Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Feb 092018

Remember The Good Life, a strange mystery RPG from the developer of Deadly Premonition that we discussed back in August?

The Good Life definitely sounded interesting, although a bit confusing. (It’s an RPG, but also a life sim? Plus there’s photography? And all the characters turn into cats at night? Except then they announced a dog edition?)

Swery (Hidetaka Suehiro) and his new studio tried to crowd-fund it through Fig, which might not have been a good idea. Fig’s investment model could be worthwhile, but it doesn’t have strong name recognition yet.

In the end, The Good Life raised $682,864 of its $1,500,000 goal (wow!), which meant the campaign was unsuccessful and the game was left unfunded.

This week, Swery announced that a new crowdfunding campaign for The Good Life will be launched through Kickstarter on March 26.

According to his announcement, they have made changes and are much more prepared for the campaign this time than they were the first time. It should be interesting to see what parts have changed.

So if you were interested in The Good Life and wished it met its goal, don’t lose hope yet. It’s coming back next month for another try!

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