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Nov 112015

November-2015-Nintendo-DirectNintendo has announced a new Nintendo Direct for tomorrow at 2 PM PT/5 PM ET.

This will be the first Nintendo Direct since the sad passing of Mr. Iwata, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see some sort of tribute to him. Aside from that, it will focus on upcoming Wii U and 3DS games (and not NX or mobile).

So, what can we expect to see?

Let me get my usual unlikely guesses out of the way first. These are not predictions so much as more of my pipe dreams: I want Ace Attorney Investigations 2. Bundle it with Apollo Justice and Investigations, and you’ve got the perfect 3DS follow-up to the Trilogy to bring the entire series to 3DS.

They can call it the Not Phoenix Wright Trilogy, or the Red Trilogy, or anything they want, but I want to see AAI2 officially localized.

The same goes for Dai Gyakuten Saiban. Maybe Capcom’s lack of news was actually because Nintendo wanted to keep it a secret for this Nintendo Direct. Yeah.

Actual Predictions

Now that the pipe dreams are out of the way, what about new information about Ace Attorney 6? That one is being localized, and it certainly qualifies as an upcoming 3DS game.

I expect to see new details about Xenoblade Chronicles X. It comes out in less than a month, the latest “survival guide” was just revealed, and this is the perfect way to remind people about it before the holidays.

I also predict at least a few details about Star Fox Zero and The Legend of Zelda Wii U. And possibly Genei Ibun Roku #Fe, which could use an official English title so people don’t say, “What?” when I talk about it. Nintendo needs to remind people about the Wii U’s strong upcoming games.

Then there are rumors of games like Twilight Princess HD, which has enough supporting evidence that it could be officially announced tomorrow. I’d love to see other Wii games announced for the Wii U, too.

Pokemon-ZygardeWhen it comes to surprises, what about Pokémon Z?

No one knew if X and Y would get a third version, but with the recent details about Zygarde, it seems likely (unless they get direct sequels like the previous generation did).

Personally, I found Pokémon X/Y disappointing, and it’ll take a lot to convince me to get Z. Nevertheless, I think we have a good chance of seeing it.

I also predict we’ll see more of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, the crossover between the Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario series announced at E3. It’s coming out everywhere but here next month (why such a long delay?), so it’s about time they show more footage.

Hopefully footage that involves characters. And plots. Please do not repeat the mistakes Sticker Star made

Those are my only Nintendo Direct predictions right now. Tomorrow, join me in watching it on the official site. What do you hope to see–and what do you expect to see?

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  5 Responses to “November 2015 Nintendo Direct Predictions”

  1. I expect nothing. I don’t really hope for much anyway. I don’t think there will be anything new, quite frankly.

    …still leaving work early to get home before it starts.

  2. Not sure how you define “new details” about wot you predicted

    …but you totally didn’t predict CLOUD STRIFE.

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