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Jun 012016

Final-Fantasy-XV-campI’ve warmed up toward Final Fantasy XV a lot since it was revealed. A couple months ago, I went so far as to say I believe in it, even though it’s open world.

Guess what?

Final Fantasy XV isn’t fully open world after all.

To clarify, I don’t want all my games to be linear, not by any means. The growing trend of open world games disturbs me because I prefer the semi-linear style where new areas unlock as you progress and the world gradually opens up.

Well, that’s actually the style Final Fantasy XV has!

In a new Active Time Report, Square Enix revealed many details about Final Fantasy XV. Gematsu compiled them all, and what stood out to me the most?

“The game isn’t set in an open world where you can freely go wherever you like. Since there is a main quest, the more you progress, the more places you’ll be able to go.”

Yes! New areas unlock as you progress. And what about backtracking?

“You can return to areas you’ve previously visited so long as it’s before the last boss.”

It’s still not like having a world map (which I love), but I’ll take it!

There’s fast-travel, too. I’ve grown to appreciate fast-travel with the lack of a world map, so I’m happy it’s there as an option. Of course, I can’t wait to fly the car, and apparently it’s possible to crash and get a game over if you don’t land properly.

A ton of other details were announced, such as that the white-hooded man shown in the E3 2013 trailer will still appear in the game.

Oh, and the main characters’ profiles have been updated with new information about them, such as their ages. Personally, I expected Ignis and Gladiolus to be a little older than 22 and 23, but apparently not.

There’s a lot to look through, so be sure to check out the article from Gematsu. Right now, I’m thrilled it isn’t a full open world and more excited for Final Fantasy XV than ever.

What about you?

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