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Aug 242016

Spirit-of-Justice-eshop-screenThe demo for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice will be available to download tomorrow, and Spirit of Justice’s eShop page is live.

It’s also led to much excitement that Spirit of Justice’s DLC will be available in the West, as one of the screenshots includes a menu with three choices:

  • Episode Select
  • Extras and DLC
  • Options

Of course, it doesn’t specify what extras and DLC it has. Japan received a set of alternate costumes, two free short bonus episodes, and a full-length case called Turnabout Across Time.

In Dual Destinies, the “Extras and DLC” section contained cutscenes, illustrations, and costumes, along with an option to visit the eShop to check out the DLC. Once bought, Turnabout Reclaimed had its own option on the menu.

So really, the eShop screenshot doesn’t necessarily confirm Turnabout Across Time will be released here. Nevertheless, if Spirit of Justice follows Dual Destinies’ path, we should get both Turnabout Across Time and the costumes.

As for the short episodes, we’ll have to wait and see.

Spirit of Justice’s demo comes out tomorrow and the full game will be available from the eShop on September 8. All our questions will be answered then.

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  1. Well, I played it. I’m not sure if my questions were all answered, though.

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