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Mar 162018

Fans have mixed feelings about the Ace Attorney anime, but I found it enjoyable despite some pacing issues.

Now, Season 2 has been announced for this fall.

The visual released alongside the announcement includes Godot, so it’s safe to assume this season will cover the events of Trials & Tribulations.

Now, Season 1 covered the first two games. Does this mean Season 2 will include more than just the third game? Right now, these look like the most likely possibilities:

  • Season 2 will cover Trials & Tribulations and have 1 cour instead of 2.
  • Season 2 will cover Trials & Tribulations and have slower pacing.
  • Season 2 will cover Trials & Tribulations as well as the parts of the first two games that Season 1 skipped.

Jumping to Apollo Justice would seem odd, but it’s also possible they’ll create new content. The episode in Season 1 that had an original story instead of just adapting the game events was one of the best, so I wouldn’t be displeased.

Are you happy the Ace Attorney anime is getting a second season? Will you watch it? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Yeah I simply wasn’t aware that they considered the Justice For All part to be Season 1.

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