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Jun 132017

Nintendo opted for a short digital presentation at E3 this year, but it could still be filled with exciting announcements and surprises. Let’s see what happens.

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Nintendo’s E3 2017 Digital Event (Nintendo Spotlight)

Nintendo’s E3 show started with a commercial for the Switch, but the first game showed was Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I had mixed feelings when it was first unveiled, because I wanted a sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles X instead, but it looks pretty good. It’s still planned for holiday 2017, too!

Next, they showed a Kirby game for 2018, promised that more multiplayer games will come to the Switch, and briefly discussed Pokken Tournament Dx. Speaking of Pokémon, while they didn’t share details, they said there is a core Pokémon game in development for the Switch.

Then, they teased Metroid Prime 4. It was a tiny teaser, but still exciting news.

A new Yoshi game is also coming next year, with a new gameplay mechanic that looks like it could be fun.

Fire Emblem Warriors also looks cool.

After a brief reference to the Zelda items in the Switch version of Skyrim, they showed off Breath of the Wild’s upcoming DLC packs and new amiibo figures.

They reminded us about the tournaments happening during E3, showed Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle again (I’d hoped Nintendo’s event would skip it in favor of new things, since it was already shown at Ubisoft’s conference, but I still have to admit it looks better than I expected), and announced Rocket League for the Switch.

Finally, they showed a cool new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey, in which it appears Mario can use his new hat to possess things.

And it’s coming out on October 27! That’s sooner than I expected, and I’m so excited!

Nintendo’s E3 presentation was a bit short, but filled with good stuff. I liked what I saw, and this was definitely one of the better shows this year. What did you think of Nintendo’s E3 2017 digital event?

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