Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Jul 032017

Tales of the Rays is coming West this summer, and its English website is now open.

We discussed Tales of the Rays once before. Even though it’s a F2P mobile game, it looks like it has the potential to feel like a full Tales game.

Tales of the Rays follows two original characters named Mileena and Ix, as well as characters from across the Tales series.

However, while it has gacha elements, fans who played the Japanese game have said the gacha system is only for upgrades (weapons and Mirror Artes). You can get every character by playing normally.

Screenshots on the website also show Tales-like gameplay, and it has a story by the writer of Tales of Symphonia, Tales of the Abyss, and Arc Rise Fantasia.

In short, although Tales of the Rays is a mobile game, it sounds like it might be worth looking into. It will be out in the West this summer.

Meanwhile, localization has been announced for a ton of visual novels, a PR company might have accidentally confirmed a Western release for Dragon Quest XI, and PlatinumGames may or may not have teased Bayonetta for the Switch. It’s been an exciting few days!

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