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Aug 082016
Chibi Pyramid Head?

Chibi Pyramid Head?

Bandai Namco has opened up a teaser site for a game called Little Nightmares.

The site encourages you to “Unveil what has been lurking in the darkest depths” and features a sliding block puzzle. Once you solve it, you’re treated to the picture I’ve included here.

Two more puzzles will be available, one each day, after which we’ll get a video (most likely a trailer).

The ominous tagline, along with the Pyramid Head-esque character (although Pyramid Head has never looked so cute) and of course the title of the game, suggests this will be some sort of horror game.

“Little Nightmares” was trademarked back in May, along with “Children of the Maw” and “Grim Lullabies.” At the time, it was the only one without a domain. The other two also sound as though they might have horror themes.

Bandai Namco had previously announced it would show a new IP for “a western audience” at Gamescom 2016. This looks like it might be it, although the teaser suggests we’ll see something from this game before then.

One way or another, Little Nightmares will definitely be shown at Gamescom. The press has received a special invitation to a “secret meeting” at Gamescom.


“Something is stirring in the kitchen.
Sweet & disgusting in equal measure,
it is a dish unlike anything we’ve ever served before,
and we’d like to give you a taste!”

The follow-up, about someone “tiptoeing through the shadows over the last 12 months” sounds more in-keeping with the horror themes, but what are we to take from the rest? Every line contains cooking references.

Right now, I’m going to guess Little Nightmares is a cute horror game with food themes. What do you think it is?

Update: Some fans believe it could be Hunger, an indie horror/puzzle game announced in 2014.

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  2 Responses to “Bandai Namco Teases “Little Nightmares””

  1. Haha, can’t access the puzzle – it says “this site requires a computer”!
    In this day and age …???
    Very odd choice by BN. Very last century.

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