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Jul 102017

PlatinumGames is on the list of Nintendo Switch partners, so we know they’re working on something.

But what is it?

Their new Japanese Twitter account got people talking last week by posting official red and blue artwork of Bayonetta.

On the surface, that’s nothing special. Red and blue match the colors of the neon Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch, sure, but they’re also the colors associated with Bayonetta in each game.

When fans started comparing the colors to the Joy-Cons, however, PlatinumGames liked their tweets.

I loved Bayonetta and thought Bayonetta 2 was even better, so I’d love to see another game made. Still, you can’t say for sure it’s a tease when all they did was like a few tweets.

On the other hand, if the official Wonderful 101 artwork posted later isn’t a tease, what is it?

When PlatinumGames posts official artwork of Wonderful 101 characters playing what appears to be The Wonderful 101 on a Nintendo Switch, that seems like a pretty strong hint. And since their jackets say “W101” instead of “W100,” it might even be a tease for a sequel!

I enjoyed The Wonderful 101 and will absolutely get The Wonderful 102 (or whatever they call it) if it’s announced. And I finally bought a Nintendo Switch from Amazon (they’re sporadically in stock, so check back often to see if the price returns to $299), so I’ll be able to play it!

(The other art included in the tweet features Vorkken, Immorta, and some unknown characters, but since it has a copyright date of 2013, it’s probably not a hint about something new.)

Kamiya isn’t helping matters, as he simply replied with a smile when asked on Twitter about Bayonetta 1 & 2, the Wonderful 101, and potential sequels coming to the Switch.

What do you think? Is PlatinumGames teasing Bayonetta and/or The Wonderful 101 (or Bayonetta 3 and The Wonderful 102) for the Switch?

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  3 Responses to “PlatinumGames Teases Nintendo Switch Games”

  1. It’s Nintendo vs. PlatinumGames, a new fighter!

  2. […] It’s coming up on two years since PlatinumGames teased The Wonderful 101 for the Switch. […]

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