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Jul 252016

Sweet-Shuu-2016For April Fool’s Day, Moa Hato accepted questions from fans to be used in a Q&A with none other than Shuu Iwamine. That Q&A is now translated and available in English in visual novel format.

In this universe, Shuu is a sweet, compassionate soul willing to help anyone and everyone with their problems.

(Anyone familiar with the Hatoful Boyfriend games should know why “Sweet Shuu” is appropriate for an April Fool’s Joke.)

Sweet Shuu did a Q&A in 2015 as well, and that one might be translated later.

Sweet Shuu 2016 is quite short, but worth a read if you want more of him or the Hatoful universe, or just the surreal experience of Shuu giving good, kind advice.

Speaking of more Hatoful material, Tohri’s standalone route should be coming soon for those of us who didn’t play the PSN or iOS versions.

That’s right, iOS. Hatoful Boyfriend is available for iOS devices. This version is based on the PS4 and PS Vita versions, so it includes Tohri.

What next, a physical copy? Hey, I’d buy it in an instant!

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