Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Jan 072019

My review of the new God of War will be coming soon, but first it’s time to talk about writing! Just as I did last year, I’ll list my writing goals for 2019 ahead of time. So in addition to my video game backlog goals

By 2020, I will:

  • Complete my final edits of A Prince’s Price and send it to a beta reader.
  • Edit The Nightbringer based on feedback I recently received.
  • Edit A Prince’s Price based on the feedback I receive.
  • Once they are completely edited, search for an agent for The Nightbringer and A Prince’s Price.
  • Edit The Sunken Sapphire.
  • Create an outline for the revisions of either The Threshing Night or Mage’s Test.
  • Write at least 3 more short stories.
  • Continue to manage my two side websites and get them to a level where they do bring in income.
  • Add an additional “event” of some sort to the three book signings I currently participate in.

I’d noticed that a lot of my writing goals tend to be pretty safe bets, so this time I wanted to focus on some more specific goals, such as working on the outline for one of my two rough drafts that need major work and writing three new short stories.

The website goal is the one most out of my control, but improving my management of the sites should help.

Do you have any writing goals for 2019? What are they?

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