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Sep 192016

dai-gyakuten-saiban-2Ahoy me hearties, it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day… but today we be discussin’ somethin’ else.

Over the weekend, Capcom announced Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2, or The Great Ace Attorney 2.

If you’re unaware, Dai Gyakuten Saiban is a prequel starring Phoenix Wright’s ancestor and Sherlock Holmes. Capcom never released it outside of Japan. This new game continues their story and promises to bring all the answers to light.

This shouldn’t be a big surprise, since it was always planned as a series. (Possibly a trilogy, although it’s difficult to find an official source for that.)

For many fans, though, it’s cause for concern. If Japan gets the sequel before we even get an announcement for the first game, maybe that means Capcom won’t localize it at all.

However, it could be good news. One of the biggest concerns for Dai Gyakuten Saiban’s localization is the mediocre reviews it received in Japan.

The main criticism was that it felt incomplete, with too many loose ends. This was because they wrote it with a sequel in mind. Now that the sequel is official, maybe Capcom will localize it, knowing it’s a complete package.

Let’s watch the trailer, subtitled by Bolt2nd, for Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2: The Resolve of Ryuunosuke Naruhodou.

Not only am I interested in the adventures of Phoenix’s ancestor and Sherlock Holmes, but I also want to meet Prosecutor Barok van Zieks. He looks like Vampire-Edgeworth and one-ups other prosecutors’ objections by objecting with his foot.

Seriously, Capcom, we need this guy.

There are many theories about why The Great Ace Attorney has yet to be localized. Some think the game is too Japanese. Some think it’s because of the reviews. And increasingly I’ve seen the concern that Capcom fears western audiences are so sensitive they’d think racism shown in-game toward the protagonist means Capcom is racist against Japanese.


But don’t forget, Janet Hsu said it was possible Dai Gyakuten Saiban would be localized after Spirit of Justice. There’s still hope we’ll get to play both Dai Gyakuten Saiban and its sequel.

What do you think? Will these games be localized? And if you want to play them, let Capcom know!

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  2 Responses to “Dai Gyakuten Saiban Sequel: Good News or Bad?”

  1. I accept these two pieces of rationalisation:
    1. Capcom was busy localising AA6 this whole time and wasn’t going to localise DGS until after AA6.
    2. Capcom can now localise DGS and DGS2 and release them as a package or something.

    • #1 is pretty much confirmed by what Janet Hsu said (even if she didn’t know if there were any plans to localize DGS at all). Here’s hoping it either comes out next or as a package!

      Speaking of which, I’m still hoping for an Apollo Justice/Investigations/Investigations 2 bundle for the eShop.

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