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May 182016

Turnabout-Across-Time-LarryAlong with Ace Attorney 6’s English title and release window, we learned earlier this week that there will be a DLC called “Turnabout Across Time” as well as the two bonus episodes.

Now we know a little more about it.

Turnabout Across Time will be free for the first few weeks after Spirit of Justice’s Japanese release. According to the announcement, it will be a “complete volume” with investigation and trial sections.

It features, Phoenix, Maya, Edgeworth, and… Larry!

Larry is probably the unannounced returning character we heard about, but there are more possibilities I’ll get to soon.

Capcom released a special 11-minute trailer introducing the DLC case. This video is rather insane, but it’s a fourth-wall-breaking skit meant to advertise the DLC, so its contents shouldn’t be taken literally. (Apparently Capcom has made these before. Here’s an amusing one for Apollo Justice.)

All right, let’s take a look at the Turnabout Across Time skit, uploaded by Bolt2nd.

I emphasized that it intentionally breaks the fourth wall, because some people took the trailer’s ridiculous tone to mean the case can’t be canon. (And Oldbag probably won’t appear in the case, since the trailer used her 2D model, unlike Larry.)

The basic gist of the trailer is that the DLC case will involve time travel (probably not for real), and someone whose name begins with “M” will get married.

This character is someone who has appeared in both the original trilogy and the Investigations games. As a result, the most popular possibilities are:

  • Larry (His Japanese name is Masashi.)
  • Edgeworth (Mitsurugi)
  • Franziska (Mei)
  • Maggey (Mako)

Even though Larry is in the case, it’s probably not him. The later part of the video shows Larry was actually being kicked out of the ceremony.

Many people are really hoping it’s Maggey marrying Gumshoe. And you know, I hope so too. I’d like to see Gumshoe again, and it would be nice for those two to get a happy ending after everything they’ve been through.

(However, it’s possible Larry faked the clues entirely, and there is no returning character getting married, just the couple seen in the video.)

7 minutes of Turnabout Across Time gameplay has also been uploaded by Calios.

I’m so happy we can investigate anywhere again.

What do you think of Turnabout Across Time? If it comes West, will you play it? And who do you think is getting married? Let me know in the comments.

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