Operation Backlog Completion 2024
May 272016

We’ve got release windows for two Japanese games to talk about today.


Muv-LuvFirst up, Muv-Luv.

Back in January, I discussed Muv-Luv as one of several games I’ve crowd-funded and explained it’s supposed to be one of the best visual novel series ever.

According to the latest announcement, the translation for Muv-Luv Extra is finished, and Muv-Luv Unlimited should be ready in June.

The planned release date for Muv-Luv in the West is July. They have cancelled the beta test so they can focus on getting the full release ready in time.

Muv-Luv (Extra and Unlimited) has a Steam page now. Muv-Luv Alternative is planned to follow in the winter. It hasn’t appeared on PSN yet, but it will be released for the Vita, as well.

Unfortunately, physical copies were only available to backers.

I look forward to finding out in July what Muv-Luv is all about.

Dragon Quest Builders

Next, a game most people thought wouldn’t be localized has been announced for the West… Dragon Quest Builders, available for PS4 and Vita.

While Dragon Quest Builders is a Minecraft-esque building game, it’s also an action RPG with a full-length story mode.

One thing I find really cool about it is that it’s set in the same world as the original game, which I actually played, following an alternate ending where the hero joins the Dragonlord instead of defeating him.

I’m not much of a sandbox/builder fan, but the story has me interested. It’s also just good to see Square Enix showing confidence in the West’s Dragon Quest market.

Dragon Quest Builders will be out in October.

Are you interested in either Muv-Luv or Dragon Quest Builders? Why or why not?

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  3 Responses to “Muv-Luv Set for July, Dragon Quest Builders in October”

  1. “Unfortunately, physical copies were only available to backers.”

    Were you that cheap that you couldn’t pay over 9000 for the Physical Copy? lol

    I could pay the same price just by working at Mikey D’s! lol

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