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May 202016

E3-2016Part of the fun of E3 (for me, at least) is surprises that come out of nowhere. At the same time, some announcements can be predicted.

I already have two years’ worth of pipe dreams I don’t expect to see at E3… but here are a few I consider plausible predictions.

(Things that have already been confirmed, like The Legend of Zelda and Mass Effect: Andromeda don’t count as “predictions.”)

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Release Date

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, which is on the list because it’s my most-anticipated game of the year and not just because I love typing its title, is due out this year.

E3 is the perfect time to give it a release date, so I expect to end E3 knowing just when I’ll be able to play it.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

We still have plenty of reasons to be worried about the Final Fantasy VII Remake. What better way to calm (hopefully) fans’ fears than by showing off more gameplay… and explaining just how its multi-part structure is going to work?

Crash Bandicoot

That’s right, there are too many signs for me not to include it. I think Crash Bandicoot is about to return, and I think Sony will announce it this E3.

Mother 3

Mother-3Yep, that’s right. Even though Nintendo’s E3 plans seem confusing at best, I think they’ll sneak in a Mother 3/EarthBound 2 announcement. Last E3, they announced EarthBound Beginnings at the Nintendo World Championships, so the lack of an actual E3 show doesn’t prevent this.

Halo 6

Halo 5 was first teased in 2013 and came out last October. Halo 6 might not be ready for a while yet, but I’d be surprised if we didn’t get at least a quick tease.

I didn’t intend for my headings to form a triangle, but now that they have, it seems a shame to mess it up (even if Halo already kinda does). So I’ll leave it at those five predictions.

What do you think? Will my E3 2016 predictions come true? Are any implausible enough to belong with my pipe dreams instead? And what are your predictions for this year’s E3 show?

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  4 Responses to “E3 2016 Predictions”

  1. Mother 3 is gonna happen, I’m tellin’ ya.

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