Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Sep 172018

The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is available for all major platforms now. I bought the Switch version so I could play Crash on the go.

As I mentioned when I listed the oldest games in my backlog, I started the series with Crash Bandicoot: Warped and never played the first two.

Well, thanks to the N. Sane Trilogy, I’ve now played the original Crash Bandicoot and Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back for the first time.

The main thing that struck me about the first game is that it’s hard. Forget 100% completion and getting all the gems–getting through each level to the end was a brutal challenge on its own. I’m still glad I played it, though, and there was a definite sense of satisfaction from finally getting through a particularly tough section.

(I’ve read that there were some adjustments that made jumps in this version harder than the original, but the overall design is still unforgiving on its own.)

Cortex Strikes Back is much easier, although it still has plenty of challenging sections. Playing it reminded me of back when I played Warped. If I was stuck and dying repeatedly, it was usually because I was intent on getting all the crates or a special gem, instead of just trying to get to the end.

It’s interesting to see the changes from the first game to the second. The first Crash Bandicoot felt a lot different to me, even though the basic gameplay was the same, while Cortex Strikes Back felt like what I remembered. Even the level progression shows that, going from the original’s linear setup to the warp rooms used in 2.

I also found it funny that there’s no in-game explanation for Tawna’s disappearance and Coco’s introduction. As a kid, I’d read the “Tawna ran off with Pinstripe” explanation in a guidebook, so I always assumed it was actually in the game.

Anyway, I enjoyed Cortex Strikes Back a lot, and while the original Crash Bandicoot was tough, I liked seeing the series’ origins. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll re-play Warped in the N. Sane Trilogy, but I’ll eventually give “Future Tense” a try. (Right now, I’ve set Crash aside to play Torna ~ The Golden Country.)

Have you played the first two Crash Bandicoot games, either the originals or through the N. Sane Trilogy? How did you like them?

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  5 Responses to “Finally Played Crash 1 & 2 Thanks to the N. Sane Trilogy”

  1. “(I’ve read that there were some adjustments that made jumps in this version harder than the original, but the overall design is still unforgiving on its own.)”

    I thought remakes always made things easier than the originals to appeal to a casual audience and to provide quality-of-life. Interesting reversal.

  2. I played the original version of the second one and I loved it, but I just didn’t enjoy it as much in the new version. Maybe it’s age? I don’t know, it just didn’t feel right to me. Never played the original version of the first game, but it really was hard going. :<

    Looks like you finished you backlog? Colour me impressed if so, congrats! Mine will never be finished, haha.

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