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials & TribulationsWhat are you trying to do to the Ace Attorney series?? Although it has been placed up against a game considered by many people to be the greatest game of all time, I stand by my personal choice of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials & Tribulations.

Division VI

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past vs. Cave Story – It’s one of my great gaming shames, but I’ve never finished A Link to the Past. On the other hand, I’ve never played Cave Story at all. Is it worth trying? For now, my vote goes to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Deus Ex vs. Final Fantasy IV – I might try the Deus Ex series someday, but when it’ll have to be out of this world to overcome a classic turn-based RPG on my list. That said, I still need to actually play Final Fantasy IV, for while it is my vote, I’ve only played the beginning.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain vs. Perfect Dark – These are two more games I’ve never played. Let’s think about this. MGS V is open world, and while it’s in a highly story-driven series, many players say its story feels sparser. Perfect Dark is a shooter from Rare. I’ll tentatively give this one to Perfect Dark.

Dark Souls vs. Civilization IV – No contest. I’m not positive I’ll enjoy the Souls games, but their overall gameplay appeals to me more than that of the Civilization series. Dark Souls wins.

Super Metroid vs. Call of Duty 4 – Moving on, while I’ve played neither (I know, I know…), I like Metroid gameplay and have little interest in the Call of Duty series. This one goes to Super Metroid.

Still the best golem ever.

Still the best golem ever.

Super Mario Galaxy vs. Dragon Age: Origins – I’m sorry, Mario. I really am. Super Mario Galaxy was a fantastic game, fun to play and I’d recommend it to anyone who likes 3D platformers. Yet it can’t compete with one of the best games I played in 2013. Here, my vote goes to Dragon Age: Origins.

Bloodborne vs. Final Fantasy XII – Another contest made tricky by virtue of the fact that I’ve played neither game. Two RPGs that come highly recommended, one which oozes Lovecraftian horror and one from a time-honored RPG series. Worst of all, I fully intend to play both of these games in the future.

You know what? I abstain.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask vs. Valkyria Chronicles – This one gets even trickier. I’ve heard enough great stuff about Majora’s Mask to make me feel it’s perfect for me… but also enough criticisms to make me worry I’ll hate it. I’ve heard a lot of praise for Valkyria Chronicles… but tactical RPGs tend to be hit or miss for me.

And since I’m absolutely going to play both games in the future… I abstain again.

Division VII

Grand Theft Auto V vs. Shenmue – My interest in the GTA series is so low, the choice would be obvious even if I hadn’t watched Game Informer’s hilarious Shenmue playthrough. As it is, Shenmue won my heart and deserves this win.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion vs. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars – By now, I’ve probably made my feelings on the Elder Scrolls games clear. I haven’t played Super Mario RPG yet, but I can’t wait to see what it’s like. Therefore, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars gets my vote.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas vs. Shovel Knight – Shovel Knight. See previous GTA comments.

World of Warcraft vs. Chrono Cross – I’m not a fan of MMORPGs. And the one MMORPG I got into, I already quit. So WoW has a distinct disadvantage here. Who knows, maybe Chrono Cross will disappoint me when I finally play it, but for now, that’s my pick: Chrono Cross.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt vs. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – The subject matter of The Binding of Isaac doesn’t appeal to me at all. If you’ve followed my numerous Witcher posts, however, you know I can’t wait to play Wild Hunt! (Yes, I really got sidetracked from my plan to catch up on the series before the game came out…) Even though it’s an open world game, I vote for The Witcher 3.

Let’s take another look at the awesome trailer that made me interested in the series. It takes on so much more meaning now that I’ve read the books…

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty vs. Resident Evil – I’m not entirely sure if this means the original Resident Evil only, or if the REmake (which was released for the Gamecube, re-released for the Wii, and then remastered for non-Nintendo players because it’s just that awesome) counts as well. Either way, sorry MGS, I’ll vote for the survival horror masterpiece, Resident Evil.

Fallout: New Vegas vs. BioShock: Infinite – I haven’t played either of these games, but of the two, I’m more interested in the BioShock series. I even started the first game once, but I didn’t get far. I’ll give this one to Bioshock: Infinite.

Resident Evil 4 vs. Paper Mario – Hahahaha, the game that began Resident Evil’s descent into action up against one of my favorite RPGs? No contest. I’m certain I’m in the minority, but I’ll vote for the original Paper Mario without hesitation.

Division VIII

Metal Gear Solid vs. Splatoon – What an intriguing match-up. I haven’t played either game, but I watched Derangedband’s LP of Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. I found the story quite interesting. And while Splatoon seems bright and colorful and fun, I don’t see it having as strong as legacy as MGS did. Therefore, I think this one has to go to Metal Gear Solid.

Earthbound-yellow-submarineEarthBound vs. Borderlands 2 – When I reviewed EarthBound, I considered it a quirky and fun RPG. I haven’t actually finished Borderlands 2 sometime. Borderlands has its charm, but I say Earthbound is better… not to mention more influential.

Shadow of the Colossus vs. Team Fortress 2 – Although I haven’t played Shadow of the Colossus yet, multiplayer-only games like TF2 aren’t high on my list. For now, I’ll tentatively stand by Shadow of the Colossus.

Red Dead Redemption vs. Bayonetta 2 – What kind of contest is this? The answer is Bayonetta 2. Bayonetta 2.

Picture added for emphasis, in case you aren't sure what my vote is.

Picture added for emphasis, in case you aren’t sure what my vote is.

This puts an open-world action adventure game up against an amazing stylish action game that’s fun, funny, exciting, challenging, and the best game I played last year. Bayonetta 2 deserves to win.

Metal Gear Solid 3 vs. Mother 3 – How am I supposed to judge a match-up when one of them hasn’t been officially released in English yet? Does GameFaqs know something we don’t about Nintendo’s plans? Abstain.

Silent-Hill-can-of-lightbulbsBioshock vs. Silent Hill 2 – Maybe I’ll love BioShock when I play it, but will I love it more than my favorite survival horror game? Doubtful. And while Silent Hill 2 isn’t my personal favorite in the series, because I prefer the more cult-focused games, it is the most famous and influential.

It also taught us about cans of lightbulbs. I vote for Silent Hill 2.

Starcraft vs. Destiny – Can it get any worse for me than an RTS up against an online multiplayer game? You know, because I’m such a Halo fan, I was actually really interested in Destiny before it came out. I thought I might give it a try. From what I’ve heard, I’m glad I didn’t. On the other hand, although real-time strategy is my least favorite genre, I like Starcraft’s story. So, ironically, this isn’t a hard decision: Starcraft.

Mass Effect 2 vs. Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward – Here’s a weird one. I played Mass Effect 2. I liked Mass Effect 2. Yet I’m going to vote for Virtue’s Last Reward, a game I haven’t played. Why? Because while ME2 was fun, I didn’t enjoy it as much as the other games in the series, and everything I’ve heard about the Zero Escape series tells me I need to play it ASAP so I can fall in love with it before the third game comes out. So, cautiously and curiously, I’ll vote for Virtue’s Last Reward.

There you have it: my personal picks for Round 1 of GameFaqs’ Best. Game. Ever. competition. Will Bayonetta 2 see the credit it deserves? Does Ace Attorney stand a chance? We’ll learn soon enough.

Whether you agree or disagree with my picks, share your thoughts in the comments below. What games will you vote for?

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  160 Responses to “GameFaqs’ Best Game Ever Round 1 – My Picks”

  1. Hey, I emphasised that it’s not KoopaTV‘s choices — they’re my choices.

    Well now I know why you did this, so you can pile on so many affiliate Amazon urls. lol

    “It will probably lose, but I vote for Final Fantasy VIII.”

    Final Fantasy VIII is pretty much guaranteed to win its first round.


    That’s a compilation of the “smart money” choices throughout the contest. (And yes, poor Ace Attorney is gonna get murdered, even though everyone really likes it.)

    On one hand, I have the utmost respect for Chrono Trigger, though it’s a shame I’ll have to vote Super Smash Bros. Melee over it when the time comes.

    On the other hand, I don’t think it should have any more games in that series. And if there is, it shouldn’t really be in the same…continuity.

    • All right, I edited to reflect that they’re your choices, rather than the site’s.

      Hahaha, the idea to include affiliate links only occurred partway through writing it.

      Really? Well good, I hope FFVIII goes far! (Although not TOO far, since I consider it one of the worst of the classic Final Fantasy games.)

      Ace Attorney really got placed in bad match-ups, up against Skyrim and Symphony of the Night.

      Which series don’t you want any more games in? The Chrono series? There are only two, right?

      • Thanks Alienhard. ^.^

        Yeah, the actual contest board loves Ace Attorney but that may not go for the average site-goer.

        Yeah, no more Chrono games. There’s only two, but Chrono Cross might as well not exist. And shouldn’t exist. I was worried you were gonna affiliate-link to the SNES version of Chrono Trigger instead of the DS version but you did the smart thing.

        Request: Write an article on Undertale.

        • *facepalm*

          Ace Attorney is so great, though! It deserves to at least make it into the next round…

          Yeah, I know Chrono Cross gets a lot of criticism… yet some people must love it, for it to get on this list at all.
          When there are multiple versions, I usually link to the one I played, so I picked the DS version (plus the SNES one is crazy-expensive now). What’s wrong with the SNES version?

          My Undertale review is on hold until I play through it at least once more, possibly twice, to get the other endings.

  2. Don’t forget to vote. Stuff starts today.

  3. Persona 4 vs. 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors
    (Would probably give to Persona 4 though. As great as 999 is, it has a fault or two and Virtue’s Last Reward improves upon it greatly)

  4. I guess i am very late to the party.But your articles are great. So i wanted to but out this comment and some of my fav games and so on
    And i am glad i found someone who likes tales of symphonia as much if not even more then me. I wont say it is my favourite game , but alot of favoirute games doesnt seem to be that mainstream. For exemple persoan 3/4 , final fantasy 8-10 , mgs 3, grim fandango / days of the tentacle, fallout 2, deus ex , planescape tournment , tales of symonia , sotc, sotn and re 4. I have also begun to real love virtue last reward. Played only bit of the first ace attorny on emulator , have a 3ds now so i guess i should but it on eshop but loved it. And yes i know fallout 2 , grim fandango and days of the tenctacle wasnt on this list. Majoras mask is brilliant still if i havent finished it yet as is morrowind.

    either way i love your writing.

    How ever i have played a little of undertale and while it is good and funny. I cant see how it considered the like the best game ever. The most popular right now sure but best i dont know.

    • also portal 2 is one of my fav games same goes for silent hill 2 the only horror game i really liked. I enjoy perfect dark and goldeneye still if i played golden eye and completed it 4 months ago and from more games from the prev gen uncharted 2 , mass effect 2 and this gens witcher 3 is great , same i would say about dark souls and bloodborne.

      To bad dk wasnt on this list or banjo tooie. Kazooie is also great.

      Sry for the long post and comment.
      As i said i love your writings and comments.

    • also portal 2 is one of my fav games same goes for silent hill 2 the only horror game i really liked and kingdom hears 2. I enjoy perfect dark and goldeneye still if i played golden eye and completed it 4 months ago and from more games from the prev gen uncharted 2 , mass effect 2 and this gens witcher 3 is great , same i would say about dark souls and bloodborne.

      To bad dk wasnt on this list or banjo tooie. Kazooie is also great.

      Sry for the long post and comment.
      As i said i love your writings and articles.

      • Hey! Always nice to meet another Tales of Symphonia fan! I like a lot of games that aren’t mainstream. Some that really aren’t mainstream. For example, Hatoful Boyfriend is actually a really great game despite the absurd premise. xD

        I still haven’t gotten around to playing the Persona games or Virtue’s Last Reward, but they’re on my list of games to try in the future.

        Undertale is very funny, and the true ending makes the story shine much more than if you only do the neutral route, but I still wouldn’t call it the best game of all time. Great game? Yes. Best of all time, no.

        I’m playing Kingdom Hearts 2 right now and adoring it. I haven’t made it to Witcher 3 yet, but I’ve finally started the first Witcher game.

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these games! And I’m glad you enjoy my writing. 🙂

        • I am so sorry for a late reply. Yeah tales of symphonia with golden sun 2 ( theoretically 1 as the two first game was ment to be one big game) and ff iv is those game that really intrusded me to the rpg genre , that made me love them and story game, i prefer story lore over a lot of character development… aka the last of us, yes i find it good especially on grounde, but i hope when you get on to play it , try to play it without all the best game ,greatest ever, is a good game, but it has some pretty obvious flaws imo, where as 2/4 perhaps 5 flaws gets fixed on grounded….

          I have added hatoful boyfriend on steam wishlist ,it seems weird, but weird doesnt mean bad.

          Regarding persona and virtue , yet to complete virute myself , now the sequl to that has come out too, but virute is great. But persona 4 , on most days is probably my fav game ever… played it almost trough twice, i am 10 min from finishing my second playtrough =140 hrs accros both playtrough, i tried to finish with the secret dungeon , but i failed…. haha.. doesnt matter gonna play it for a third time. Persona 3 fes is also damn good, and sometimes i actually love it more then golden, but only sometimes, a) it harder, b) the story is arguably darker and c) for some really weird reason i really like mitsuru and aigis. but again persona 4 golden has a little better dungeon system, better overall characters and villain and so on, wont spoil but both games highly recommended.

          i will get on to try to finish undertale eventually , but good to hear a undertale fan at least that admit that is not a god of a game if you know what i mean… with that said undertale fans overall arent that bad, some of the worst fanbase out there are the last of us and cod..

          ah kingdom hearts 2 , yeah brilliant game on my top 10, how the hell did i forgot that game …but again kh2 is well mainstream or ? anyway i really fun game, i loved it far more then the first one.

          i see ,i too tryed to finish the witcher 1 and 2 before 3, i gave up… i eventually just read up major plotlines you have to knew or should knew before starting witcher 3.. i will try to finish the two first eventually ,but the first on , oh man it is a little too repetive.

          Witcher 3 is again amazing over 200 hrs on it i guess 300 hrs, but i cant really find out,plays on ps4… but expansion pack is suprisngly i heard awesome, i have them too, but i have a huge backlog of games too play, like the dmc games, half life 2 , bg 1-2 and so on.

          Regarding some other favourite games i just completed suikoden 2… suikoden 1 is highly recommned to play first , but if love rpg suikoden 2 is damn near perfect, i didnt thought it was possible to be persona 4 golden witch again is my favourite game on most days but suikoden 2 is brilliantly good. Also max payne 2 is brilliant and i finished morrowind , that is how you do a open world rpg… yes it has some stupid bugs but fine is one hell of game still.

          So i take it that you dont really like resident evil 4? because i love it.

          I also try to finish tales of symphonia for a second time now, i am at the last boss, the game keeps reminding me that a game i played 10-12 years ago , can still be one of my favourite games…

          Sorry for the double / triple post and this long comment. I have to make a favourite out of your articles. And yeah i know is wrong to say that deus ex, ff 8-10 and metal gear solid 3 arent mainstream, cuz if i get the word right they are?

          Ever played the longest journey? yes i am from norway…

          • no problem, about sharing my games, good to hear someone who reads my suggestion or games i loved. Also i am looking forward to skyrim remastered simply because i know there is ne good rpg coming on ps4 this year, yeah i loved it one of my fav last gen , cant for hell god know how i forgot it. Also kotor is fantastic.
            Yes i played , probably to many games

          • No worries about the late reply and long comment. 🙂

            I have Golden Sun but haven’t played it… same with Final Fantasy IV. I started FFIV on the PC and enjoyed it, but then I took a break and never went back to it. I should, although I might get the version on PSN instead.

            The thing about Hatoful Boyfriend is it won’t be what you expect. Even when you think you understand it, the true route will happen and it still won’t be what you expect, hahaha. (It is a weird game, though.)

            All this time has passed and Persona & Zero Escape are still series I haven’t played. xD

            Is Kingdom Hearts considered mainstream? I feel like a lot of the mainstream considers it too weird. I’ve gotten further in the series now, and Birth By Sleep became my favorite. 😀

            How far did you get in the first Witcher before quitting? The beginning went really slowly for me, but once I got into the next chapter (and out of the swamp!) it was much better. Also, if you haven’t read them, read the Witcher novels. They’re fantastic and should give you a great appreciation for the world and characters. One of the things I enjoyed the most about the first game was catching all the little references to the books.

            I finally started playing Suikoden 1! I got 1 & 2 from a sale, so I decided to start from the beginning. I like it so far.

            Nope, I’m not a big RE4 fan. I like the classic Resident Evil games… and I’m intrigued by where RE7 is going!

            Sometimes I’m not even sure what’s mainstream and what isn’t.

            I’ve never played The Longest Journey, but it’s on my list to eventually get.

            I’m not a big fan of games like Skyrim, though.

            • If you have golden sun, i hope you have both 1 and 2, cuz i recomend you to finish and play both, i started with two and that isnt actually that good. You will get far more out of the ending in golden sun 2 if you do…. wont spoil more then i feel it was very sad.

              Hatoful Boyfriend well it still sounds like a small/long i dunno, it sound like a weird game i at least have to give a shot.

              To bad you havent played planescape torment. Fantastic rpg.

              Yeah you probably right that kingdom hearts arent mainstream, what is really ? is tlou mainstream for example is cod? i have no clue anymore what hat word is , even casual ,eve nostalgia seems to get chnaged a lot these days even fanboy/girl .

              As you havent played zero escape or persona yet i assumt your backlog is huge?

              Well on witcher i got to the part where you can go freely in the city ,after clearing out the sewers. No i havent the novels, but ppl keep saying their good , and now you say it , so yeah perhaps i should start read something again ,thanks fr the tip i might do just that.
              or i probably will.

              I hope you will enjoy suikoden , they are pretty great, suikoden 2 has 2 damn great villains.

              i see about re 4, i like it , i think the first re game i played was re 5 , then 4 , then 6 , i hold 4 and 2 very hig.

              Wont talk about skyrim or morrowind then.

              got on to play tlou yet?

              i kind of wish or i wish the game community was more nice, less bitchy , less hostile and so on, some game fans are just so bad, tlou fans for example not very good.

              i talked to someone and i agreed with him there would probably never be a best game ever , perhaps for its genre , i dont have anything against ppl who say is the best game they played… but best game ever really.. i mean ppl who claim something is the best game ever played , especialyl those who claim tlou is, i can get some but not everyone, i wonder how many of them has really played snes, nes ps1, ps2 classics and so on.

              • Ps i really have to play undertale soon , beside those 30 mins i have played so far.I really liked earthbound so.

                • If I enjoy Golden Sun, then I’ll get Golden Sun 2. 🙂

                  Here’s my review of Hatoful Boyfriend, where I try to explain in more detail how a game with such a ridiculous premise is actually enjoyable: http://www.samanthalienhard.com/2014/09/hatoful-boyfriend-unexpected-delight.html

                  Also, if you have any interest in visual novels (and want something more serious), get Steins;Gate. It’s fantastic!

                  Is Planescape: Torment open world? I tried to find out and couldn’t get a solid answer.

                  My backlog is ridiculous. How Long to Beat helpfully informs me that it would take over 8000 hours to beat every game currently in my backlog (not counting those I haven’t bought yet, like the Zero Escape and Persona games).

                  If you just got out of the sewers in the Witcher, then that’s still early on. It should be the chapter I disliked. After that, things got much better!

                  The games are sequels to the novels, so if you want the fullest understanding of the story, it’s good to read them. The Witcher 3 especially draws more on the material from the novels, so you’ll have a better feeling for Yennefer, Ciri, the Wild Hunt, etc.

                  I haven’t gotten to play much Suikoden, but I like it so far.

                  Did you ever try the classic Resident Evil games after that?

                  Nope, I still haven’t played TLoU either. XDD

                  Oh yeah, some fandoms can get pretty hostile.

                  I thought the comparisons between Earthbound and Undertale were exaggerated by fans, but I recommend Undertale regardless.

                  • oh btw yeah birth by sleeps i a kingdom hearts game i really need to play, i have only played kh1 and 2 ,10 mins of chain of memories.

                    thx for the link of the review i will be sure to read it.

                    Steins gate ah year i heard about that, yeah that sound intersting, i ahve ntohing agianst virtual novels, i really enjoyd 999 and virtue last reward or phonix wright. Steins gate is it best to get in on pc or vita or doesnt it matter really?

                    Why did you have to ask so hard question about planescape torment … well no it isnt really open world, but itsnt really non linear either …I think the best way to explain it is you have a lot of areas to explore, find quest and so on. Lets just say have a lot of hubs that you can travel between during most of your journey. on some times in your quest you forced in a more closed location… but mainly you have a lot of hubs that are connected to each other.

                    8000 hrs omg ,333 days that is damn much , and you can include 80 + hrs in persona 4 , 120 or so in persona 3….
                    So far i have completed 21 games this year.

                    i have 7hrs so far on witcher 1, probably been a little slow, i will probably revisit later. Is cool that witcher takes place after the books. I might take a look at the novels eventually , thanks for the tip. Anyway yeah witcher 3 has some very good characters in triss, yen and ciri , pluss dandelion , roche and zoltan.

                    i played re zero on wii, i have the first one also on wii + the whole collection psn execpt revolution 2. I liked revolution 1. I played alot of the classics re games after re 4. I think re 2 is very good. I really enjoy code veronica x, still one of the harder games i have played. I really like zero. Reveloution was ok. I think re 2 was great, i am waiting for the hd remaster , i played trough leon campaign a and thought it was very good, just that the combo of somewhat clunky gameplay and old graphic make it hard to really enjoy however a facelift or whatever the call it will probably make me enjoy it a whole lot more, then we have nemesis witch i am the part where i am about to leave the train, i hate that sewer boss, so hard with those controls… but nemisis is also good and it actually has replay value… for some reason i have only played 10-15 mins fof re 1 with some friend ,but is in my backlog with zero, code veronica and nemisis.

                    I see about tlou, well try to ignore all the hype, the best and so on and you will have one very good game, however i still have a feeling that a lot of ppl who it as the favourite game ,hasnt played that many nes/snes/ps1/ps2 or pc classics… there is a lot of classics i need to play like shenmue, chrono cross, finish chrono trigger ,earthbound, and start mother 3 , beside the first 2 mins.

                    i see about undertale and earthbound i still need to get on to play it. it seems like a very intersting game.

                    dont wanna sound like a dick or something but ppl really need to accept other ppl opinion and accept that even tough they have a best game ever or favourite, i prefer favourite… .it doesnt mean they are in the majority.

                    Thanks so far for the friendly discussion, i hope my english arent that bad.

                    • Do you have a PS3? The Kingdom Hearts Remixes released for the PS3 are the best way to catch up on the series right now!

                      The PS3 and Vita versions of Steins;Gate use a newer translation than the PC version, but otherwise it doesn’t matter.

                      Hmm, are there any games you’d compare Planescape Torment’s world structure to?

                      My goal is to complete 30 games this year. That’s what my little progress bar at the top of the site is about.

                      Most of those Witcher characters are from the novels. 😀

                      Resident Evil 2 is one of my favorites. I’m looking forward to the remake, and I hope it does it justice. The remake of the original Resident Evil is fantastic!

                      Haha, yeah, a lot of people do seem to have trouble accepting that other people like or dislike different things than they do.

                      No worries about your English, I understand it fine. 🙂

                    • yeah i have ps3, well i had two actually i sold one of the with bucks for a 3ds.

                      i have both kh 1.5 hd edition ( limited) and 2.5 hd…. the thing is i never had a ps2 or ps1 so i am cathing up a lot of old games thanks to psn… anyway i been think about playing bbs as heard is awesome, just never on to it. Finished kh 1 and kh 2 tough. Square know how to do opening , and the ending of kh 2, the feels.
                      i have a little ,what to say when ppl say tlou ending is sad, or left the empty or the game was emotinal i just say try to play 220 hrs + 50 hrs (n emulator) of ff x hd before you do the last boss, that is sad or 80 hrs on persona 4 and 120 hrs on ps3 and have to say goodbye to the characters that feels, not say tlou has it but damn that is just feels. Sorry for that

                      Ah i all right then , if the ps3 or vita version of steins gate use a newer transelation i will probably use the the vita version.. thanks for the suggestion.

                      Regarding planescape torment… is tough one, i dont know any game you really can direclty compare it to but in some extent perhaps mass effect?…. Take citadel for example.. in planescape tornment you got different zone you can walk into, with diferent building and so on…
                      Here is the world map found on google https://www.google.se/search?q=planescape+torment+world+structure&espv=2&biw=1920&bih=949&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjp0PDm2qzOAhXM2SwKHZAOBRAQ_AUIBigB#tbm=isch&q=planescape+torment+world+map&imgrc=sLnXkXSZJ7g1CM%3A

                      The hive is usually were you are , but during the story and depending on side quest you will probably visit all places, planescape torment was a game i eventually had to take paper and pencil and write down keystuff just ot remmeber it.

                      As said the best way i can explain it so far is a huge citadel. with different section, but in planescape torment you dont have to backtrack to get back to the start of the section… in planescape torment you can say is a big circle of locations, with some location spread a little out depending on the main quest..

                      I was wondering what this progress bar was about ….have you selected out 30 games from you backlog? because i assume you have more ? If i take the bar right you finished around 20 games, witch is great because some of the game i finished has been 8 hrs ln , or gamesi started like heavy rain, didnt finish it off until 4 days ago and i have had it for 4 years..

                      what games have you completed so far?

                      i see, perhaps i really should think about reading the witcher books then
                      yeah i am to looking forward to re 2 remake, re 2 is real survival horror done right. Yeah i heard the remaster was very well done… still i dont know if is worth it if i have the wii versions, most so far seem to say no.

                      i also think the problem when ppl cant accept other opinons is there always think they are in majority, ofc sometimes they might be ,but most often or not in my discussion it seems the opposite… after what i gater most ppl prefer for rather rdr over tlou…. but either way we have to learn to be less toxic and accept more opinions and so on.

                      Thanks for the discussion

                      i will see if i come up with a better way to explain planescape torment.

                      have you ever played chrono cross or xenogears`?

      • (The comment chain got too long, so I’m replying out here.)

        Good! If you have 1.5 and 2.5, then you’ll be able to catch up on the series before 2.8 comes out. And yes, Birth By Sleep is really fantastic. 😀

        Sounds good. I played the Vita version on Steins;Gate.

        Ah, thanks for the map and the Mass Effect comparison! That helps. See, I’m generally not a big fan of open worlds, but I love games with a semi-linear style that have larger areas open up as you play.

        I didn’t select 30 games in advance, but I decided 30 would be a good mark to strive for to put a dent in my backlog. (Although of course, I get new games during the year, too, so my backlog still hasn’t decreased as much as it should.)

        So far this year, I’ve completed:
        Dragon Quest
        Yo-Kai Watch
        Super Mario RPG
        Tales of Zestiria
        Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet
        Xenoblade Chronicles X
        Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
        Jesus Christ RPG (yes, seriously, I played it)
        Samorost 3
        Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
        Ratchet & Clank (the first one, not the remake)
        Kathy Rain
        Detective Hunt – Crownston City PD
        Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix
        The Witcher
        Shrouded In Sanity
        Uncharted 2
        Rhythm Thief
        I Am Setsuna

        I can’t recommend the Witcher novels enough. 😀 Remember, they came first and the games were based on them!

        Oh, if you have the Wii version of the Resident Evil remake, that’s good enough. Its remaster is pretty much identical, just with a few changes and an alternate control option.

        Unfortunately I haven’t played Chrono Cross or Xenogears yet, but Xenogears is yet another one in my backlog, haha!

        • yeah the comment section got huge. Well 2.8 hd , well i have to hurry if iam going to reach that, i mean i need to finish bbs, chain of memories and re coded ( watch the scenes) but i heard that chain of memories arent really needed, but birht by sleep is really suggested. Dreap drop distrance seems like a great game tough.

          I am personally so – so with open world… i like witcher 3 , fallout 2 ( if you can cosidered that open world) , fallout 3 and new vegas + skyrim… i am ok with open world not the biggest fan , but i see you point… Mass effect , with the map was really the best expalnation i could give. If you end up trying planescape… bear in mind that the first area can feel a little slow… is also a game you can almost talk you way trough the whole game if you want too.

          I see , so you like me you sett a mark of many games you want to complete from you backlog then you complete them. What did you think about uncharted 2, i completed it four times and thought it was awesome ? Hows i am Setsuna, tales of zestiria ? Super mario rpg , omg i game i heard is pretty damn awesome same with paper mario. Dragon quest as in the first one? i never played a dragon quest… this year will be my first tough with dq 7 and 8 on the 3ds… i have seen dq 8 intro on emulator tough… for a weird reason that was whati managed too do.

          xenoblade chronicles x is pretty good. Is a game i can only play in small dozes…

          i see about the resident evil. Well i wont buy the remaster then, i will buy re 2 remaster or i hope they do a re zero, re 1 , and re 2 pack together.

          Neither played chrono cross or xenogears myself , i just heard they awesome, i might have to play them on emulator unless sony or whoever owns the right get in on psn europe.

          • PS: in case you wonder games i finished this year
            – Max payne 1 PC
            – Half life 1 , yeah i know…. PC
            – Alan wake – PC
            – Portal 1 PC
            – Portal 2 PC
            – Jounrey- PS3
            – Max payne 2 the fall of max payne

            all these games within 3 weeks
            -Spec ops: The line
            – Pokemon Y ( wouldnt bought pokemon unless i got my 3ds from my friend with atrade of from my old ps3)
            – Pokemon omega ruby ( only finished first league and not the rematch tough)
            – Fallout 2 – pc
            – The elder scorlls iii Morrowind – pc
            – Star wars knight of the old republic – pc
            – No one lives forever : the operative – pc ( admit not legally tough)
            -Uncharted 4 A Thief ends PS4
            – Fire emblem fates: Birthright 3ds ( still on last chapter on awekning)
            – God of war chain of olympus Ps3( started with it last year tough)
            – Suikoden ps vita / psn
            – Suikoden 2 ps vita / psn
            – South park stick of truth ps3 ( had it since relase , didnt start with it until 2 weeks ago
            – Heavy rain had for four years, i have probably said that.

            Would you count expansion pack towards finished games?

          • To break them all down:
            1.5 has KH, Chain of Memories, and 358/2 Days cutscenes
            2.5 has KH2, Birth By Sleep, and Re:coded cutscenes
            2.8 will have Dream Drop Distance, Birth By Sleep 0.2 – A Fragmentary Passage (which is all-new), and χ Back Cover (a cinematic movie covering a different side of the events shown in the mobile game Unchained χ)

            If you already played KH2 and it made sense, it might not be as necessary to play Chain of Memories. I was happy I played CoM because I went into KH2 already knowing about characters like Namine and DiZ.

            Birth By Sleep is definitely recommended. It’s a critical part of the story. 😀

            I’ll probably give Planescape a try someday. 🙂

            I enjoyed Uncharted 2. I didn’t like the first Uncharted, but I’m happy I gave Uncharted 2 a chance.

            I Am Setsuna was decent, but I feel like it should have been longer. Its story felt a little rushed and unfinished near the end, which was disappointing.

            Tales of Zestiria… well… to give you an idea, my review is titled “What Went Wrong?” http://www.samanthalienhard.com/2016/03/tales-zestiria-went-wrong.html

            I enjoyed Super Mario RPG, and the original Paper Mario games are among my favorites ever. 😀 Dragon Quest, yes, it was the original, although I played the iOS port.

            I loved Xenoblade Chronicles X, one of the rare open world games I really really love.

            They made a pack of RE0/RE1 remastered, so maybe the will add RE2 when it comes out. Then again, since RE2 is going to be a full remake, maybe not.

            Oh, what did you think of Alan Wake and the Portal games? They’re all favorites of mine.

            Hmm, I’m not sure if I’d count expansion packs or not. Maybe it would depend on how long they are.

            • i see. I knew a little bit about namine before i played kh 2. But i see you point, i would probably knew diz and namine more if i watched chain of memories. I might give chain of memories a go just for the sake of it. But i will play bbs… to play at Aqua , Terra and Venus seems so cool.

              2.8 hd sounds intersting, hopefully they even decide to pull a ff x and get kh 1 and 2 also on the ps4.

              Anyway bbs is in my backlog thats for sure, i been close multiple times to start it perhaps i will do just that next monday… will be to busy this weekend i think or perhaps next weekend. I might even decide to just say , perhaps is better to finish of games first and not start a lot of games…

              Good that you enjoyed u2. That ending , you know the first time i watched it was sure Elena was going to die.

              Might skip i am setsuna then, i also heard someone who felt the story was unorignal and unifinished… so i might let that one pass.

              Thanks for the review, i will read, i saw you mentioned xillia. I just got xillia 1 and 2 in a dual pack for around 25 euors or so equal to 220 norwegian coins in my case..

              Isnt both super mario rpg and paper mario on eshop?
              Wow the orginal dragon quest, that cant be easy ,isnt that how long ago 30 years?

              mhm have you played the orginal xenoblade chronicles? nice that you loved x. Is there any other open world games you enjoy ?

              I though Alan wake was good. I felt it was long enough . The story kept you on toes , liked the music and the characters i thought it was good. I dont know where i would put it top 50 perhaps, i dunno it was good , it as fun , it felt like a survival game.

              When it comes to portal. I liked both. I thought poral 1 was a little to short , but still a 10/10 , portal 2 , well what can i say probably my favourite platformer ever, unless we count banjo kazooie , or tooie or prince of persia two thrnes, yeah i am one of the few who prefer two thrones. But portal 2 is probably on a certain day my favourite game, at least on my top 10 if we count one game per franchice, i loved that game… it had charm, it was creative, it had humor, i liked the voice acting and the ending theme fantastic, that goes for both of them. Yeah portal 2 was utterly fantastic, one of the few games i played after they got released that i felt really lived up to its hype at least when it comes to new games… There has been a lot of old games, or hd remakes that i felt has left up to its ratings. All those three games was imo very good, but portal 2 is absoloutly one of my favourite and good thing is that it seems to be high on a lot of vs list.

              Yeah i see. Well the thing is would you count heart or stone? blood and wine? or starcraft heart of swarm?

              • Gameplay in Chain of Memories is… interesting. I didn’t enjoy the combat system. The story was good, though!

                Yeah, playing as Aqua, Terra, and Ventus was great… plus I just loved watching Master Xehanort’s machinations in Birth By Sleep, hahaha.

                People have asked Square Enix about putting 1.5 and 2.5 on the PS4, but so far they’ve said no.

                I’ve gotten better about finishing games before I start new ones. I used to have a ton of partially-started games.

                Since I got into the Uncharted series so late, I knew Elena appeared in later games, so I wasn’t as worried there as I might have been otherwise.

                I reviewed I Am Setsuna as a freelance writer and gave it as a 4/5. It had some great stuff and a lot of potential, but I just wish they expanded it to make the story stronger.

                Xillia was my first Tales game and I liked it a lot. 🙂

                Yeah, Super Mario RPG and the first Paper Mario are both on the eShop.

                Dragon Quest is really old, yeah, haha. I liked it much more than I expected to, though. I usually have trouble get into really old games like that, but I enjoyed it.

                Yep, I played the original Xenoblade Chronicles and liked it a lot, too.
                As for open world games, I enjoyed Batman: Arkham City, but not as much as if it had been structured more like Arkham Asylum.

                Alan Wake was great. I hope they make a real sequel for it sometime.

                Yeah, Portal 2 is fantastic. 😀

                Hmm… Heart of the Swarm feels more like a sequel, so I’d count that. Don’t Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine take place during the game? Then I think I wouldn’t consider them separately. I’m not sure. xD

                • ah ventus, sorry. thanks. People are speculating about what character will most likely die in kh 3 i just hope is not a character i like, because they have habit of dieing.

                  I didn`t know that squre have so far said no. I have a feeling they wil be on ps4 eventually as ff x/x2 , i am probably one of the few wh really liked ff 8 -10 and cant decide a favourite… most days i lean towards ff 8. Anyway i heard square are looking to remaster a lot of they classics, a remaster of chrono trigger of ff vi would probably be awesome.

                  “I’ve gotten better about finishing games before I start new ones. I used to have a ton of partially-started games” yeah i have to be a little more better at this.

                  Yeah i see about Elena… Have you played u3 or u4 or both? in case you have what did you think about them? Well u2 was my first game in the series and is one of the few games in last 5-6 or so years that i have completed 4 times.

                  Yeah i see, well i am setsuna isnt one my priorty list yet , deus ex mankind divided is soon coming out and we will see how no man sky and ff xv turns out.

                  I will hope my second tales game turn out to be good, i have friend who assumed most tales games were basically the same games just re changed something.

                  Well i have something to buy on eshop soon. I love good rpgs, and they two super mario rpg and paper mario on both n64 and gamecube is i heard very good and you say they good so that basically also confirms it that most ppl really like thos game.

                  Hehe ood that you enjoyed dragon quest 1 . I will buy the 3ds once and perhaps some of ds once , as ds games works on 3ds. Dragon quest 8 is after what i gather very good.

                  Mhm i might buy the orignal xenoblade as most seem to still prefer the orginal… i wish the spirtual games or prequel or whatever xenosaga and gears yet on psn or hd or anything.

                  I have no clue wheter i am in a minority or not but i guess is close to 50/50 when it comes to arkham asylum vs city… i prefer city… asylum is also good and knight .. eh it felt weird… the story there to has the problem off being too predictable. I know is hard to ignore tropes and so on these days ,but i still possible to try to be a little more creative towards the story… same i had with tlou ,but each to they own i say.

                  Great to find someone else who like portal 2. My friends who have played it to really liked it.

                  You any fan of starcraft or do you like them / and or warcraft? i have the whole starcraft 2 trilogy but i started with heart of swarm i dunno why, but it has some of the best 12 hrs i had in my life, it was so fun.

                  Heart of stone takes place during the story… blood and wine takes place after the ending i heard, yes you can play it before and you get some changes in dialogue , but as is geralt last contract, it is chronologly after what i gather , it takes place after the ending

                  Played some witcher 3 today , the game is still damn good imo. How was it have you started witcher 3 or didnt you get that far?

                  • i am not to sure about blood and wine, it seems to be some confusion , it seems take it takes place during or after the ending , ofc you can start it early, but ppl seem to think it takes place probably right after the ending.

                  • I’m doomed in that regard, because my favorite Kingdom Hearts characters are almost all villains, so their chances of surviving Kingdom Hearts 3 are slim. xD

                    I’m iffy on Final Fantasy 8 and 10, but Final Fantasy 9 is one of my favorites.

                    I haven’t played Uncharted 3 or 4 yet.

                    I think Tales games tend to follow some similar patterns and themes, so if you play a lot all at once they can start to seem similar.

                    Oh yes, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year door is also great! And I actually really like Super Paper Mario on the Wii, too, even though it’s different from the others.

                    Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of great things about Dragon Quest 8, especially its 3DS remake!

                    The original Xenoblade is very different from Xenoblade Chronicles X. The original is much more story-driven and focused. Xenogears is on PSN (here, at least), but Xenosaga isn’t.

                    I haven’t played Arkham Knight yet, but I probably should try it soon.

                    I don’t like the real-time strategy genre, so I watched a friend play the Starcraft games. I like their stories.

                    Nope, I haven’t started Witcher 3 yet. I’ve read all the novels and played the first game. I’ll play Witcher 2 before moving on to 3.

                    • ah yeah well you are in extent as me then, i also usally in most games enjoy the villains more some exeptaitons like in the ff series or persona or fire emblem or suikoden plus some more ,but i get you.

                      What does iffy mean really? unsure, you dont hate them ,but dont love them either… you think they good?

                      mhm i see well each to they own i supposed i am again one of the few who enjoyed bth viii, ix and x , very much same with iv. Tried xii ? i played 20 hrs of xii and thougt it was awesom … if you havent tryed xii… is a ltitle like dragon age origins.

                      Mhm you have something to look forward to then with u3 and u4… great games… well they fun. Still i am not sure if they worth of 10/10 , perhaps u4 , but again u4 as many say doesnt perhaps do enough new things. Well that can be said with many games these days… But all in all what i can say is that i had a lot of fun with u4 , again the last time i really enjoyed i game that much was witcher 3 or lis or perhaps bloodborne but before then we to g back to 2012 or something with dishnored, the thing is u4 was a lot of fun.

                      Yeah i guess that true about tales they follow the same pattern, but arent sequel sort should they sort of do that?

                      With those paper mario games my backlog has just gotten huger.

                      That i havent heard, i heard dq 8 would gome on 3ds, but i havet heard that the remakes seems to be great.

                      Hmm i prefer story driven games in rpg, that is the only genre i can forgive bad gameplay… in anything else any genre what so ever , i prefer better gameplay over story focus or character focus witch a lot of games seem to be heading, i feel games has gone from gamelay first and fore most then story , to character driven experinces with a majority of developers focus first on beautiful graphics.

                      Well arkham knight , the only thing i can say try to get it for less then 30 euros or usd , anymore then that , and i feel is not worth it, if you going to play it at least try to ignore the hype.

                      I see, well rts is a weird genre i like warcraft 3 incl frozen throne, i like red alert 2 , company of heroes ( was to say it was turn based but ,is more a squad based real time straegy game) and starcraft heart of swarm, but i have probably played more rts that i dislike to i like. I thought warhammer 40 k was good tough, but turn based strategy games like xcom enemy unknown, the orginal terror from the deep and xcom ufo defence is on my backlog, i love the fire emblem games, after awekning or after 140 hrs of awekning and not finished it , i just you know what i consider me a small fan of that series, top notch games, well shadow dragon is bad unless is you first game in the series.

                      thanks, sorry if you repeated yourself or i did about witcher 3. Yeah witcher 2 has more with witcher 3 then witcher 1 does i heard , so your in for a treat i hope, witcher 3 is still imo a damn well done open world, due to a lot of intersting side quest , and main quest w feels. if that makes sense… nn talk to you tommorow … PS: i though you almost had ignored me, i hope is still ok we post too each other?

          • The Kingdom Hearts villains are great! …A little confusing, but great! xD

            Yeah, I like both Final Fantasy 8 and 10, but I wouldn’t consider them favorites. There are things about them I dislike, but I still enjoyed the games overall.

            I have 12 but I haven’t played it yet. With the new version coming out now, I’m unsure if I should play the original or get that.

            I’m looking forward to trying Uncharted 3 and 4 since I enjoyed 2. 🙂

            Hmm… I haven’t played enough Tales yet to see how they really compare to one another, although Xillia definitely has some aspects that are similar to Symphonia.

            Overall, I like story-driven games the most. Graphics are my least concern out of everything.

            I actually have Arkham Knight already because I replaced the graphics card in my computer during a special promotion where the card I wanted came with copies of Arkham Knight and Witcher 3. Unfortunately this means I have the PC version of Arkham Knight, but I think they worked out most of its issues finally.

            I’ve never played much Fire Emblem either. I like turn-based strategy better than real-time, but it’s still not a favorite genre of mine.

            All is well. 🙂 Sometimes it might take me a little longer than other times to reply, but I’ll always reply.

            • Is all right i am, a little inpatient sometimes. Might i ask do you earn money on your reviews or do you just do it for fun as i do sometimes… every game i finish on steam get reviewed. Anyway very nice of you to reply:)

              Yeah i agree the kingdom hearts villains are great, is it something square can it is villains.

              I see about ff 8 amd 10. different tastes , different opions and so on, non of the games is perfect ,well what game really is tough?

              I think you should wait til the new version ff xii, as it is the internatial version with extra content , i played 20 hrs on emualtor ,then ps3 got hd remaked, i said why i am i playong an emulator, surely square will remake this game.

              We will se how you handle uncharted 3 , a lot of ppl dont like it , and a lot do. I liked it, is a great game , but yeah some wrong i dare to say. U4 was just brilliant imo.

              I will probably enjoy tales of xillia then.

              Yeah, i dont care about graphics either. Do you prefer story driven as in plot driven or more character driven? I value probably freedom most in games either that or, at least i prefer non linear over linear ,and i value replay value and the option for challenge… i mean hard these days feel likes freaking normal. but unless there is rpg i value good gameplay most. Rpg story/plot , i have no clue anymore what is the difference.

              Yeah i really hope they fixed the arkham knight version by now, damn that and mortal kombat was a damn mess.

              The thing about fire emblem is that is a combo of rpg and strategy, but iget you point, fire emblem 7 well i tryed to beat it on hector hard mode , witch is basically very hard, as eliwood hard mode is hard… On hectors hard mode i got to chapter 25 or so and i had lost to many good units and had to restart all the chapters again, i had one save for each playtrough i did up to a maximum of 3, i tought i used 20 hrs per playtrough as that was the timer, the timer dont count game over ,so when i played awekning it turned out before even the last chapter i had 140 hrs, i knew that on fire emblem 7 witch i completed around 7 times, yeah i know, a lot, the only game i think i finished more then 4times. There are some games i finished 3 and perhaps even 4 times like medal of honor rising sun…. but i decided i cant multiple 7 with 20 ,it has to at least 50 times 7 so a total of 350 hrs or something… Anyway it a genre that you either love or hate.

              • I don’t get directly paid for any of the reviews here on my blog except a handful of mobile reviews I marked as paid, although I do use Amazon affiliate links and earn money if people follow the links to buy products.

                However, I write reviews for sites like MonsterVine as a freelancer.

                What do you think Final Fantasy XV’s villain will be like? Tabata claimed he’ll top every other Final Fantasy villain, which is a bold claim to make.

                I’ve heard people say the original Final Fantasy XII and this one are very different in some ways, and I saw a lot of debates about which is the better version. Some people seem to prefer the original’s system, while others say the international version is superior.

                Since I disliked the first Uncharted, it’ll be interesting to see what I think of 3…

                Hmm… I think I like plot/story-driven games the best, but if the characters aren’t good, I won’t enjoy the stories as much. And if a story isn’t too great, but I really love the characters, that’s sometimes enough.

                Wow, sounds like you really like the genre!

                • i see, i might take a look at monsterVine then ,thanks for reply.

                  Ff xv , you mean this guy Ardyn Izunia, had to search him up, they will really have to do sme magic to make a better villain then sephiroth/jenova/kefka. Yeah thats a bold statement , ofc i am ready for a suprise tough.

                  I dunno after what i gather those who have played both seems to prefer ff xii internation version more ,but i dunno , you might have done more reasarch then me so perhaps is 50/50 at least that wasnt the case in ff x.

                  Yeah i hope you enjoy u3. I enjoyed it ,but again …. it feels a little different then u2.

                  Yeah i see, yeah i prefer story driven too, over character driven, i want both really , i can accept a good character driven game if the plot isnt that good , if the games doesnt rely( spelled that right) on to much tropes and cliche. Then characters is enough, in an rpg however i prefer at least both.

                  Yeah i guess, but fire emblem is mainly the only rpg / strategy game sereis i so far really like, i have tried disage but so far is ok, i want to try the brilliant ff tactics / war of the lions… But yeah i probably prefer turn based strategy overall over rts, and xcom enemy unknown was fun.

                  Sorry for late reply

                  • Here’s my latest MonsterVine review, of I Am Setsuna: http://monstervine.com/2016/08/i-am-setsuna-review/

                    Oh, you think Ardyn will be the main villain? I’m not sure yet, although he definitely has potential.

                    I’ll make up my mind eventually about which version of FFXII to play. 🙂

                    What makes Uncharted 3 feel different?

                    I think I’d name Tales of Xillia as an example where the story itself didn’t do much for me (not that it was bad, though), but the characters were so great I still loved the game.

                    No worries about the late reply. My replies sometimes take a while too.

                    • thans for link will be sure to read it ,might not be able to answer you most of tommorow or wedensday…

                      I have no clue really, i just cheked up the villains , for the first time since it was called final fantasy 13 versus…. if i even checked up the villains then beside the trailers..

                      I see , have you actually played dragon origins in that case?

                      Well uncharted 3 is a weird game, i have only completed it twice, only… well u2 i completed 4 times so i guess is only , the thing is felt to gunplay was a little weird/ different, i sort of agree a little with people who say that uncharted 2 had by far better chaper trancition.. i dont think u3 is as bad as they say , but i can get it, And is very much more character driven in that the main portion of the game is only nate and Sully. Perhaps i felt the action also flew better in u2.

                      I see, well in rpg you need lovable characters, well you sort do in every game , but if you the party cast isnt likeable then there is someting wrong…so is good for once to play a rpg where the characters is good and with ok story, i dunno , i mean i i feel most rpg is more story driven…. then character driven, i really wish ppl would user character driven and not story driven about thing ….. if you know what i mean? So have nothing against a character driven journey for once.

                      I was trying to buy steins gate , just another to bad, the games shop arent here are so damn limited ,even the web shops is sort of limited

    • The comment chain got too long for replies again.

      A few possible villains have been shown for FFXV so far. I blogged about some of them here: http://www.samanthalienhard.com/2016/02/final-fantasy-xvs-villains-look-pretty-cool.html
      Meanwhile, I don’t know what role Ravus will play, but he certainly looks like he could be a villain.

      Yeah, I enjoyed Dragon Age Origins a lot! It’s probably my favorite of the three Dragon Age games.

      Hmm, I see. Well, I have nothing against it being more character-driven. The gunplay could be a problem, since that was the main thing I disliked about the first Uncharted game.

      Right, some genres can get away without lovable characters if they’re more gameplay-driven. Survival horror, for example, is one of the genres I love where the gameplay is more important. When I played Alien: Isolation, it was interesting to learn more about the characters and story, but I was mainly concerned with exploring the station and escaping alive.

      Whereas RPGs are usually more about their stories and characters. (I know there are some people who play RPGs for their gameplay, especially Tales, but I’m not one of them.)

      One thing I can praise Tales of Zestiria for is that it had some really fun character interactions.

      Aw, yeah, since Steins;Gate is so niche, it might be hard to find…

      • i will look trough that article, i put it as fav same with i am setsuna review so i can read them in a two days time, i am going to bed soon .. so will respond to you tommorow if i can. But i remember her Aranea Highwind actually. What abut this guy Verstael? Yeah i wonder that too , i feel if Ravus turns out to be a villain it , will sort what to say , very quilky be a trope if you know what i mean.. / preditable

        Orgiins was my favourite too, it used inspiration from ff xii in its gameplay system. I put in around 200 hrs on that game so good, so underpraised/rated or whatever, great, great game. For some reason i completed dragon age 2 , three times, yeaht it was nowhere near as good and had so many flaws, but i found the gameplay fun, and the companions great especially merill and Varric.

        The gunplay is better then u1, but it felt a little odd , when i played it the last time if i recall it correctly. Again i am so, so about character driven games it depends ,huge on how the handle it, and if i like the characters or not… normally is great, but i also like any game to have a plot that cant be summed up with 6-8 simple words almost.

        Yeah i agree , especially games like DMC, God of war and so on. Yeah i agree with that to survial horror need gameplay first and foremost that remind me ever played silent hill 2? or have i asked you that all ready or even fear 2? i never played fear 1, but fear 2 , fuck that game. Alien isolaton , hmm thats i game i might think about piciking up. Same with dead space, i borrowed it from a friend and was to scared to play it more then 2hrs… wasnt really used to gameplay system and gave up to early…

        I agree i too play pg mostly for story… i mean i read ppl who say , who the hell plays rpg for gameplay and i said him you know what if there is one genre ppl actually play more for they story/plot/characters/narrative ,is rpg. There was a list a looked at , with do you prefer gameplay or story in a rpg, it was around 65/35 with a couple of 100 votes… ofc we cant take that for granded still ,but still a lot of ppl i talk too play rpg first and foremost for story, and for many that is also the only genre they can accept a weaker gameplay.
        Some people also argue that non games deserves a 10 if the gameplay is weaker then they story… is some extent they not that wrong espeically if itsnt and rpg… rpg is supposed to be long or usually.

        Yeah, but i havent given up on steins gate, it has to be on psn right in worst case scenario?

        • Sounds good.
          Verstael has gotten the least attention of any of them, so I expect he’ll be a more minor villain, but who knows? We’ll probably understand more about Ravus once Kingsglaive comes out here.

          Gameplay-wise, Dragon Age Origins reminded me a lot of Knights of the Old Republic (as did Mass Effect to some degree), and I loved it. The story, the characters, the gameplay, everything. Well, almost everything. I couldn’t stand Orazammar.

          In Dragon Age 2, I liked Varric and Fenris a lot, but I thought the storytelling could have been much better.

          Well, I’ll get around to Uncharted 3 eventually. 🙂

          I’m a big fan of the Silent Hill series, but I haven’t played Silent Hill 2 personally yet (just watched it online) since it’s difficult to find copies of. Alien: Isolation is very, very good. It’s the best example I’ve seen so far of classic survival horror done in a modern style. It’s not the scariest game I’ve ever played, but it’s definitely the most tense.

          Yeah, I think most people play RPGs for story.

          Yep, Steins;Gate is on PSN!

          • Yeah we will see when kingsglaive came out , lets hope it turn out good. I actaully really enjoyed advent children.

            Yeah i guess thats a fair comparison about dragon age origins gameplay , didnt think about that, but yeah it is ,true and kotor and mass effect was great , awesome.

            Yeah da 2 could have done the storyline better, less reptive locations and perhaps ,more decicions that affects the ending.

            i see have you played sh 4 the roomb or the fist one… i know i played sh 2 on the hd collection and well was to creppy , sold the collecton ,ended up gving it another go this year, 4 years after i gave up, it was fantastic , it was great had some fps drops on my emualtor during one partical parts, luckily that part was short.

            I will take a look at alien isolation and add in on my wishlist, yeah there arent many great survival horror games anymore.

            Hmm then if i cant find stenis gate, looked at another store yesterday, well as me and my dad was on trip , didnt find it, but i will buy it on psn if i cant find it. Thx .

            • People who saw the Japanese release of Kingsglaive have been saying it’s really good as a movie on its own, and even better if you’re interested in FFXV, so that sounds promising!

              When I played Mass Effect, it was the first game I ever played that felt so close to KotOR, so those similarities stand out to me. (Of course, they’re all Bioware RPGs, so it makes sense.)

              My main problem with DA2 (and I ranted about this in my review) was that it consistently told me the Templars were bad and cruel without showing me that aside from one or two crazy ones. There was one quest where I thought, “Aha, this is where we will finally see how bad things really are for the mages here,” but no… it didn’t do it then either.

              I’ve played Silent Hill, Silent Hill 4, and Shattered Memories. I heard disappointing things about the HD collection compared to the original PS2 versions, which is why I haven’t played 2 or 3 yet. I’m hoping to get Downpour soon, and of course I’m disappointed in the fate of Silent Hills.

              Alien Isolation is great, especially if you’re a fan of the first Alien movie, too.

              Sounds good. 🙂

              • Nice that sound great regarding Kingsglaive, really no clue where you getting this info, but is really appreciated thanks. Well i might pre order the special edition then so i can get both, if not i buy them sepreatily … Deluxe edition in norway = 900 buck around 90 euros and game + movie sepratly is around 800 buck. Delxue edition seems to be game + movie + steelbox and steelbox isnt that much big of deal + some dlc.

                Yeah that is true about mass effect and kotor. Ever played kotor 2?

                Yeah i agree with dragon age 2.

                Yeah silent hill hd collection is pretty bad, is was a prototype i heard, i played it and i was to scared to finish, but again i cant remember that much noices or at least fog that is in the orginal game that i played on ps2..
                you better hope and wait for psn classics or play them trough pcsx2¨

                Alien movis was great so will look at the games then

                • I got it from reading impressions of the movie on Reddit from people who went to see the Japanese release and finding links to reviews.
                  Here’s one of the spoiler-free reviews I read: https://passionstation.wordpress.com/2016/07/11/weve-watched-kingsglaive-are-excited-for-final-fantasy-xv-no-spoiler/

                  It’s too bad the deluxe edition doesn’t come with the anime, too, the way the collector’s edition does.

                  Yep! I enjoyed KotOR 2 a lot… but it has one of the most disappointing endings I’ve ever seen. I’ve read about how it was rushed in development, and I wonder how incredible it could have been if that didn’t happen.

                  Yeah, I hope they eventually re-released SH2 and 3 despite the HD collection.

                  Great! 😀

                  • i had to write the last comment fast… due to end of break… but yeah i found most of the aliens movies at least enjoyable to watch, still i think i prefer alien 1 or 2 over the other but they arent bad.

                    Anyway thanks for link will read that

                    Yeah the deluxe edition should have the anime i agree… dont think there is a collector edition in europe or at least norway it seems so i am out of luck there.

                    Have you tryed kotor 2 with the restoration mod, i just got 5 hrs or so in , and is great, but the restoration mod apperantly fixes a lot of issues. To bad the ending is bad in the base game, if i remember right it is fixed in the restoration mod.

                    Yeah me to and i want a true hd collection with even silent hill 1 ,and 4, silent hill 2 i probably said it , is probably the creepiest game i played, but still loved. If you played fear 2 , i remember the first 2-3 chapters was creapy as fuck and so was the 2 -3 last chapters , but the middle ground was a lot of shooting , still fear 2 is pretty bad compared to silent hill 2 or for that matter silent hill 3.

                    • Well, as long as you like the first one, Alien, you should appreciate Alien: Isolation. Their goal was to capture the mood, tone, and aesthetic of that first film, and they did a fantastic job.

                      The Collector’s Edition was very limited, so most people probably won’t be able to get it. Of course, the anime is available online for free, although I think the CE contains a bonus episode.

                      I never tried the restoration mod, because back when I played KotOR 2, I didn’t really know anything about mods. Someday maybe I’ll download the mod and play it again.

                      The ending in the base game is so rushed it’s almost nonexistent. I remember sitting there thinking, “Wow, I can’t wait to see what happens–” and then the credits rolled and there was nothing else.

                      Silent Hill 1 is probably the most difficult, since it’s a PS1 game. They’d probably want to remake it (Shattered Memories doesn’t count, since that’s a reimagining, not a remake) if they included it in a collection.

                      I plan to try the first FEAR sometime, but I haven’t yet. I think I got it in a Humble Bundle.

                    • i see. Well i will try Alien Isolation.
                      At least there is someone very friendly to talk to today, on youtube today i met a couple of really unfriendly guys 🙁

                      Yeah CE are usually limited arent they? Well if the anime is free to watch then thats at least something good

                      yeah i am not the guy that mods most either , but i moded civ 5 in some extent , even tough i barely tried the mods. And i moded vampire bloodlines with an unoffical patch same with kotor 2.

                      Well the ending you talk about if is really that bad, then i seriously hope the expansion pack fixes it , i heard it was pretty bad , but not that bad.
                      Silent hill 1 yeah your right it will be difficult as it again is a ps1 game. The only ps1 game has really so far got a sort of remaster i dunno if you can call it that even must be tomb raider annivisary?
                      Is shattered momories good.

                      Yeah i might try the first fear myself , heard is pretty great.

    • Ah yeah, there can be some unfriendly people out there. :/

      Three episodes of the Final Fantasy XV anime have been released so far on Youtube. I like it. It’s made me appreciate the characters.

      Aside from KotOR 2, the only other game I’ve seriously considered using a mod for is Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, because there are mods/fan-made patches out there meant to fix at least some of its issues. I really want to play that game, but it has compatibility problems or something with newer PCs, so it has constant problems.

      I’ve heard the KotOR 2 mod adds better context and closure to the ending.

      Silent Hill Shattered Memories is interesting. I liked it a lot, but it’s one of the more controversial games in the series. I’ll say this: if you go in expecting a traditional Silent Hill experience, you’ll be disappointed. However, if you know you’re getting an atypical psychological horror game, you might enjoy it.
      It’s also another game I reviewed! http://www.samanthalienhard.com/2014/10/silent-hill-shattered-memories.html

      • yeah we probably talked about it. But there is one thing to critize you and saying you wrong, but if you going to do that at least do it in a friendly manner, and tell why you dont agree..

        if i cant make them tell me what i said wrong then . The same if they claim you have bad grammar at least , show me why or them why.

        i had a discussion regarding dlc with someone and expansion where someone “claimed” that dlc should be on the game and that witcher 3 blood and wine and heart of stone is dlc… i simpy said

        “well this isnt a dlc directly is more or less a true expansion pack… witch basically well is a huge dlc so.” and he said i was confused? the thing is the difference has been where thin , but the normal person will probably say that and expansion pack is just a very huge dlc … but that instead of dlc they also can be physical… if you understand what i mean?

        ” Hate to be that guy- Oh, who am I kidding, I love to be that guy, were* trying, phrased it wrong* and what the hell does that really mean?

        anyway sorry for that but damn sometimes youtbue ppl frustrates me a lot.
        Another annyoing thing is when ppl ignore the subject and just yeah bash you say you confused and so on in the witcher 3 case..

        hmm i will take a look at the anime episodes thanks

        i see, call of cthulhu , hmm i heart it pretty good… i might take another look at it.

        well is good if kotor 2 fixes the ending

        i will see if i can get my hands on shattered memories. Thanks for the review

        • if it goes to far i , just ignore them , shall bann them and rapport them… or i just delete my comments , just for the sake of it.

        • DLC always causes disagreements and arguments. But sometimes people online just like to argue, too. They’re probably a mix of that and someone who hates all downloadable content regardless of how long it is or when it comes out.

          All of the anime episodes out so far should be on this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQSuIHSbDFH6Enz3AXeUHaA/videos

          I enjoyed what little I managed to play of Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, but… well, Steam says I played for an hour and a half, but I think I only made a half hour’s worth of progress because it crashed so often. :/

          Shattered Memories is actually the game that got me into the Silent Hill series, but I do think it’s more interesting if you’re already familiar with the first game.

          • yeah , but the thing here was more the differnce between dlc and expansion pack, and for many that mostly gove down to size and what is in the expansion pack/dlc…. i guess for many you could say that a very big dlc is just a longer word then a expansion pack hence the comment i made…

            “well this isnt a dlc directly is more or less a true expansion pack… witch basically well is a huge dlc so”

            Thanks for the link will put it on fav, do you know when it takes place before the movie? after the movie?

            i see to bad you had alot of chrases.

            I might do just that and play the first game then.. again i have played sh 2 and 3.

            • Yeah, I’m always confused about the difference between DLC and expansion packs. XD

              The movie is set during the same time period as the game, and the anime is set either before the game or around the very beginning. So the anime should bet set first.

              The Steam discussions for Call of Cthulhu are 90% people trying to get the game to work and/or reporting glitches. :/ Which is unfortunate, since it seems pretty interesting!

              Silent Hill 1 is great. 🙂

              • yeah , i personaly think the differnce come in since like heart of stone, blood and wine, dragonborn and dawnguard is expansion , well the two later was marketing as dlc , but most ppl would probably count them as both as it expands the game ,but yeah is not easy, but ppl still bully you , or bully you if try to explain that a expansion is basically a big dlc.

                i see, well then the anime should be very much watched then.

                mhm, well lets hope steam yet on to fix it eventually that would be great for everyone.

                I will add Sh 1 on my psn backlog then , something i can play on my ps vita i guess.

                • Yeah. :/

                  Definitely! It also goes into the characters’ pasts a little.

                  Unfortunately, the game’s developer no longer exists, so official support seems unlikely.

                  Great! I forgot the original Silent Hill was on PSN.

                  • and thats is indead always a good thing. Well the really going “all ” in for ff xv.

                    Ah thats too bad that, we really have to hope modders or something fixes it. Unfinished games is never good.

                    yeah too bad that a lot of psn summer sale right now is, or it seems the summer sale is more about new games… thus i cant but ff tactics war of lions and silent hill 2, or breath of fire for example.

                    • That’s for sure. Did you hear about the delay? I’m disappointed Final Fantasy XV has been delayed, but hopefully this means it’ll be even better! (Apparently it would have had a large Day 1 patch without the delay, and Tabata wants to avoid that.)

                      Call of Cthulhu isn’t unfinished, exactly, just very buggy. There are mods to try to fix the issues, so someday I’ll try them. 🙂

                      I bet there’ll be a PSN horror sale in October for Halloween.

                    • Yeah i heard about the possibilty to bad it got confirmed now… Yeah lets hope it will be even better around 2 motnsh depending on date in november is pretty long , hopefully we get a very great game, sqaure and especially their ff games arent exactly after what i gather known for bugs. I am not to surprised really everything get delayed. Hopefully as you say no day 1 patch that is so irritating.

                      I see , well lets just hope the get away with the bugs… is there more then one call of cthulhu game? or is it only one ?

                      yeah thats right , i didnt think about that…Thx. mhm perhaps i can pick up alien isolation digtally too, any other horror games that you might think is worth picking up along with sh 1?

    • The delay was to November 29, so it’s pretty much a two month delay. They released a 53-minute video from Final Fantasy XV’s beginning today, and I’m so tempted to watch it. I think I’ll avoid it so I can go into the game without knowing what to expect, though.

      There might be other games called Call of Cthulhu, but they aren’t connected to Dark Corners of the Earth. Dark Corners of the Earth was supposed to get two sequels that were both cancelled. But since the name Call of Cthulhu comes from a Lovecraft story, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are other games out there that use it. (I think one upcoming game had it as a working title.)

      Anna: Extended Edition is on PSN, and while it didn’t get the best reviews, I liked it a lot. I also reviewed it: http://www.samanthalienhard.com/2013/10/celebrating-all-things-spooky-anna.html

      (I liked Amy, too, but it’s harder to recommend that to people since its reception was SO negative.)

      • wait 53 min with , ah well yeah i think i will do as you skip it.

        i see it was dark corners of the earth i thought about , i watched some clips of it, its seems creppy.
        Ah i see have you ever played penumbra? i have them all on steam and as someone who seem to be a little inersted in horror ,well perhaps you played them?

        Yeah i remember amy it seemed intersting , but the review was so bad.. I might give Anna a shot thanks for review

        i know we talked alout but might i ask you another question? and please dont ask me why it got on to my mind. Cuz i have no clue.

        • I have the Penumbra games, but I haven’t played them yet. I played Amnesia: The Dark Descent, though, and enjoyed it. (Penumbra is by the same developer.)

          Amy was flawed and feels like they wanted to make a sequel that they’ll never get to make, but once they updated it to fix some of the most major issues, it wasn’t too bad.

          Sure, go ahead and ask.

          • really? wow that i didnt know. Penumbra is older isnt it? well i got them on summer sale… bouhgt alot of classics on this summer sale for once, i used kotaku pc classics list and went trough the list anything that seemed intersting witch was a lot i added on steam and checked the metacritic / imdb ( prefer metacritic, imdb seems weird when it comes to user scor) and if it was around 8.0 at least and more on the steam page well it was on my wishlist…

            i see, well I will read the review and if i get it at a reasoanble price i will try it. I am not to fond of horror games w a lot of jump scares.
            But is good the fixed most of the major issues.

            I was about to ask what you think of zelda, until i realised that it seems like you like the zelda games? what did you think about oot? do you think that it can be for some the best game ever? i have wanted to try link to the past , is it worth playing today? i got oot on 3ds , majoras mask on 3ds, twllight princes gamecube and wii u verson, windwaker limited edition ,bought right before i decided to buy my wii u for gamecube with oot master quest, costed a lot of money and link between world. Only finished twillight princess and windwaker so far but, majoras mask is damn great

            but i thought about a other thing ever played super metroid ? or kid icarus?

            • Yep, Penumbra came first.
              What other games did you pick up?

              Great! Amy didn’t really have many jump scares that I recall. Anna used some, although its focus is psychological horror.

              I liked Ocarina of Time, although I wouldn’t consider it my personal best game ever. I’ve played some of A Link to the Past but never finished it. I seem to have difficulty getting into very old games (which makes it all the stranger that I liked the first Dragon Quest).

              Wind Waker was my first Zelda game, and it’s one of my favorites. I still need to play Majora’s Mask.

              I haven’t played Super Metroid, although I played part of Metroid Fusion. I never played the original Kid Icarus, but I did play and enjoy Kid Icarus Uprising for the 3DS.

              • i picked up another world , dark messiah of might and magic, Fahrenheit ( indigo prophcy), (liked heavy rain, and beyond two souls was all right i guess, at the last chapter there, so i though whatever i will give fahrenheit a shot , it supposed to be better) Gabriel knight- Sins of the fathers, indiana jones and the fate of atlantis, return to castle wolfenstein, to the moon, sega mega drive genesis classics 5 ( decided to spendt 10 bucks extra, all ready had sonic the hedgedog 2), mark of the njina special edition ( love stealth games usually , first 30 min very good), penumbra collectors pack ( all 3), outcas 1.1, invinsible inc, little big adventure 2 and pharaoh rebirth.

                2 days before that mafia 2.

                also bought desperados and syberia collection this year with some more like dott.

                i see about oot… however i think you miss understood be a little, i know that tales of symphonia is probably your favourite game , witch means is probably also the best, what i wanted to ask , i might have phrased myself badly , i am sorry for that is, do you understand if some people consider it the best game ever , even to this date? cuz according to a lot of top list made even after 2013 wether they are forums or from n4g etc , you will see it appear a lot on top list… can you get that it is for some?

                i see, well i think i will give a link to the past a shot it seems like a game you need to just play before you die….
                yeah some older games can be hard, still weird you liked the orginal dragon quest, for me it depends a lot on the genre… i usually have some problems playing games older then 1997 or so , unless they are point and click or use a very specific graphic style like earthbound etc…

                nice, i think i started with windwaker, borrewed it from a friend never finished it until a year ago, a brillaint game and the endng is damn sad too imo…. i remember we had a gaminc quest on ” for you is called elmentary school i think” an we saw pictures of game and was supposed to guess the game , that game came up and only me and a friend raised his hand, he said the whole tittle , and everyone was amazed, i was sort of sore that i for once didnt get ask, happend often , but for once i wanted to get asked, because i was prety damn sure i could pull the tittle of myself… but anyway the first zelda game i had was twillight princess… i also played some zelda on gba from a friend fo all i know it might be a link to the past but a highly doubt it.

                hmm metroid fusion is the one on gba right? i played on emulator was pretty good. As someone who heard some claim that super metroid is better then castlevenia symphonia of the night witch imo still holds up damn well, i always wanted to give it a shot.

                Same with kid icarus uprsing, it get high user scores so i might give that a shot

                took me a little longer to post this then exepted.

                • I haven’t played most of those, but To the Moon is fantastic! Definitely an excellent choice!

                  Yes, I understand that many people consider Ocarina of Time to be the best game ever, even though I don’t personally see it that way. 🙂

                  With Dragon Quest, I think its length helped. Since it was a short game, it didn’t bother me that it was so simple and not really story-driven.

                  Wind Waker was great. 😀
                  Hmm… there was a version of A Link to the Past for the GBA, so that could have been it.

                  Yep, that’s the one. I have Metroid Fusion on my 3DS from the ambassador program. Maybe I’ll finish it sometime and then try Super Metroid.

                  Kid Icarus Uprising has strange controls at first, but once you get used to them it’s really a lot of fun!

                  • i dont know if you read my ps, but doesnt really matter anyway.

                    Well thx, i heard alot of good things about.

                    Fair enough, i wasnt meant to force you anything just wanted to know if you could agree in some extent or see that some people would consider it the best.

                    Hmm yeah that might be a good reason that you managed to playtrough dragon quest.

                    Have you played final fantasy iv/vi or chrono trigger, i have probably asked…

                    yeah it could be link to the past, i have now clue really is so long ago.

                    Ambassador program need to take a look at that.

                    Well perhaps i will kid icarus a go then thanks.

                    • Oh yes, I did see that and forgot to reply after I replied to the main message. Sorry about that.

                      Maybe I’ll play Final Fantasy IV soon. 🙂

                      The ambassador program doesn’t do anything now. If you had a 3DS at launch, they gave away some special games to those people for free after the 3DS got its first price drop.

                    • is fine. Its easy do to that.
                      Yeah ff iv is still imo amazing. A great game with some good characters and a decent story for the firstt ff game.

                      My 3ds came from a trade off with a friend.

                      Well i hope our long convo , might be record doesnt ruin your backlog 🙂

                  • never mind about chrono trigger or final fantasy 6 Sorry , i know you have played them and not play iv so ignore that sentence sorry about that.

              • PS: i just hate it when ppl doesnt answer on youtube.

    • I’ll definitely play Final Fantasy IV sometime. Oh right, it was the first game in the series that really focused on story, wasn’t it?


      Haha, my backlog is only in danger from me buying games faster than I play them. XD

      • yeah ff iv was the first that focused on story at least in the main series.

        yeah that is indead true. I have like 2 dmc games to playtrough ,heard dmc 2 is bad, god of war 2-3 , ratchet and clank 3 , ff 5,7,12 , tactics, xenogears, chrono trigger and cross and all those steam games i listed

        Will you but deus ex mankind divided?

        • I tried playing some of the earlier Final Fantasies, but I couldn’t get into them as easily.

          Half of those games are on my list to play too, haha.

          I’ve never played any Deus Ex games, so if I get into the series, I’ll start earlier instead of getting Mankind Divided. Are you getting it?

          • my first ff game was legend 3 actually. But yeah i get your point, i think ff 4 ,6 ,7-10 + 12 is brilliant games. Yet to play much of tactics, not that much fond of a ps1 emualtor yet, still been thinking about, and i have probably said it to get war of lions it is after what i gather the same brilliant game as the orginal one.

            Well good we have something in common then…
            But have you played Gabriel knight or tex murphy?
            Right now i play the wolf is among us, i also got tales of borderlands today as “suprise gift from my dad” , i asked my dad to check the gamestore as he was supposed to shop food and so on , while me and my mom went directly home, he just bought the game because i asked him to check the price and i was sure i had to pay him afterwards i didnt, he just gave it to me. So right now i play the wolf among us ( somewhat easy plat it seems), witcher 3 blood and wine… really like the new characters despite one of the character being a little bitchy, and naiv/ whiny i suppose…but i from what i seen of the endings unfourtantly on youtube it seems that i wont like any of the endings, witch wasnt really the problem of heart of stone or the base game when i thought about, i hated the base game ending to begin with until i started wait, wait what happens to the characters ,they dont need to explain use you imagination and most of the character arc is resolved very easy without cd projekt need to explain it… sorry for that

            about deus ex, well the first one despite the faults is one hell of the game is probably and by many regarding the best PC game ever…. if you where to ask the majorty of ppl it would at least be on top 5 pc games ever…
            i loved human revolution despite it bosses and the ending ,and if the review is anything to go by, i will buy mankind divided , one of the few games i will buy on launch, the review points out is better then hr, but has a weaker story or well it seems to be 50/50 or so on story, but most say is better , i have also a feeling the review score would be a tad bit higher right now if it turns out to be a day 1 patch. With that said if the review stays around 85 on ps4 til 23 august i will buy it , i am itching for a good stealth game on ps4. Ofc dishonored 2 comes later this year and to be able to play as empress Emily will be awesome, how many times are you able to play as an empress in a game haha, well the first one was brilliant so was deus ex hr… I just hope mankind divided turns out to be good, it seems they making a triolgy … i just hope the make a sequel to the orginal eventually and not that bs invincible wars ( tbh never played it) , but i hard is fucking bad compared to the orginal.

            So most likely yes i will buy deus ex mankind divided.
            Btw ever played teltale game of thrones?

            • My first Final Fantasy was IX.

              I’ve never played either of those games, although I watched Game Informer do a Super Replay (a full playthrough with commentary) of the first Tex Murphy game.

              I love The Wolf Among us! Haven’t played Tales from the Borderlands yet because I never finished Borderlands 2 and didn’t want to spoil the story for myself.

              I gotta hurry up and play Witcher 2 so I can move on to 3, haha.

              I want to play Dishonored, too. So many games, no wonder my backlog is huge!

              I’m not a Game of Thrones fan, so I never played the Telltale game.

              • hmm not bad ff game to start with. that game is a near perfect 10 for me…. i wont say perfect because as ppl say there is probably no game that is really perfect, you could arguably count tetris and probably pac man as perfect, but ff ix is near inch perfect… and i probably said it i can decide what ff i like more ff 8, 9 or 10 . Ff vi need to be replayed in quiet and more slowly to really decide how much i like it.

                How was the Tex Murphy playtroguh you watched? seemed good? i might take a look a super replay.

                Played the first 2 episode of wolf among us, is amazing so far, like the characters , the character twist they based of it that makes sense, the mucis, the choices so far and i also really like the female characters much that counts for the male to, no hard feeling there i hope :). So far is been great

                But you plan on finish borderlands 2? i dont really think tales of borderlands will spoil borderlands 2 as it is a prequel.

                Yeah i wanna talk to you about witcher eventually ,but take your time. I am closing to over 390 hrs on the witcher 3 now and i am planing to do a ng+ and that hasnt happend in a very long time.

                Dishonored it was great, replay vallue, i have finished it 3 times, is somewhat easy tough and the story is just ok.

                I see. Well i dont think i will buy game of thrones it seems to be rated badly… i am wondering how teltales batman turns out.

                • My favorite Final Fantasy games are probably 6, 7, and 9, although I’m not sure what order I’d put them in.

                  They didn’t enjoy playing Tex Murphy a lot, but the playthrough was hilarious to watch.

                  I’ve never read the Fables comics which The Wolf Among Us is based on, but I really enjoyed the game. I liked it more than The Walking Dead, in fact.

                  I plan to finish Borderlands 2 someday, and I think people said Tales from the Borderlands might spoil some BL2 story details.

                  I still recommend reading the Witcher novels when you get a chance. 😀 In particular, I’ve heard one character in Blood & Wine made fans of the novels very happy to see him again.

                  I haven’t tried Telltale’s Batman series yet. Actually, these days whenever Telltale announces a new game, I’m just disappointed it isn’t The Wolf Among Us 2.

                  • Still weird to see someone who enjoys both ff 6, 7 and 9 , good i am not the only one.

                    I see , well tex murphy seems to be liked by most tough.

                    I finished wolf among us yesterday, yeah played it troguh pretty fast, but is by all means one of the better innteractive adventure drama out there. and yeah i agree i to liked it more then walking dead, mainly because your choices in the walking dead didnt feel really like choices.
                    I will admit i also enjoy life is strange, witch i enjoy more ,well i will give it some time to decide.

                    Ah i didnt know that , well in that case you probably as you say far better of waiting.
                    Planning to play borderlands 2 alone or with friend? i have it both on ps3 and pc. I disliked the first one , but borderlands 2 i actualyl can play alone, but is far better with 3 friends.

                    Thanks! yeah i will try to read the novels when i get the chance. I realyl liked the charactes in blood and wine , no spoilers but i searched him up and found who appeard in the book in blood and wine and he is awesome. I also like the majority of the characters in blood and wine ( despite one of the being a little bitchy, and i guess a little naiv/whiny too).

                    I see well the first episode of teltales batman was after what i heard bad. And i get you i absolutely do after the ending of the first season in the wolf among us. I read season 2 is near confirmed it might be a rumor , but it seems to be pretty decent for a 2017 realese.

                    • Oh, is it uncommon to like all three of them? I know there’s kind of a rivalry between FF6 and 7 fans sometimes, haha.

                      To me, both The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us were dark, but TWD felt oppressively so and TWAU didn’t. That’s one of the reasons I prefer it.

                      I haven’t played Life Is Strange yet, but I have the first episode.

                      A friend and I played through Borderlands co-op and then started Borderlands 2, so we’ll probably finish together eventually.

                      Haha, the character is certainly interesting in the books, and fans began hoping he’d appear in Blood & Wine from the moment its themes became clear.

                      Yeah, the first Batman episode didn’t get great reviews. :/ Well maybe the next game they announce will finally be Wolf Among Us 2!

                    • there is certaintly as you say i rivalry between ff 6 and 7. But i guess is a little uncommon to like ff 6 , 7 and ix and especially if you also have problems choosing witch one. There is even more uncommon to like ff 8-10.

                      oppressively dark as in to many death, to brutal and so on. To dark color schems?

                      I see i am stuck atm what is my favourite but is at least twau/ lis and then twd.

                      I know this isnt directly my busineess, but i almost wants to join you on borderalnds 2:)

                      Yeah i see , the character thats from the book appear in the game his damn awesome , he cool, friendly ,despite all the things Geralt sometimes say, more then that i wont say , i hope this doesnt spoil anything for you it shouldnt.

                      Yeah hopefully , wolf among us really need a sequel.
                      but is the first epiosde of batman still to early to tell if it turns out bad or not.

    • Of course, 8 and 10 are the ones I like the least… but I still liked them, even if I don’t consider them favorites.

      Too bleak, is what I’d say.

      I’ll keep it in mind if and when we eventually get back to Borderlands 2. 🙂

      Haha, nah, that didn’t spoil anything.

      Yeah, a Telltale Batman game sounds like it should have potential, so maybe the first episode just has a slow start and then it’ll improve from there.

      • Yeah i see. no matter what ppl say ff has to one of the most awarded once out there.

        i see. Thanks. Have you tried twd season 2 , or was the orginal so bleak , that you will skip it.

        Yeah thanks 🙂 i just mean it will be fun, of course is your choice and all.

        Was never to much of fan of batman until the dark knight , always prefered batman over superman, but lets hope teltale next episoed is good, and the first was just a slow start.
        Anyway i really hope we get a twau season 2 eventually.

        Any fond of good fps/tps games?

        • Definitely. And I think Final Fantasy XV will turn out great! 😀

          I plan to play season 2, but I haven’t yet. I enjoyed the first game, just not as much as The Wolf Among Us.

          Hmm, I’m not much of a shooter player aside from a few… I play Halo, but mainly for the story. I even read the books.

          • I see. Any idea how good halo is on pc? that is halo 1 and 2?

            • I played Halo 1 on PC and it was fine. I don’t know how the PC version of Halo 2 is.

              • hmm if i find a cheap copy i might try them, hopefully they arent that bad, i heard the games is pretty great
                Thanks for info.
                Seems we getting to end of this very long convo for the being at least 🙂
                Still and is you chooce , but bl 2 with you and your Friend would be good/ and cool.

                • The first one should be just fine on PC. 🙂 The only reason I didn’t play Halo 2 on PC was because it wasn’t compatible with Windows XP, which I had at the time. (So instead I played the original Xbox version on my Xbox 360.)

                  I’ll keep it in mind. 🙂

                  • i see , well i will give the first one a shot then on pc. Halo and Gow is one of the few reason i wanted an xbox.

                    PS i just found and norwegian store that sold me arcanuum of steamworks and magick obscura + rainbow six siege 2 for pc for 30 nok ( norwegian conis) around 3 dollar. the toll was on 4 dollar so 🙂 Reason i tell you this is rs 2 pc version i been looking for a long time legally, and i get to start using gog eventaully probably need to to, but you might have tried acanum

                    • I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

                      Oh, interesting! I haven’t played Arcanum, actually. What’s it like?

                    • Will give you an answer tommorow, i am just here to say i have been busy today.

                      Talk to you tommorow with what arcanum is like, i dont want to explain it now. so tommorow and sory for late answer
                      tommorow = 14 hrs or so.

                    • Well thanks, i hope a find a cheap copy of halo 1.

                      But arcanum well is a crpg so is in the rains of planescape torment, neverwinter nights, baldurs gate and perhaps also fallout and so on.

                      They are very few who dislike this game and there is or seems to be a solid fanbase that consider this one of the best if not the best rpg/game out there.

                      Is and while i get to start it have some problem installing win 32 problems… is a game where techonlogy and magic co exist. With guns, and so on.

                      It also has tons of way to solve quests.
                      You have different races like goblins, humans , elvs, dwarf, halfings and so on.
                      It doesnt have a pre -deterined character name. You have a lot of freedom in skills choice and so on.

                      Is hard to explain much more then that ,but is considered a damn find rpg.
                      Made by some of the guys who made baldurs gate if i am not wrong and made by the same guys who made the brilliant vampire bloodlines the masquare especially with patch.

                      Sorry my explanation is varuge.

    • Nah, that wasn’t vague at all. I think I have a good idea of what Arcanum is like now. It sounds interesting.

      • thanks

        Well i need to get it up and running.
        If i used the orginal cd my computer would read it but claim it couldnt install due to missing win 32 error.

        So i used my vista computer burned them to some other cd that i know work fine on my computer and it did, untill i have to swap disc. When i install the installation disc it asks me to insterty disc 2 play , i do and press ok and ok nothing happens… so either i have to download it inlegal or whatever is called or i have to find a work around

        • Huh, I see. Well, good luck! Hopefully you’ll get it running soon.

          • thanks i finally got to run. After how many tries i tried 3 disc and while the files was there exact as the orginal disc 2 it could run. Eventually the first play disc i burned suddently fucked up.

            So i tried creating a disc not trough the windows 7 burn ,but trough power iso and one with express disc burn well those worked perhaps is due to these programs makes and intendical copy not just by folders but also by the tittle of the cd? With that said on power iso i used a iso file that i had created with the folders from the disc with antiiso and it vertified so it might be that with that other express i put the orginal disc dragged the map over and yeah but in the new disc witch of those programs that finally made it work i have no clue , but it finally does

            sorry for this , but right now after tried for over 3-4 hrs its a damn relief i dont need to play this on my fuckings vista.

            • It definitely sounds odd, but I’m glad you got it working in the end. 🙂

              • Yeah it does. Still not done thought i finally did it yesterday. Well game is installed, but i click play nothing happens, how ever if i find a no cd patch witch i know is on the nett somewhere i will get around it

                Anyway thx. i guess out convo so far is done. Damn it been a long but fun convosation so thanks

                • Well, I hope you still get it working eventually. Good luck!

                  And thanks. It was a fun conversation!

                  • yeah mee, too i know we was ending the convo, but i got a post from a youtube comment about dark cloud / chronicles, he had chronicles as his favourite rpg, have you played them if you have ? is it worth trying both / buy both ? they on sale now so i am thnking about buying both.

                    Sorry for continuing a little longer

                    • I haven’t played them, no, but I want to since they’re from Level-5! They’re held in pretty high regard.

                    • so you played other games from level 5? well i assume you do , in the way you spelled it.

                      However i will probably or most likely buy dark cloud 1 and 2 now either way since they hold in very high regards as you say. And some good rpgs on my ps4 wont hurt at all.

    • Level-5 developed the Professor Layton series, which is one of my favorites, along with Yo-Kai Watch and Fantasy Life. (And Dragon Quest VIII, Rogue Galaxy, Ni No Kuni, and several other games I haven’t played yet but which have good reputations.)

      • wait woot. I heard professor layton series is pretty great. Yo- kai watch, i heard about it just recently , heard that one is also pretty good. Fantasy life, cant recall i heard of that one ( until i saw the trailer picture http://www.metacritic.com/game/3ds/fantasy-life) what kind of rpg is that?

        Dragon quest viii well you learn something new each day, i though all the dq games was publsihed and developed på square it seems that was a wrong especially regarding dq 7 and 8 only once checked so far that seems to have square as publishers and not developers. Wont repeat what we allread said beside i am looking forward to the 3ds remakes.

        Ni no kuni, just bought that game 3 weeks ago or so. I heard is pretty damn great.
        Well level 5 seems to be a developer that has yet to make a really bad gaem, they seem to be a pretty solid underpraised developers or as you say have a lot of good gaems with good reputations.

        • Professor Layton is great if you like puzzle games. I enjoyed Yo-Kai Watch, but not everyone does–its style seems to be hit or miss.

          Fantasy Life is an action RPG with… hmm, I suppose you’d call them life sim elements. You pick a Life (basically your class or job) and have quests specific to it, so you can be a paladin, a blacksmith, a fisherman, etc. and do those sorts of activities in addition to the larger RPG quest. You can switch your Life at any time, too. It isn’t heavily story-driven, but it’s a lot of fun and has a big world to explore.

          It looks like Level-5 developed Dragon Quest 8 and 9.

          Yeah, Level-5 is pretty good. Even games of theirs that I don’t like, such as the Inazuma Eleven series, are generally well-liked.

          • It depends on the puzzle game thing. Like Phoenix wright? Zero escape 999 and virtue last reward?
            What genre would Yo -Kai Watch fall under?
            I generally like every graphic style if thats what you mean? some more then others tough.

            Well you convinced me i have to give fanfantasy life i shot. I read something in the veigns you Said but you explantion has convinced me to add it in my 3ds collection.
            I can probably forgive it for not being to story driven.

            Well arent dq 8 and 9 considered 2 of the four best om the series?’

            I havent played a game in 1- 2 days that can happen. When it happens is usually do that there is alot of sport on tv. Or i am just not in mood. Didnt play on tuesday due to fever but i wanted to. Gonna ask you this question i have to many games i want to play do you have a suggestion? Been thinking about bayo or undertale.

            PS for quite some time now i am being really harassed on youtube

            Thanks btw

            • Not quite like those. Professor Layton is more riddles and brainteasers.

              Yo-Kai Watch is an RPG. What I meant by its style is that it has unusual gameplay. In battle, your yo-kai attack automatically, but you rotate which are in combat, heal them, use special attacks, etc. It can feel passive, but in harder battles it gets hectic, and it’s a weird combat system not everyone likes.

              I’m sure you’ll enjoy Fantasy Life. 🙂

              Yes, I think they are considered among the best DQ games.

              I highly recommend both Bayonetta and Undertale, so it really comes down to whether you want a fast-paced action game (Bayonetta) or a quirky RPG (Undertale).

              Aw, I’m sorry to hear that. 🙁

              • hmm i see, i might skip porfessor layton then, dont think i am not that fond of those kind of riddles and brainteasers games … but perhaps i will give one of them a shot just to see

                Yo-kai watch seems intersting , that you hae to rotate , heal and use special attack to do and so on , yeah i might give that shot to i find it on sale.

                yeah i most likely will it is certaintky on my wishlist.

                i hear / read there is also a sequel to fantasy life 2 coming.

                yeah well i will buy some of the dragon quest if i can , definilty 7 and 8 when they release , the ds version can be hard to find or norwegian stores, but yeah i will give it a real try.

                Yeah i play 30 min of undertale before today it was good. I played 3 hrs of bayonetta, it was just thtat those two gaems was the games i wanted to play today i ended up with undertale around 3 hrs in.

                i will probably play bayonetta tommorow wen we go to the small house.
                And yeah i agree is quirky but good. Is fun , has tons of charm, the soundtrack is so far very good and is as humor and characters and the plot seems pretty good so far so does the writting.

                yeah thanks dont worrry, we talked about it before and when it happens well is not fun, but i just try to ignore them , i was pretty sure that i had blocked this user and it turned out that well somehow it wasnt, i will block him next time if he write of topic and so on.

                • There are demo puzzles online, so if you try this, it should give you a better idea: http://professorlayton.nintendo.com/miraclemask/#demos

                  Yo-Kai Watch is also unusual among RPGs because it’s set within a single (though large and open) town, and it doesn’t really have a direct plot aside from investigating strange things yo-kai are causing. (The later games in the series might have stronger plots, I’m not positive.)

                  They announced a Fantasy Life 2, but it seems like it’s more or less a mobile form of the original.

                  So you’re enjoying Bayonetta and Undertale?

                  Ah, okay. Good luck! 🙂

                  • Thanks for the link i will have something do to tommorow going to bed soon.

                    I see, so you play only some of the Yo- Kai watch games.

                    Yeah mobile why i am i not sprised, it getting beta`s but , still not suprised so many game series getting mobile games now.

                    Yeah i am really enjoying bayonetta and undertale.

                    what did you refer to by ah , okay i am sorry might be stupid… did you mean regarding the youtube thing or that i liked the game?
                    same with good luck again i assume to the same thing. sorry for that any yeah so far i meet this two funny skeltons and their puzzles and that puppy.

                    • Okay. 🙂

                      Yo-Kai Watch is the only one that’s been brought out of Japan so far. Yo-Kai watch 2 is being localized this September.

                      Mobile is definitely becoming very popular.

                      😀 Sans and Papyrus are the best!

                      My final comment was about the Youtube situation.

                    • i see , i got the impression there were quite alot , but yeah japan. Wait come on another game this september that might be intersting.

                      Yeah just finished the date with Papyrus brilliant 🙂 so funny, cant help but laught and the soundtrack

                      i thought about playing trough undertale and some bayonetta this weekend i ended up with , i will finish undertale , and if i get time i will probably start mother 3… well i played 5 min of it or so… Wish it get on eshop, but well nintendo is forcing me to have it inlegag on my gba

                    • btw thanks for the comment about good luck , is at least good someone listen. The internett as we talked about before isnt friendly.

    • Yo-Kai Watch is insanely popular in Japan now, so they have 3 main titles as well as spin-offs.
      Oh, and from 2 onward, they come in multiple versions, so Yo-Kai Watch 2 has two versions: Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls. (I question their decision-making for the localized titles, but that’s what they went with, haha.) I blogged about them today, in fact.

      That part was hilarious, and yes, the soundtrack is fantastic!

      I’m holding out hope for an official Mother 3 release. I’m convinced it’ll happen eventually.

      • hmm i might take a look at the bloggs. Seems like they are doing a pokemon with different versions.

        Yeah got to the dummy now. Going off to bed.

        Yeah i hope so to for a mother 3 release , but i have feeling you in us will get it far earlier then us in europe if they port it and translate it over or use the fan translation . Btw snce we touching mother 3. hows earthbound begginings, is it the same as mother 1?

        Anyway nn.

        • Yep, the differences are definitely similar to Pokemon.

          I haven’t played EarthBound Beginnings yet, but yes, it’s Mother 1. People say it’s pretty grindy, much more than EarthBound.

          • ah yeah i recall that too, that is a bit grindy. Have you finished mother 3? is the ending as bad as some ppl claim it is?

            • Nah, when I said I’m holding out hope for an official Mother 3 release, I meant I haven’t played it in any form yet.

              • I see. Should have figured. Yet to start mother 3. Taking my time with undertale. Dunno how much i left now. But i am at the spider boss.

                Also i am trying to finish off half -life opposing forces too 🙂

                • but i assme you finished earthbound?

                • Are you still enjoying Undertale? And how have you been playing it, in terms of sparing vs. fighting monsters?

                  Yep, I finished EarthBound. 🙂

                  • Yeah i am still enjoying undertale alot.
                    Well when i get the chance in a game to play non lethal or lethal i rarerly choose the later , if i do is on my second or third playtrough so that applies for undertale too. I spare every monster i see or sometimes i just flee.

                    Nice how was the whole EarthBound ? was the ending great ?

                    Right now i will try to finish undertale today, got trough the spider boss yesterday, but somehow i managed to clsoe the game before i could save it.

                    When i am done with that , right now i think i will play to the moon , if not that perhaps indina jones and the fate of atlantis or half life 2.

                    • Or perhaps as i said earlier mother 3.

                    • All right, good. 😀 In Undertale, it determines what happens later on.

                      I liked EarthBound, but not as much as a lot of people do. The story and characters didn’t really grab me.

                      To the Moon is excellent. 😀

                    • yeah i keep hearing a lot of good things about it , i heard is pretty damn sad too. Is good that you like it we seem to like a lot of the same tings.

                      i see. Well we will see where i stand when i am done with earthbound , i havent even got to recruit the first party memeber.

                      I see. Yeah i read it up today that undertale remember you choices for you second playtrough that seems damn great.

      • PS: i know earthbound = ( mother 2)

    • To the Moon is one of a handful of games that made me cry.

      Enjoy EarthBound!

      Yes, Undertale remembers some things when you play it again, which is interesting.

      • nice. If i can ask what other games has made you cry or at least near crying?

        thanks i will do just that

        and yeah , it makes at least for replay value witch is always nice.

        • Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, Tales of Symphonia, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days also made me cry.
          The Walking Dead and Professor Layton and the Last Specter (for a puzzle series, it’s pretty dark emotional at times!) came close.

          I still haven’t done the “genocide” path in Undertale (where you kill every monster). I can’t bring myself to do it!

          • I see. Nice. Little suprised by tales of symphonia but and the professor games. But again i dont recall the tales of symohonia ending beside that it was sad.

            Games for me that comes close must be kingdom hearts 2, final fantasy 8 -10 (220hr + 50 hrs on emualtor and then watch the ending), persona 3 . 120 hrs and then … well i wont spoil. Persona 4 golden same reason as persona 3 + is probably even worse. Mgs 3 and 4. And perhaps rdr ,silent hill 2 and shadow of the collosus.

            In some extent tlou as it has some emotinal parts, but again i find it a bit too preditable and of coure some part of tales of symohonia and when i am done iwth the second run on ps3 the feels is guranteed to come back.

            Ah so thats what genocide path is in undertale. I thoght it was something like not being killed or something , well i agree genocide run will be to hard and brutal. But i might finish it twice.
            Did you find undertale sad? or emotinal or well sad and emotinal is sort of the same thing in a way isnt it?
            Didnt play undertale yesterdy might do it today , i am playing some wolfenstei new order on uber and for once i am getting my … kicked. Damn that game is brutal. Soon done with it , there is quite some games i have 2-3 hrs gameplay til the ending or less like metroid prime, undertale, wolfenstein new order, tales of symohonia hd, final fantasy iii ( 3) not the one with Terra and so on, Super mario 3d world, super mario galaxy (witch imo is brilliant), donkey kong country 2 or was it 3 i am unsure one of them i am pretty close to complete on my gba i think is 2, but i need gba charger witch i have no clue where mine is… I got the game with a friend. And i played it again right before summer around may i guess and i remember the boss battle i was at, witch i was last time trying to kill/ defeat 10 years + ago, i was just like wait i recall, this then i went to some earlier levels and said yeah this is were i was no doubt about it , not my friend save , because it had 3 save files , this is were i was.
            Also not to far of to complete or at least get one real ending for virtue last reward and not to 1 and half chapter left of the first phonix wright so some games i am damn close to complete.

            • The part of Symphonia that got to me was before the ending, after a scene when a certain character revealed his true nature, and there was a skit with Genis crying.

              The Professor Layton games are very story-driven and surprisingly emotional at times.

              Oh yeah, KH2 came close for me, too. I forgot about that.

              I found Undertale somewhat sad… but more emotional in the sense that I felt a strong enough connection to the characters that I when I reached the end, I realized I couldn’t go back through and kill them because I cared too much.

              Wow, that’s a lot of games you have in progress.

              • so long , so cant remember the genis part. But the certain character yeah i remember that i also read depending n the action it can either be kratos or zelos.

                Hmm well i will have to give the proessor layton games i go eventaully. If i manage to find one or two at a reasonable price i will give them ago that reminds me i still need to playtrough that demo.

                Hehe yeah easy to forgot game. The whole ending and the fight with roxas ( only on final mix tough) even my mom thought the msic was brilliant.

                Hmm yeah i see you point ,it does a damn good job giving each character you meet there own distinction ( thats what is called right). I had similar problem in other games, just can recall witch one. But it yeah i wll have that problem too. Just reached mettaon ex. Forgot to shot so had to use food to get trough first phrase ,if yu manage to switch the switch and get game over you can skip the whole first phase and keep the food, that was pretty great.

                Yeah , but the game i mention is games i close to finish, there alot of game i just started like thief 1-3 , commandos and so on. Also i am close to finish the last of us on grounded… but again minor faults in the batter me quite some bit.

                • Actually, that’s not the certain character I was thinking of in Tales of Symphonia. xD Since it is a big spoiler, I don’t want to type it in case someone who hasn’t played read these comments, so I’ll link the scene instead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G680lxxLLiE&t=7m13s

                  Great! I definitely recommend trying the demo to see what Professor Layton puzzles are like.

                  That Roxas battle was tough!

                  Oh yeah, I liked the little touches like that where you can skip the first phase of the Mettaton fight. It might remember that for subsequent playthroughs, too (I know it at least gives you the option to skip the earlier FF6 opera parody with Mettaton).


                  • i wait i see yeah your right i should to be more worry about spoilers thanks for link i know who you mean ow that was suprise indead.

                    Yeah i will do just that. i will give the demo ah go

                    That roxas boss battle i wonder how many times i died on critical alot. I got my ass kicked over and over i was lvel 50 or so when i got to him and i tryed over and over and over again until i figured i need to get a little higher level or least level up the forms. He was tough and the only boss battle i had this much problem with most have been king venderick or the great dragon on dark souls 2. The great dragon was actually easy when you find out that one smart thing to do . Or carpa demon in the orginal game not completed it but carpa demon can go to… i dislike the stuns and the tiny arena so much.
                    Lastly for some reason the second last voss in ff 13 i didnt find him hard per se , but the instant death and especailly when he hit my part leader was so bothersome.

                    Wait what was that a ff 6 opera parody, i knew it was familar , but yeah that opera scene omg so funny.

                    I guss we been there but i am talking to some guys on youtube is there any game story/plot you find meaningful or impactful or that has helped you in anyway.

                    i mean there comes times were all these negative you get from gamers get to you and i am so close to say i dont wanna play more and then i find this hidden gems or just figure fuck those guys i play games for fun and thats my most important factor in a game fun… after fun i put replayvalue, great gameplay, “charm” if you know what i mean, atmosphere, characters ,soundtrack, difficultiy and then story/plot / character drivens something along this lines, depedning a little on genres

                    I just finished wolfenstein new order on uber and i almost regret it.
                    lol batter me quite i bit i ment bother sorry.

                    • Haha, yes. That scene is both my favorite and the one that hit me the hardest.

                      I had trouble with Roxas, but it was nothing compared to how I struggled with the final boss of Riku’s story in Re: Chain of Memories. I struggled with the card-based battle system, and that battle was a nightmare.

                      If you played FF6 already, look up the opera scene again and you’ll see the similarities.

                      I find many games meaningful and impactful, and some just have wonderful stories. Undertale, Tales of Symphonia, Kingdom Hearts, Ace Attorney, these are just a few.

                      And I have to include Bayonetta when it comes to pure fun.

                      How is Wolfenstein: The New Order?

                    • i see, yeah i though roxas was damn great but again we are all different in skills. PS the last boss with his 1000 lasers fuck that i had to press buttons as fast i could , baely made it as i am not good at that stuff.

                      Only played 5 min of COM so cant comment. But i can see what you mean. Have you killed lingering will?

                      Yeah i played ff 6 already, i finished it accoding to my list 2012 , four years ago , i need to finish it at least on more time in quiet with music and take it all in because the game was great . That leaves us at chrono trigger witch i need to finish too. But i will do just that and take a relook at opera and i will most likely see the similarities thanks.

                      Haha yeah and that a criteria i value high bayonetta. Yeah i agree with undertale learn you that everything what do say have a life. cant comment on ace attorney. Kingdom hearts ,well it kind shows that no matter how small you are and as long as you belive in it you can do everything
                      Same with tales of sympphonia about friendship and so on

                      I personally would also at mgs that learns me if you belive in it you can do it.
                      Final fantasy 8 and 10 with friendship etc
                      persona 3-4 with the same but also value family especially regarding persna 4 golden
                      suikoden 1-2 with love, friendship, trust, honor ,war and so on
                      i dont consider this spoilors
                      silent hill 2 nothing is black and white
                      planescape torment ” wont spoil but the whole tag/theme” this game is under is damn great asked my self that for now over a year.

                      i can get you with bayonetta, still not got trough the first one yet but damn is it high on my radar

                      Wolfenstein the new order is great if you want a good modern fps game. That is hard. I wouldnt be suprised if that games normal feel like hard because uber certaintly felt like very hard, that was hard got my assed kicked, last time i had so much problems must be roxas, dark souls 1 carpa demon still not killed him, dark souls 2 ancient dragon until i figured out the easy trick ( that works 90% of the time or so ), king vendrick and perhaps re code veronica .

                      Also i really need to finish the first ace attorney.

                    • also adding to wolenstein it also has a decent story and characters for an fps and heres my short review of it

                      http://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/wolfenstein-the-new-order/user-reviews?sort-by=date&num_items=100 sort it by date is the one under xtord

    • The Roxas battle still took many attempts for me. The final boss of KH2 wasn’t terrible… except that my power went out right after I beat him, so I had to defeat him twice. xD

      I didn’t even come close to beating Lingering Will. I tried, he killed me instantly, and I decided that was enough. I don’t often beat bonus bosses. (I didn’t even get to see the Mysterious Figure in BBS.)

      FF6 and Chrono Trigger are both great. 😀

      Yeah, there are a lot of games with great messages and themes.

      I read your review. 🙂 I’ve considered playing The New Order, but I have so many games to play already…

      And yes, definitely play more Ace Attorney. 😀

      • well i had similar problem. Power went out is bad , that is yeah irriating. First before i mention my problem lets go with kingdom hearts 1 witch crashed in the middle of the ending so i didnt get the trophy or nor watch the credit had to watch the rest of the ending on youtube
        with kingdom hearts 2 i used over 1 and half hr until i got to phase 3 of the last boss and then i got to the last part and failed and i was shit times late so i had to turn of do the whole battle the next day.
        But is not as worse as you since you basically had to defeat him twice.

        I see. What do you need to do for the mysterious figure in BBS. What about sephiroth?

        I see thanks. How was the review. No like haha is ok 🙂 well glad to help

        I want to ask i found a web store called 365games from uk that sends to norway i am planning or thinking about buying

        The world ends with you. I heard is good an as far as i know 3ds isnt region locked. its at 17.00£ us pound worth it? As i rather have a legal copy then it on emualtor
        I am also think about buying Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 3 Trials & Tribulations Game DS also ntsc for 15.50 . Do i need to finish both the 1 and 2 to enjoy the 3. They dont have 1 and 2 in stock and i heard the third one is the best

        Also lastly while i am at it i will buy dragon quest vii on the 3ds , unfourtantly on dragon quest on ds/3ds on the store … and well is coming is 7 days
        And i might also buy a steins gate on ps3 for 10 pound

        so aorund 73 pound

        So good deal?

        The thing is i heard great thing about well all of these games and well i would most likely buy them but a input on phoneix and the world ends with you would be nice
        + steins gate well ps vita version isnt there

        Now it makes me wonder could you make a satisying top 10 or top 20 list?

        • also i can get ominusha 3 for four buck on the pc , i heard is pretty good.

        • Aw man, it’s always disappointing when that sort of thing happens. (I’m so relieved it didn’t happen in the final battle of CoM for me. I couldn’t have gone through that again.)

          Yeah, I won the final battle, the cutscene started…. and there went the power. But hey, he’s one of my favorite characters, so I didn’t object too much to facing him again. xD

          I’ve never beaten Sephiroth in a Kingdom Hearts game either.

          Birth By Sleep has a couple of bonus bosses, and Mysterious Figure won’t even appear until you beat the first one. Since I couldn’t do that, no Mysterious Figure for me.

          I thought it was a good review. I don’t have a Metacritic account, though.

          The World Ends With You is amaaaaaaazing! Get it get it get it!! Okay, the combat system takes a little getting used to, but if you can get past that, it’s a truly fantastic awesome game! (Can you tell it’s one of my favorites?)
          (Also, technically the 3DS is region-locked, but not for DS games, so any imported DS game will play fine.)

          Trials & Tribulations is the best, but one of the things that makes it so great is how it wraps up the trilogy. You could play it on its own, but it wouldn’t mean as much to you. But the Phoenix Wright Trilogy is also on the eShop, if you don’t mind digital games!

          The PS3 version of Steins;Gate is identical to the Vita version (except that it’s not portable, obviously).

          Sounds like a good deal for some great games, although I would definitely recommend playing the first two Ace Attorney games before T&T.

          A top 10 or 20 list of my favorite games, you mean?

          • Wait you really liked Xemnas? Still not that funny with power

            I see well beating Sephiroth in kingdom hearts isnt hard, is actually very fun.

            I see, too bad. Well i will try to make the appear on birth by sleep

            Ah all right i see. Well thanks it was one of my more shorter once. And well i will probably take a small review of every game i complete, perhaps some long once.

            Ah i see. Thanks. well i take it the gameplay is good if get used to it? well it sounds high on your list of favourite games when i read it longer up when it was vs pokemon gold and silver

            Hmm i might be better off buying the on eshop , i forgot about them, i prefer physical, but then again i can only get nr 3 physical, and we talking about ds game yeah i will buy 1 and 2 and 3 on eshop thanks for tips, even tough i have soon done with the 5 case i think on the first on emualtor ,isnt there 6 on the first one?

            Yeah i see, well i will buy it on my ps3, even tough games like that is porbably bit better experincing on a handheld.

            Do you know how much the phoneix triolgy is on eshop?

            weird having b-day today and well yeah 🙂
            yeah i meant favourite games

            • Yeah, Xemnas is one of my favorites!

              TWEWY’s gameplay takes a lot of getting used to, but then it’s fun, or at least I found it fun. The thing is that you have two separate battles to control on the two screens at once, which is hard at first. (But you can set the top battle screen to run on auto until you get better at handling both together.)

              No, the first game only has 5 cases. The original Japanese release had 4, and Rise from the Ashes was added later.

              The Phoenix Wright Trilogy is $29.99 on the eShop.

              Oh, it’s your birthday today?

              Maybe I’ll make a list sometime.

              • nice

                Well i see well i ordered it with steins gate and dragon quest 7. Damn dragon quest 7 and bioshock collection on the same days 16 sep

                I see then i a min the middle of the 4 case and have well 1 and half left

                30 on eshop well i save alot then so yeah i will give it a shot.

                Tried the new phoenix wright game spirits of justice?

                Yeah well i didnt really have to mention i have bird day , but yeah i do 🙂

                i see well no rush, it isnt easy. But i take twewy would be high on that list.

                There is pretty fun readin ppl who claims it is the best game ever so on, i mean nothing wrong with it , the only thing it proves is that it is good.

                • Great! I hope you enjoy them.

                  Well, you aren’t as close to the end as you might think, because Rise from the Ashes is really long, haha.

                  Yep, I’ve played through the first case of Spirit of Justice and started the second. It’s great so far. 😀

                  Well, Happy Birthday!

                  Definitely, TWEWY is fantastic. Also, if you ever get a chance to play Ghost Trick, that’s another excellent DS game.

                  • Thanks.

                    Just finished undertale and i replayed the last part for true pacifict ending , i will only say what a game , and it has a lot of charm… i was about to say it ozez with charm ,but dont sounds like a bit to direct translated from norwegian language and that works very rarely.

                    i see well. Then i have 1 and half long episode left i am going to enjoy.

                    I might get on to finish them ( phoenix wright) after i am done with to the moon, just started got around according to steam 99 min in …. effectively i guess 70 mins.

                    Nice , i am thinking about buying it for my 3ds, if i end up getting to a game store tommorow ,but i doubt i will have the chance.

                    Thanks 🙂 i didnt really have to mention it , but yeah well… completed undertale as i said about 2 hrs ago and that ending i taught the game crashed , did i knew the game would joke with that i dont think i would have wanted to finish undertale on my birthday.

                    Yeah i am looking for to twewy, i heard it has alot of charm, a great story, a great soundtrack and is genrally fantastic but even underrated rpg.

                    I tried see if i could buy ghost trick for norway i found it for £53.99 and thats without toll. So i think i will have to emulate it, or if it is on eshop , seemed it is when i wrote nintendo eshop norway, i cant find the price tough. But if is there i will buy it.

                    Thanks for the recommendation , always recommened 🙂

                    It looks like a fun game indead 🙂

                    • Undertale is definitely very charming. 😀 So what did you think of the ending? And the True Laboratory, which I didn’t see coming at all.

                      Great! Let me know what you think of To the Moon!

                      Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice are eShop-only everywhere outside of Japan.

                      Unfortunately, Ghost Trick isn’t on the eShop.

                      Ah, I’ve never played Ultima IV or Day of the Tentacle.

                    • I see sorry about the multiple post. I just wel forget something and felt that i should add it.
                      Well i want to rephrase it have you played any of the ultima games. Also if you have played grim fandango by any chance i highly recommend days of the tentacle

                      Also is there any rts game you really like?
                      In case you ever read steam reviews and you dont mind i will give you my link to my reviews if thats ok?

                      About undertale. Well i didnt like the neutral ending , because well it didnt explain much.

                      But the true pacifist ending was damn good. It was pretty satisfing , however i still think i would have choosen the other optin instead of staying with toriel, because after what gather, if you chooce you have places to go you will be with Sans and so on?
                      So all in all the whole game was very good, and especailly the true pacifist ending. However the flowey form https://www.google.no/search?q=flowey+boss&espv=2&biw=1920&bih=949&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj3sKzQ1ofPAhWBriwKHXeaCKIQ_AUIBigB#imgrc=9cEm2zQnIhTEKM%3A can go to hell or something, creppy.
                      And again the “glitch” really hit me compared to the one in arkham aslym.

                      The true laboratory was , well reat, , unfourtantly i knew it would come in the true ending because i managed unfourtantly to read about that it was atrue labotary, however the place , the monsters you meet, the logs well i didnt that parts coming. I didnt see how it was coming so it was great , even tough i managed to spilt that the place existed.

                      Yeah i will do just that give you whati think about the moon, ofc i will reviiew it too, but yeah i will tell you what i think , 2 hrs in and is very good so far.

                      I see . Well i ask is every phoenix wright game worth playing or is there anyone you would skip? i will play trouh the first 3 because well as you say they are connected and wrap up the triolgy i didnt knew they were that connected that my problem with alot of trilogies one of the games in the triology always feel a little out of place or not connected in some sense. Like the only reason you really need to play mass effect 2 while i honestly think is one of bioware last great games, is that it introuce alot of important characters, but thats it the plot has basiically nothing to do with mass effect 3 or 1.

                      I see thanks for info, i was a little suprised i dindt find the at store today but now i see why. Will you review spirit of justice?

                      Thats to bad, well then i will have to go the unlegal way an emulate it. But i still wonder has it been removed then from nintendo as if you go on http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/ca3KEHw8wz8MgtPzp6kxuET6qRUS2Hof

                      I am sorry that we end up continung the discussion.
                      PS: i see that you dont like rts game is there any rts game you think is good like starcrafT?

                  • Also i just checked steam or read and norwegian article abut remastering games, i forgot to say i completed also days of the tentacle earlier this year. Forgot to add it onto my paper sheet 🙂

                • Btw i wanted to ask while i remember ever played ultima iv?

          • Sorry that was on purpose that it only was a T.

    • This comment chain is starting to get difficult to look through. Feel free to take the conversation to another page or place, since we’ve focused on this post up until now.

      I haven’t played any Ultima games yet. I have Grim Fandango Remastered but it’s still in my backlog of doom.

      I don’t like to play RTS games, but I watched a friend play through the StarCraft games and enjoyed the story.
      And sure, sending me links to your reviews is fine.

      Hahaha, yes, Flowey’s form is horrifying, and his “glitches” got to me, too.

      Every Phoenix Wright game is worth playing, but you don’t need to play the spin-offs to understand the story. But after the trilogy, you should definitely play Apollo Justice and Dual Destinies before moving on to Spirit of Justice.

      Hmm, you don’t think Mass Effect 2’s plot ties to the other two?

      I’ll definitely review Spirit of Justice. I’m reviewing it for a freelance job, too, so I’ll probably end up reviewing it twice, once there and once here.

      Ghost Trick was never on the eShop, as far as I know. Haven’t only a handful of DS games been added to the Wii U virtual console? You should be able to find it on Amazon, though.

  5. LKegittttttttttttttttttt

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