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Jul 082016

World-of-Final-FantasyAfter initial confusion about just what this game is, World of Final Fantasy looks increasingly like a fun and exciting addition to the Final Fantasy series, especially for fans of turn-based combat.

Our look at the villains was interesting, and gameplay footage at E3 helped show how this is more than just a cute crossover using characters from various Final Fantasy games.

(Although it definitely looks adorable.)

It’s also supposed to have 100 hours worth of story content.

Now, PlayStation Access has posted a 9-minute video showing more World of Final Fantasy gameplay and explaining how it works.

Let’s take a look.

As the video shows, World of Final Fantasy lets you capture (or “imprism”) monsters in a Pokémon-esque system. Different monsters have different criteria for how to capture them.

These monsters can then be “stacked” on top of the playable characters to give you certain abilities in battle. New monster abilities are unlocked through a system similar to Final Fantasy X’s Sphere Grid. Enemies can also stack, and you can topple them.

Characters from Final Fantasy games can be summoned in battle for special attacks. (And for pure Final Fantasy fanservice, of course. Even Shelke is in this game, so chances are good you’ll see your favorites.)

You can fast-forward through scenes, including lengthy summons. World of Final Fantasy will also have some sort of multiplayer aspect.

World of Final Fantasy looks like it’ll be a really fun game, and the video mentions its “massive story,” which is always nice to hear. It’s due out on October 25 for the PlayStation 4 and Vita, and I can’t wait to play it.

What do you think of World of Final Fantasy?

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  2 Responses to “9 Minutes of World of Final Fantasy Gameplay”

  1. So it’s basically Final Fantasy and Pokémon?

    I actually thought Tama in the video was a Pachirisu.

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