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Dec 172018

Every year, I write a holiday shopping guide, but I haven’t found the best style yet.

Last year, I focused on newer games. This year, let’s instead take a look at video game deals and sales in time for the holidays.

Ace Attorney didn’t go on sale for Black Friday, but now Spirit of Justice is on sale in the eShop for $11.99. If you haven’t played the latest game yet, this is a great time to catch up while we wait for news about Ace Attorney 7.

(Update: Apollo Justice and Dual Destinies are now on sale as well.)

The eShop also has a special indie games sale for the holidays. While I haven’t played most of them, it includes Yono and the Celestial Elephants (the deal isn’t showing for me on the store page, but the sale page says $8.99), which I reviewed for Nintendo Chit Chat.

Steam’s winter sale is supposed to begin later this week, but GOG has already starts its sale, which includes Daily Deals. One of today’s deals is Earthlock, an excellent turn-based RPG I reviewed for MonsterVine, on sale for $10.49.

Best Buy has a few sales, including God of War for $24.99. Amazon doesn’t seem to have much on sale yet, although the Xbox One version of World of Final Fantasy Maxima is currently $19.99.

Anyway, these are a few video game days to keep in mind for your holiday shopping. What holiday shopping deals have you seen?

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  2 Responses to “Holiday 2018 Video Game Shopping Deals”

  1. As we collectively anticipated (or I did, anyway), CAPCOM is discounting for their winter sale after all.
    But they’re specifically excluding Ace Attorney Trilogy, which will be full-priced when it releases on home consoles and PC in “early 2019″…

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