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Nov 292017

During the latest Active Time Report about Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix announced its plans to continue FFXV support through 2018, starting with a new episode about Ardyn.

The way Ardyn’s backstory was handled was a big disappointment to me, so I’m excited that they’re taking steps to correct that.

They previously mentioned the possibility of a whole Ardyn game, but an Episode Ardyn is fine with me.

According to Tabata, they plan to release at least three “Episode” DLCs in 2018, and this new content won’t be released until it’s properly sufficient. Tabata hopes the new DLC will even get the interest of fans who lost interest after finishing the game.

He’s also aware that fans want to see an Episode Luna.

I’m happy that we’ll finally get more details about Ardyn, but I’m especially happy about the “properly sufficient” comment. Final Fantasy XV’s biggest problem was that it lacked important details and skipped over moments that should have been shown on-screen, so maybe the DLC will finally fill in those gaps.

In the meantime, Episode Ignis is due out on December 13, and it will include an alternate route you unlock once you clear the story.

And that’s not all! A December update will let you switch characters in FFXV, so you can finally play as Gladio, Ignis, or Prompto in the main story.

By the time they’re finished adding content and updating Final Fantasy XV, maybe it will be the way many of us envisioned it. What do you think of the latest news, and are you looking forward to Episode Ardyn?

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  1. I wonder if this is why the PC version seems to have been delayed.

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