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Jul 072017

In Japan, Ace Attorney fans are anticipating the imminent release of Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 with a launch trailer.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are wishing we could play the first game.

As I searched for any hint that maybe Capcom will find a way past whatever issues it has with the localization and bring The Great Ace Attorney to the West, I noticed people wondering if localization is the reason Capcom targeted the subtitled playthrough.

I didn’t know this had happened again, so I looked it up. There was a subtitled playthrough of Dai Gyakuten Saiban on Youtube, and Capcom had it taken down earlier this summer. Why?

Capcom has the right to do so, but they’ve left other Ace Attorney videos–and the Investigations 2 fan game–alone.

Is it really because they’re concerned the videos will harm sales of the first game in Japan? Or is it because they have plans for an official DGS translation after all?

Two years ago I hopefully speculated about the exact same thing, and that turned out to be nothing. We’re probably grasping at straws.

Then again, Capcom might be waiting to see if the sequel does well in Japan… and if it’s a success, maybe an English release is around the corner. Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2 will be out in Japan on August 3.

What do you think? Do we have any hope left, or is it time to give up on The Great Ace Attorney?

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  4 Responses to “Capcom Takes Down Dai Gyakuten Saiban Translation”

  1. “Capcom has the right to do so, but they’ve left other Ace Attorney videos–and the Investigations 2 fan game–alone.”

    Well, you yourself said two years ago (and I was spot-on in the comments section there):
    “It appears as though Capcom is cracking down on Dual Destinies videos now too, so apparently they just became strict about copyright for some reason.”

    To this day there aren’t videos of the individual Dual Destinies cutscenes, and there are a lack of videos of other stuff too besides the soundtrack.

  2. Well, it’s back up.

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