Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Jul 132018

When I discussed my romance stories for Valentine’s Day, I mentioned my work on the script for another visual novel in the style of My Strange Girlfriend.

Well, it’s available now!

My Devil Girlfriend: Romance You Choose is out now on the Google Play Store for free with in-app purchases (both of these will eventually come to iOS).

This one follows a young man who gets mixed up in a plot involving three devils who enter his school disguised as normal students. Three romance routes are available, and these visual novels use the model where you can play for free but need to unlock certain premium choices with an in-game currency.

My Devil Girlfriend leans more toward fantasy than the previous one did, since the devils and their powers are so important to the story.

Writing these has actually become a pillar of my freelance work, so expect more of these to fill out my Games page in the future.

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