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Oct 272017

Super Mario Odyssey is here!

I’d hoped to finish Persona 5 before starting Super Mario Odyssey. That didn’t happen, so I set Persona 5 aside to see if Super Mario Odyssey is the 3D Mario game I’ve been dreaming of.

(Don’t worry, I still intend to play more Persona soon and finish it.)

First of all, I’m just delighted to have this style of Mario game back again. Super Mario 64 was one of my childhood games, Super Mario Sunshine was fantastic, I enjoyed Super Mario Galaxy despite it not having quite the same sort of world structure… and I waited all through the Wii U’s life for the next one. Super Mario 3D World, while fun, just wasn’t the same.

But here, I already feel that sense of exploration and fun. The basic controls are familiar, and using Cappy felt natural right away. I’m still getting used to some parts (and seeing which motion control actions can be done without motion controls), but it generally feels good.

It’s also beautiful! I spent a while in the first area (tutorial area) just looking around and enjoying its weird, oddly Nightmare-Before-Christmas-esque atmosphere.

And of course, the other worlds have a completely different aesthetic.

I haven’t played very much yet–after I got my first Power Moon I decided it was time to get work done, starting with this blog post–but I already love it and I’m excited to play more.

Are you playing Super Mario Odyssey? What do you think of it so far?

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  16 Responses to “First Impressions of Super Mario Odyssey”

  1. Does it have video recording?

  2. I really want to play it, it looks great. My girlfriend has it but she says she felt it wasn’t anything special, but sometimes she is put off by very small things. She said something about Mario jumping when she didn’t want him to which annoyed her.

    • Hmm, I haven’t experienced anything like that. Both A and B are jump, though, so maybe that’s the problem?

      • It could be. She compalined that every time she was trying to interact with something he would jump unless Mario was 100% still.

        I want to try Persona 5 as well. Do you think it is as good as the original P4? I loved that game so much.

  3. Looks promising.

    Ata Aksoy

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