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Mar 112016

Beastmaster-and-PrinceBy now you probably know that while the dark, twisted part of me writes Lovecraftian horror and loves Silent Hill, another part of me plays games about lawyers and bird romances.

(Don’t worry, my look at bird lawyers is on the way.)

So when I saw a Kickstarter to localize a game where you interact with princes who have been enchanted into animals, with a special “Cuddle System” where you pet their animals forms, I laughed for a while and then said, “This is adorable, I want it.”

Beastmaster and Prince is an otome game (visual novel marketed to a female audience, usually romantic) about a young woman named Tiana who wants to be a Beastmaster. She meets four princes who have been cursed into the shapes of animals: one became a lion, the second a wolf, the third a duck, and the fourth a rabbit.

While searching for a way to life the curse, Tiana learns of a conspiracy within the kingdom.

Beastmaster-and-Prince-AlfredThe game was pretty popular in Japan, and now Gloczus, Inc. and b2g Studio hope to bring it to the West.

However, this project is for more than just the original Beastmaster and Prince game. It also includes the Snow Bride fandisc which continues the story, as well as additional side stories.

It will be the complete Beastmaster and Prince experience, with the original Japanese voice acting, available for Steam. After its Steam release, they may consider a Vita version, as well.

If the Kickstarter project meets its goal, that is.

It suffered early on from a disorganized setup and lack of higher-tier goals. Since then, it’s improved a lot and more backers have joined us… but will it be enough? At the time I’m writing this, Beastmaster and Prince has 26 hours left to make the remaining $78,000 it needs.

So if a game about curses, princes, animals, and romance sounds good to you, or if you just want to support otome localization in general (as they hope to bring more otome games to the West if the market is there), head over to the Beastmaster and Prince Kickstarter!

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  3 Responses to “Last Chance to Bring Beastmaster & Prince to the West”

  1. So I guess my question is if you normally are into otome games.

    • I’m new to the visual novel genre overall (since I got in with partial VNs like Ace Attorney and have only recently moved on to actual visual novels), so I’m new to otome games, but interested in them.

      Hatoful Boyfriend is the only otome game I’ve played, other than checking out a couple mobile ones as research when I got a freelance job writing one, but I have Norn9: Var Commons and hope to play it soon.

  2. […] in 2016, I supported a Kickstarter to localize an otome visual novel called Beastmaster and […]

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