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Oct 172016

Now that we’ve covered Eternal Darkness, let’s move on to one of the two games I’m giving away in honor of Halloween: Breath of Death VII.


If last week’s doom and gloom isn’t quite your cup of tea, this might suit you better, because Breath of Death VII (or Breath of Death VII: The Beginning, as the title screen calls it) is a parody. Even its name is a parody, a nod to classic RPG series like Final Fantasy that keep getting more and more entries.

It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by the undead, but despite this grim premise, it’s actually pretty lighthearted. The main character is a Skeleton Knight named Dem, and he’ll be joined on his quest by a ghost, a vampire, and a zombie.

Dem can’t actually speak, but his ghost companion can hear his thoughts, which she then relays to the group. Or at least, she relays her interpretation of them…

breath-of-death-screenshotBreath of Death VII doesn’t have the strongest plot, but the writing is funny.

If you want a game that pokes fun at JRPG tropes (among other things) while also paying homage to those games, this is the way to go.

The game is fairly short, about 5-10 hours depending on how quickly you play and how much you explore. It’s styled like an old-school JRPG with random encounters and turn-based combat.

However, there are conveniences like HP that refills after each battle and a limited number of random encounters per area (you can trigger battles manually if you want more), along with unique elements that set it apart. For example, enemies become stronger with each turn, so you want to defeat them as quickly as possible.

Breath of Death VII is a fun, humorous throwback to classic JRPGs. I highly recommend it… and don’t forget, every comment you make on this or any other Celebrating All Things Spooky post this October is a chance to win your own copy of Breath of Death VII!

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