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KingsglaivePhysical copies of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV won’t be available until October 4, but digital copies are available now.

To say there is a difference of opinion between critics and fans about this movie would be an understatement. Critics seem to hate it, while Final Fantasy fans love it.

I watched Kingsglaive yesterday, and I enjoyed it. It would struggle to stand on its own, since it has many loose ends and unanswered questions, and that’s probably why it’s not a hit with the critics. But as a lead-in to Final Fantasy XV? It’s epic.

Kingsglaive is fully CGI, but it mostly escapes the uncanny valley. The visuals are impressive, as is the majority of the voice work. As for the action, it’s flashy and exciting.

The movie’s fast pace causes some difficulty with character development. Aside from a few core characters, you don’t have a good chance to really get to know the cast. In particular, Ravus feels as though he’s there solely to set up his role in Final Fantasy XV, and he could have been cut from the movie without much changing.

Click for Kingsglaive spoiler
Crowe also felt mishandled, since dies so early on. It was hard for me to really empathize with Nyx and Libertus over her death. The scene was written as though I should feel sad, but I didn’t know her well enough> Instead, I just felt puzzled about why the writers killed her off so soon.

But don’t take that to mean Kingsglaive is all action and no substance. On the contrary, the plot is exciting and often tense. I wanted to know what would happen next, and some of the character interactions were great. In particular, I loved the conversation about the “theft” between King Regis and Emperor Aldercapt, and it gave me a greater appreciation for the emperor as a villain.

There’s also a twist I never saw coming, which I won’t spoil.

Kingsglaive also sets up some intriguing situations for Final Fantasy XV to handle. For example, Regis consistently prioritizes Noctis over anyone else, and while it’s understandable (both because Noctis is his son and because of repeated hints that Noctis’s destiny is key to saving the world), it means many of his people don’t trust or like him.

Additionally, it gives a taste of the lore of Final Fantasy XV’s world, which I’m excited to see more of.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV isn’t a perfect movie, but it’s an epic lead-in to Final Fantasy XV that has me looking forward to the game more than ever. If you plan to play Final Fantasy XV, I highly recommending watching Kingsglaive, either digitally now, or physically in October.

Have you seen Kingsglaive? Do you want to? Share your thoughts or questions about Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV in the comments!

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  49 Responses to “Kingsglaive is an Epic Lead-in to Final Fantasy XV”

  1. So gonna watch this when it gets a physial copy, i think i wait til then. Nice review tough. Lets hope when xv finally get released is being good. Did the game and movie get pushed back at the same time? Because orginally the game should have come out at 30th september. But now is november . and is good that it sets up the villain better. So as a and i guess is the only game series i consider me fan of as a ff fan i hope i will enjoy this movie.

    If you were to chooce , this or advent children ( extened cut)

    • According to norwegian store , now i have a feeling is a bit off, the physical release seems to come out in norway 30th september.

      • The movie was set to come with the movie but also as a standalone physical copy in October. As far as I know, that hasn’t changed.

        I’d pick Kingsglaive over Advent Children. Advent Children was fun, especially if you love the FF7 cast, but I think Kingsglaive is a better movie.

        • Well lets talk about kingsglaive then. I too would pick it above advent children even if i really like it too.

          I taught this movie was pretty damn great.
          While your say that Regis prioritizes Noctis above all else the movie made it quite clear that Regis also held Lunafreya at high regard and knew that she too had a destiny.

          The way forward for the story and plot will be intersting . What do you thin happend to the General. It also seemed quite certain that Nyx would die… even tough i find it weird that he last reply is something like this “prince lead well” or something with no mention to Lunafreya witch he seemed to think a little better of as the movie went on.

          And then there is the general did he die or not, i guess he dont….

          Still i am little unsure what you mean with the great twist

          Anyway i really liked Lunafreya, and is weird in the sense that square has for once made both the two big hereos her and Noctis it seems, boht over 20 years old and she actually older then her.
          What do you think will happen between those two, would they marry? would they not?

          Anyway all in all the characters was great, the movie was fantastic imo, was pretty darn solid for a ff movie.

          I also found Libetus pretty good , at least by the end when he figured what really happend.
          And then what about Ravus and Ardyn. Ravus couldnt use the ring , but it seemed quite clear her sister could.

          Well all in all a good movie and again i really liked what we saw of the world , the lore and the characters / and they design especially notably on Lunafreya, perhaps a bit weird dress but , again is fantasy so it was weird in a very good way

          • That’s true, Regis definitely looks out for Luna, too. I meant it mainly in the sense of prioritizing Noctis over his citizens.

            I think it’s interesting how Kingsglaive left that ambiguous. Neither Nyx nor General Glauca dies on-screen, so it’s possible either or both of them could still be alive. I believe it’s been stated Nyx will appear “in some form” in the game, but that could mean anything–vision, flashback, ghost–without him necessarily surviving.

            The twist I referenced that I never saw coming was Glauca’s identity.

            Well, Noctis and Luna are supposed to marry, but it doesn’t seem like there’s any real romantic attachment between them yet. I wonder how that relationship will develop.

            Yeah, I liked the characters. Ravus intrigues me because I wonder what role he’ll play in the game. He’s probably still after the power of the ring, but beyond that, who knows? I could see him being anything from a minor villain to a major one.

            • Yeah i agree there.

              I agree is ambiguous , but Nyx made a pact with the gods and they gave him one day to live. So he will most likely die during the game.
              General Glauca , i have feeling he will survive, i mean it seems a little obvious , he also referenced as a npc in the wiki, it seems like a perfect boss.

              I see, yeah that was suprising.

              True that. However after what i read even tough the marriage seems forced , or is forced , i read some places that their are a romantic involed.


              I dont know if you read this:
              “enjoy Kingsglaive! Let me know what you think of it, maybe even over on my Kingsglaive review
              even tough i didnt read it before after i watched the movie thanks!

              I will read you above comment thourghly later. Me and mom is watching Se7en.

              Also weird qursion but how did you find the characters look/ outfit ?”

              Anyway here the thing tough it seemed to me that Luna could use the ring. As she appperantly can talk to gods.
              Both her and Noctis has a destiny what their destiny is , seems little unclear, but i have feeling its something like that
              Lunafreya destiny is to help or even protcet noctis so noctics destiny of saving the world or unite/ ( witch is pretty standard in final fantasy or something) Also it seems a little obvious as Lunafreya choosed to stay with the Empire at the beggining we dont know why , but it seems to me she almost had to let go of Regis hand to buy them time as to run with her in the hands well they would be caught up or something… no i woundt be suprised that their second destiny is to actually marry each other….
              I mean here is the thing and while all this is pretty much well not confirmed ,but perhaps even a poor teory, a teory never the less is , Noctis is the heir to Lucis … and well Luna is the princess to Tenebrae and for some reason not explained give them some independence or autonmy or whatever so the thing is what happens if Noctis dies, because he wont die in the game that is pretty clear until square has a suprise and making him die at the end of the game to save Luna and the world, but he need someone to take over the throne as king when he gets older or if he even wants to rule or let it go to Luna.
              I dont know perhaps the only will stay friends.

              Here is the weird thing tough and this a thing i notice in games and movies , not as mush in real life, and might be wrong tough … it seems to Noctis is 20 ( most final fantasy protagonist has been 18 or 19 with the exeptations of cloud who is 21 and tifa ( arguably Aeris) who is 20 i think and Luna is apparently 24. Now often in games and final fantasy the main heroine witch seems to be Lunafreya in xv, is usually either a little younger as the protagonist or the same age , with probably a expetians in rinoa who 18 born in march and squall 18 buy born in august…. my point is there is 4 year difference seemingly between Noctis and Luna…. you could argue is cliche if the marry ,but the same time it wont at least regarding what to say final fantasy tradisions if you can call it that or games, there very often in games imo and movies at least from what i see that the heroine is younger or at the same age as the progtagonist , now i hope Lunafreya and Noctis and not forced ,but in beliveable way get together, it seems that Noctis could need some help regarding rulling if he ends up doing that or leaving it to someone else witch seems so far to only be Luna.

              The weird thing me and my mom i showed her Luna`s outfit dont ask me why she said she didnt like it to much ,but as fantasy outfit ( or fantasy outfit even in real life) it was more then ok. Dont even ask my why i needed to tell you this
              Again off topic ,but i found the overall characters great.

              • are you going to fix so you can eventually edit comments btw

              • Yes, I also think Nyx is dead. As for Glauca… well, part of Kingsglaive takes place at the same time as the early part of the game, so he could theoretically appear in the game without surviving Kingsglaive. That might be a bit odd for the game, though.

                Ah yes, I did see that comment, but I didn’t get a chance to reply to it before this one.

                About their outfits, I thought their outfits looked fine in the movie. The overall character designs did too, although the differences between Luna’s movie appearance and game appearance bug me a little.

                Luna is an Oracle, which means she can speak with the gods, but I don’t think that necessarily means she could use the ring. The Lucii are the past kings of Lucis, so I’m not sure Luna’s abilities would matter to them.

                Their destiny seems to have something to do with this “Plague of Stars” which Square Enix has been very vague about.

                It will definitely be interesting to see what happens with them. However, I think Noctis will become king and rule Lucis himself. I think part of his character development will be growing into someone who can be a ruler.

                • yeah i see, fair point with Glauca.
                  Wait it does ,the early part of the game takes place at the same time at hte movie.

                  I see , sorry for that.

                  Well i agree about the outfit , i taught the dress Lna wore was pretty nice , especially for what do ay a fantasy dress. The overall designs too.
                  Yeah i am confliced to about the movie apperance and the game appearnce …. this is how i look at it …


                  Your probably seen this one before ,but i found as some say that the movie version looks arguably more relastic and the game version more pretty.
                  If you compare the facial features from both there are some minor difference guess it can be due to it making it hard to include on a game characters also , their outfit from movie and game for luna seems very different , even her hands i noticed was diffferent and dont ask me how i did, but i find these weird things.
                  But again i still found her movie version overall good ,but the upper right picture as some say she almost looks a little dehydrated perhaps. The lower right is pretty good and so is both ge game version on left as many say we cant forget or it been hinted at the shes has had a rough time during these 12 years , and she s apperantly had some child abuse i heard.

                  hmm perhaps not, but i still recall her or did she just hide the ring in the movie, cuz at the end she had it didnt she? also what about the trident?

                  The only thing i find regarding plae of stars is that the nighs will be longer and thus the world could fall in complete darkness. I mean is seems clear in that cast after i quick search on oracle that is Luna destiny to halt it , and well what about Noctis i mean , he might have the same destiny , but according to wiki is only the oracle who can halt it so Noctis must have something else to do with it

                  Hmm i see fair enough, so what you think happens to Luna then? i kind hope the end up together , i mean ff 6 had the end of world in ruins, ff 7 well nothing happens between cloud and tifa it seems, ff 8 has arguably a pretty happy ending with rinoa and squall kissing , the same with ix. X has tidus leaving Yuna alone, xii wont spoilt that too xiii-lighting retursn well Serah dies, Vanille and Fang become crystals so not very happy that eiher, well is kind of happy in xiii, but with the sequel not that much , but i would love to see a happy ending , but still a emotinal game. Could Noctis die to save Luna for example or the oppsite? i heard alot of ppl claim that if they going to kill off one of them then should kill both… As of now alot of the female chacters in the game seems to be the one doing a lot for the word, x being Yuna saving the world, knowingly she “would die” and so on ,i am not saying the male doesnt do alot ,because they do like Cloud , Squall and Zidane, but where would all the be without a girl or the others to help them. Rinoa made Squall change witch kind of made it possible to kill Ultemecia and so on.

                  Would you like to see a marriage between Luna and Noctis? If we count main characters we havent had a reall romantic relationship in ff since x, xii and xiii didnt have that much of it. After what i gather is stated that both Luna and Noctis has some affication for each other and the are at least pretty good friends, at leasti n the movie Luna made it quite clear that she would do everything to help Noctis and i dont see how she wouldnt. Is not like square to not have astrong female characters that helps the heroes in some way , even tough we have had some mainline games like x-2 that was all out female party even tough i consider it more like a spin off.
                  I dont know, i dont think neither should die at least, i want a sad ,but a good ending that doesnt kill off the best characters now ff hasnt been known to kill alot of characers they usually kills off alot of villains or male charaters that helpsed the part like Leo or so.
                  Still is hard, i dont know if i make sense at all….
                  Yeah i guess your right that Noctis character development will grow into someone who can rule , he looks up to his father ,but i wont rule it out that he figures it best to marry Luna not for only his good ,but for the world , not trough a forced marriage ,but that both wants too. I dunno.

                  We will see , i just hope that my favourite characters doesnt die for once.
                  Like ff x had Aauron dieing , my fav with Yuna i think.
                  Or as we talked about kingdom hearts.

                  Someone also said that both Noctis and Luna names meaning represnt each other , so i guess thats a good sign too. The question is what would both do for each other to keep them both alive, what would Noctis do for Luna, would he do the same to save her if he could? or would he not be able to, Luna seemed that she would do what it takes to save and help him.

                  Still i dont know. It will be intersting to see how the takes it ,who main characters would die or not , the thing is there is alot of strong male and female characters in final fanasy , with the female being the likes of rydia, rosa, terre, celes, tifa ,aeris, rinoa, garnet, yuna, and lighting. Males has cloud, zack, locke , Zidane, Squall, Cecil and so on not spoiling xii.

                  I know Square said it would be emotinal if not mistaken, but the movie was emotinal enough and i dont think the need to kill of the main characters to make it emotinal, and i feel it would be more predictable to kill off Luna then kill off or sacrifice Noctis.

                  • Yeah, it’s kind of interesting that the movie isn’t exactly a prequel, but set alongside the game.

                    The main reason Luna’s different designs bugs me is that Kingsglaive Luna looks slightly older to me than she does in the game.

                    I don’t think she ever put the ring on, if that’s what you mean. I’m not sure about the trident.

                    Maybe Luna has the power to hold the Plague of Stars back, but Noctis has the power to stop it forever, or something like that.

                    Final Fantasy VII did imply Cloud and Tifa at least started a relationship, although I guess Advent Children didn’t do anything with that.

                    Don’t spoil the XIII sequels!

                    Hmm, I’d like to see Noctis and Luna interact more before deciding if I think they should marry or not.

                    Meanwhile, my favorite characters are almost always evil, so if Ignis turns out to be evil, blame me, hahahaha.

                    Since Luna isn’t a party member, I’m not sure how much of an impact it would have if she died. If they kill off a main character for an emotional scene, I feel like one of the party members would be more likely.

                    • yeah i can agree with that Luna looks slighly older. How old would you say she looks in the movie , compared to the game? But the question is could that also be due to circumstances , the peace treaty and all that things?

                      Hmm i see, well then she had to keep the ring in her pocket or something… There rumors she can summon levithan out there tough.

                      Hmm i see, well it still seems somewhat clear that while Noctis can stop it forever he cant stop it without his friends and especially Luna it seems , otherwise she wouldnt have the Destiny i think , if that makes sense ,she still a oracle , but she wouldnt have that destiny if it wasnt to help Noctis and again it seems Noctis cant do this all by himself either.

                      Yeah thats what i mean , i mean perhaps the game implies it, but they dont do much abaout it.

                      Wait did i spoil some of xiii, sorry . I didnt mean it , i wasnt sure you were een going to play them , still sorry.

                      Hmm true that, i only hope we can see if they end up interacting with each out there well they will, but i hope it doesnt get forced ,but that in a beliveable way it might turn into sort of romance and by the end of the game well perhaps their marry each other , i don know i agree with you that we could see more interactiong first too see where its headed, still i dont think square previous romances / relationship has been pretty good, i dont think Rinoa and Squall was that bad, perhaps i bit foced or Zidane and Garnet or Tidus and Yuna. Still is rarely we see a good romance done right. Well lets see how the interact with each other .

                      From what i gather it was Luna who inderctly introduced Prompto for Noctis?

                      Hehe yeah i wont, so you feel Ignis is going to be evil? what is your top 5 or so ff xv characters so far tough? and can it change?
                      Yeah i know some of my fav characters are also always evil.

                      True. Well isnt it rumored that Luna could be temporary playable character? but still temporary playable character wont probably have same impact they either. Yeah i see you point. Anyway i found both Regis and Crowe dead in the movie to be pretty emotinal . Yeah one of the party memebers would probably be more like it.
                      When is really the last time square actually killed of a male character and not a female, not counting either Aaron or Tidus…

                      Anyway i still mean it would be more emotinal and less predictable for square to kill of Noctis and dont kill off Luna, not that i wont any of them to really die tough

          • Enjoy Kingsglaive! Let me know what you think of it, maybe even over on my Kingsglaive review
            even tough i didnt read it before after i watched the movie thanks!

            I will read you above comment thourghly later. Me and mom is watching Se7en.

            Also weird qursion but how did you find the characters look/ outfit ?

    • I’m not good enough at judging ages to guess how old she is in either, just that her movie design looks older to me. Since she’s under pretty stressful circumstances in the game, too, I’m not sure that would matter.

      I don’t think summoning Leviathan would have anything to do with the ring either, would it? Noctis has to defeat the Astrals and form a pact with them before they can be summoned (which reminds me of summoning in Tales of Symphonia, a bit).

      Haha, well, I have FFXIII-2 and Lightning Returns, I just haven’t played much of them. I will eventually.

      Yes, Luna’s letter is what made Prompto want to get to know Noctis in his episode of the anime.

      Hahaha, I don’t think Ignis will be evil, but he is my favorite character so far and I have a tendency to pick villains as my favorites. xD Top FFXV character so far? Ignis is my favorite of the party members, although Prompto grew on me a lot after the anime episodes. I’m intrigued by characters like Ardyn and Ravus. Otherwise, I’m not sure yet. I’ll need to play the game first to see more of them.

      Ah yeah, I think that is a rumor.
      Hmm… would it go all the way back to Shadow, even though his death is optional?

      Well, we’ll see. Who knows, maybe it will be emotional without any of the main characters dying.

      • hmm true that. Perhaps they just wanted the movie to be darker i guess. Still i ague she looks alittle more relastic in the movie tough. Still the game design of her and her is dress is good to that counts for what we seen of the other characters too.

        True. I should have had a paragraph after something…. i t was moe that the trident seems to be a little important. As you no i dont think it has anything to do with the ring, but then again she is youngest oracle. I mean the chance that she could use the ring if she wanted to doesnt seem to be out of the question, there is proably a reason she become the youngest oracle , why is it always the youngest in these kind of games and so on.

        I see, well i got xiii-2. But yeah i havent been able to stay clear of the spoilers. Sorry if i spoiled some of it for you.

        hmm i see, then what i gather was right. Well at least that alone shows that they at leat pretty good friend or was until she got captured by the empire.. probably after the movie event hassnt changed. I dont see square really going for a female being the villain or something.

        I see. Yeah well if Nloctis and Ignis has been friends all their life and his father protected Regis all his life i dont see why he should be a villain or betray

        Anyway what did you think overall of Luna, Regis, Nyx, Libertus ( even tough two of them are probably death by the game really starts … well now the game starts as you say during soe parts of the movie) , Glauca , Noctis and Gladiolus? You probabl senen a little more of them then me since you watched the anime and i guess msot of the trailers too…

        Yeah i kind of hope that. I mean ix vivi died by the end of the game apperantly and Zidane farwell with Kuja, didnt really like him, but i felt Zidane if that makes sense, x had Aauron and Tidus ats we said , the only arguably emotinal ff game without a character dead is viii unless we count Ellone. Not spoiling xii, well i cant the whole story, but unfourtantly i have seen parts of the ending .. Well i think is fully possible to make a emotinal game without a main character dying or a party memeber. Even tough kingslaive imo had some sad moments, but those who died there was under the main character label if hat makes sense.
        Yeah is possible, is even possible to make a sad that for a villain if we can relate with him/her. Final fantasy hasnt had that many female main villains tough. Some but not that many.
        Yeah we will see. I am not pre ordering before we get some reviews out.

        • Yeah, I do like her overall design.

          Haha, I look forward to finding out about all of these things! 😀

          I don’t think Square Enix would be opposed to having a female villain, but I’d be shocked if Luna was. Although that reminds me, we know next to nothing about that dragoon working for the empire.

          Yeah, Ignis is probably fine.

          All of the characters seem pretty good to me, and the anime really made me like the main party more.

          Zidane didn’t die, though. Or were you talking about Kuja? I wasn’t counting villains, or the number goes up quite a bit.
          It’s definitely possible to feel sad for a villain. For me, Tales of Symphonia is a notable example.

          I’ll probably pre-order. I’m pretty confident in it from what we’ve seen so far.

          • I see. Well nice. so you think her overall design is ok overall in both the movie and the game?

            “As you no i dont think it has anything to do with the ring” wow omg , yeah bad, that no was supposed to be know or i think even say could fit good.
            Anyway me to would be intersting to find out these things.’

            True , the had some female villains in the past hasnt the like ultimecia, Queen brahne. I mean yeah i agree it will be a shock if it turns out to be Luna. And if they do they will go against the old princess rule in final fnatasy witch up to this point as far as i recall has been at the good side. Why always prince and princess.
            What dragon? you mean the dragon knight or the thing looking like it could be the levithan?

            yeah i agree , i think Noctis whole group is fine.

            Then i guess the anime did something right then.

            I meant, i felt how Zidane felt when he had to say goodbye to Kuja. So yeah i meant Kuja in the extent he dies, but he dies with Zidane at his side if that makes sense before he leaves.
            True with tales of symphonia.

            Hmm i see, i dont know yet. I am in the place where i pre order only from developers who have yet to make a bad game imo, like from software, atlus(perona) and cd prosjekt red. In a extent naughty dog and sqaure, if square dont deliver on ff xv then thats the last nail in the coffin. I hope for sme early reviews if not i might just do the same and go for it. I think Square to know that is one of the last chances to really save FF.

            And yeah i gues Shadow death kind of count, but that final fantasy 6 so is a long time.

            “Ah yeah, I think that is a rumor.
            Hmm… would it go all the way back to Shadow, even though his death is optional?”
            Sorry somehow it skipped me. What you mean with a rumor . A rumor you mean regarding that Noctis could die? Or regarding Luna being temporary playable?

            Is ok. I have seen some tributes, becaus very rarely do Tributes spoil the game imo. But yeah i will try to forget it, do the same with the thing i said about xiii

            • Yeah, I think her design is fine.

              No worries, I knew what you meant.

              I was talking about Aranea Highwind, the female dragoon working for the empire: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/2/26/Aranea_Highwind.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20160131061107

              Oh, gotcha. Yeah, I liked that Zidane went back for him like that.

              I was conflicted about FFXV for a long time, but they’ve finally shown enough to make me confident. 🙂

              I think my rumor comment was about Luna being a temporary party member.

              • ok nice.

                Thanks 🙂

                i see ,thats what i taught. The last name of her reminds of something , and you probably know what, if not i wont use a very minor spoiler.

                I see, me to i saw the first trailer in 2007 or 2008 during my 9 grade, that trailer ws great and now here we are closing to release and it looks pretty damn good. And that the gameplay will be similar to kingdo hearts is a good thing. I heard that most people consider the demoes good.

                With that said i hope that we will have airship or too, something that feel like kind of an old ff airship, perhaps we all ready seen one.

                Yeah i see, i think it was confirmed sometimes , then it was changed or something . I mean i think Nomura confirmed it in a E3 trailer ,then he had to go back and now is only temporary , but i hope we really play as someone else then Noctis for the whole game.

                What do you think about world of final fantasy btw? can it be good?

                • I know there are a few Highwinds in the series. Cid Highwind in 7, Kain Highwind in 4 (which I still need to play), and maybe a couple more.

                  I never really followed it during Versus XIII days, so I really started to see it once it was rebranded as FFXV. At first I was unsure about it for a long time, but then they started to win me over.

                  They already revealed what FFXV’s airship will be like.

                  I think a couple temporary party members have been confirmed.

                  I’m really excited for World of Final Fantasy. I plan to either pre-order it or get it soon after launch.

                  • Yeah it was mostly Kain i was thinking about.

                    Hmm i see, well the first trailer was good ,still worth seeing just because well it was good. Now i was unsure of the gameplay my self until i tried kingdom hearts 1.5 hd collection and especially 2.5 hd collection i figured at least from a gameplay point of view this can be good, now the characters seems intersting and i am probably one fo the few who is fine with that they replace Stella even tough she also seemed intersting.

                    ah yeah, yeah i forgot about that until you said it now a qucik search on the nett and i remember that i had read a little bit about the Regalia that the car you got could fly. Didnt know it was until late game tough.

                    hmm , willl need to read about that. Thanks for the tip

                    i read about the character apperaing from earlier ff games why no final fantasy 12 ? Or even tactics , or for that matter even type-0. ( Damn i accidently closed the window, and the text was still here, well not the first time it happend toiugh ,but lucky still ) So you have high exeptation for world of final fantasy? The art style is intersting, but yeah i need to look up how it works both from gameplay ,but also how the plot/story premise is .

                    • Since I never followed it during the Versus XIII days, I didn’t even know who Stella was until I saw people talking about her.

                      Yep, so it sounds like the Regalia will be like a typical airship, since you usually don’t get them until a significant ways into the game.

                      Well, I doubt they’ve revealed all the characters who will appear in World of Final Fantasy, and if Shelke is in, I wouldn’t rule anyone out just yet.

                      I’m excited for it since it’s a turn-based RPG with a world map and because its monster-catching aspects sound fun. I’m not entirely sure about the story, but I hope it will be interesting at least.

                    • I see.

                      True. You usually get the airship between 50-75% percent trough.

                      I see probably not. Have you played dirge og cerberus, isnt it there Shelke is from and if so how is she? Still i really find it weird that they gonn add characters from all mainline ff games beside the mmo and then they seem to skip 12 at least so far ,that is just weird.

                      Hmm , i see, yeah there arent many turn based rpg these days let alone on a ps3/ps4 so that is a plus.
                      Hmm monster -catching , cant recall hearing about it, or perhaps i heard a little about it when i think about , sounds intersting.

                      Well we will see. I hope it a good ff game even tough is a spinoff with a super boss or two just for the endgame

    • Actually, if we’re counting other Square Enix series and major supporting characters, the most recent one might be Master Eraqus, although how dead he actually is is up for debate.

      • I was about to answer this then i forgot your double post. Yeah ,but thats in birth by sleep or ddd?
        i havent finished either but again that isnt a final fantasy game ,but rather kingdom hearts… but yeah i guess is up to debate, but how… i dont wanna know yet , as it might be a major spoiler that?

    • Yeah. I wonder what point it will be in FFXV.

      I didn’t play Dirge of Cerberus personally, but my mom did and I watched her play some of it. So I don’t remember much about Shelke, but I think she was interesting enough.
      They skipped FF2, I believe, too. And at least one MMO character was announced. I remember reading something about how they picked characters to add based on who works best in the story, which is why some of their choices might seem unexpected.

      I enjoy turn-based RPGs. 🙂
      Basically, in World of Final Fantasy, you catch monsters to fight alongside you and also “stack” them for new abilities. So if the human characters go into chibi form for the battle, they can stack monsters on their heads and that determines what skills they have for the battle.

      I hope it’s good too! They promised content on par with traditional Final Fantasy games, so I hope it lives up to it.
      The one character reminds me so much of Ansem/Xehanort, I immediately mistrust her. xD

  2. True. We will find out. I wonder if there will be one in world of final fantasy too.

    I see. Wow you had a mom who played games cool. Ah your right the skipped ii ,and have one from xi – Shantotto or something.
    Hmm i see well that makes sense.

    Hmm, yeah i genereally have more luck with turn based rpg , but then again there some exeptations like dark souls ,bloodborne, witcher 3, mass effect, fallout, the elder scrolls and so on. But that sounds intersting that you can stack monster and it changed what skills you have.

    Thats good that we get content on par with traditional final fantasy games, even tough what is traditional ff 1-6, 7-9 or 10+12? Anyway what girl your talking about Enna?
    Btw weird to see Squal in wolrd of final fantasy and not Rinoa or Snow and not Serah.

    • An airship? I think I saw footage of one. Let me see if I can find it again.
      Here it is, at the start of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kv7goLSozcA

      Yeah, my mom is the reason I got into JRPGs, in fact. She’s a huge Final Fantasy fan, especially Final Fantasy VII.

      I like both kinds, but I slightly favor turn-based.

      Well, the director specifically compared it to 6-8, saying he aimed for a similar volume of story as those games had.
      Haha, yes, Enna. She’s got the hair, the gloves, and even the stance in one trailer.
      I wonder who else will be in the full game?

      • wow , thanks for link. Square is trying the hardest to make people really like final fantasy again after the bad ff 13. Even tough 14 realm reborn is pretty good.

        Wow. Thats awesome tough. I wished my mom played, but she only play on her phone. My dad played a bit before, very rarely these days, but he played red alert , the longest jounrey and tomb radier 2 ( well i think he did, but i am not sure , he had the cd and guide)… well it must be before i started the game myself that is.

        then we are the same there.

        That pretty good , even tough is weird saying 6-8 and not 9.
        I see.
        Yeah me do. I hope there not making stupid dlc tough.

        • Don’t forget, they took FF14 down and completely redid it as A Realm Reborn. That feels like a smaller snapshot of how they’re trying to restore people’s faith in the series.

          My mom is mainly into mobile games now too, but she still loves Final Fantasy and is looking forward to at least watching me play Final Fantasy XV. My dad used to play old games, but he never really adjusted to the shift from 2D to 3D.

          The reason the director cited 6-8 is because those are the ones he was involved with before. I don’t think he worked on 9 at all.
          Haha, yeah. The Japanese voices might be DLC, since they’re a preorder bonus (which is weird), but I don’t know if they have other DLC in mind.

          • Hmm. Yeah thats true, the orginal 14 was bad i heard, i even taught about giving it a shot and was damn close to do it. But you mean Square kind of restored the people faith with realm reborn. There are thsoe who say that if realm reborn continue as it does now with it expansion pack it might suprass wow… perhaps not as popularity , but rather as the best mmo.

            Hmm i see, well my mom has always played on mobile i think the only games she tried on the console is Tigger’s Honey Hunt and with me , my sister and dad she might join up back in the day with rally championship 2002. Hmm i see well thats good at least you can have someone to disgus it with. Yeah i see what you mean with your dad, my dad played again 2d games and seems to be in the same spot as your dad however he can watch me play 2d ,and he played some rally 2002 he too and he might join up for mario party with my sister or something. and he watched me play some dark souls, and he said get behind him, and i just taught yeah yeah… is easier said then done.

            Ah i see. Makes sense. I hope really that square remakes or remaster more then vii.
            Well voiceovers as dlc thats …. lame i guess and as pre order… wow it should be there as an option for everyone. Well i hope thats it about dlc, if they gonna do dlc to final fantasy , if they going to do it , i really hope they are free.

            • Yeah, people really seem to like A Realm Reborn. I played a little of it, but MMORPGs aren’t really my thing.

              Gotcha. 🙂

              Yeah, the voice pre-order bonusis really bizarre, but we’ll see how it goes. I guess it is something optional that many players won’t care about, but it’s still an odd decision.

              I don’t mind paid DLC as long as the content is worth the price.

              • well, i have taught about going back and try realm reborn , i heard the inro or opening of heavensward is damn awesome, but i dont think i wanna go back to an mmo alone…. i had friend tha t i played it with and it seems we both will go back to it when he got a ps4


                Yeah thats i can agree with, but few dlc is worth it i feel , i feel most dlc that also get labeled as a expansion is worth it

                • That sounds like a good idea. They just announced the next FFXIV update today.

                  I think the Ace Attorney series has handled its DLC well so far. It’s had two full DLC cases, and they were priced proportionally to the content.

                  In general, I look at DLC like this: as long as the content of the main game is worth the price, I don’t care too much what they want to sell as DLC.

                  • yeah i read it on kotaku . Thanks for the reminder ,i read a little about it that sounds cool.

                    Thats good. But there alot of games who dont price them well proportionally if i get the word right…

                    Hmm true. i see yur point there.
                    Some of the best dlc i feel is the dlc to dark souls 1 , but is included in most versions now if you get prepera to die edition, dawnguard, heartfire, draonborn, the witcher 3 one, brave new world for civ 5… damn it reminds me soon civ 6 and what i heard is that is great.

                    • I’ve heard people praise the Dark Souls DLC a lot.

                      Sometimes games just get a bunch of optional costume DLC and stuff, and I don’t mind that since it’s completely optional. I don’t even really mind DLC that makes the game easier, as long as it’s a single-player game.

                    • even tough i did alot of dlc with a friend with the bosses, is some of the best bosses in the game is great.

                      yeah that i can agree with , costume and so on.
                      True that. But i dont like say i cod you have to buy a cod dlc 5 maps for 20 bucks… i mean the whole games cost 60 bucks that is pretty much

    • Gotcha.

      Ah yeah. And some of the season pass stuff lately has gotten a bit out of hand.

    • Yeah, although I’m not sure how that work work with Final Fantasy XV, or whether that would really be an “expansion.” Oh well, I’m sure we’ll find out eventually. I’m not going to get the Season Pass, though. I’ll wait to see what the DLC actually is.

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