Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Mar 012019

I loved Alien: Isolation.

Not only did it capture the atmosphere of the original Alien, but it was a great survival horror game.

It’s one of the best examples I’ve seen of a survival horror game that feels modern while holding true to the core elements of the genre.

So I was disappointed earlier this year when teases of an Alien: Isolation sequel turned out to be for a mobile game that’s nothing like Isolation at all and isn’t considered a sequel despite starring the same character.

Then today I saw IGN had released an exclusive Alien: Isolation digital series, which I thought might be expanding the universe… but instead it’s a retelling of the game’s events, for some reason.

This 7-part digital series combines cutscenes from the game with new scenes to retell the events of Alien: Isolation.

It’s strange. The new scenes are great, but mainly I just find myself asking why. Is it for fans who want to know the story of Alien: Isolation but don’t want to play the game? I want to believe it’s a tease for a sequel, because what else would be the point of making a story recap like this? (And why is it exclusive to IGN?)

The Creative Assembly hasn’t said anything about it, however, which makes it seem less likely that it’s a tease for a sequel from them.

What do you think is going on with Alien: Isolation, and will we ever see a true sequel?

In other news, I have a special sale to announce! Ebook copies of my Lovecraftian horror novella The Book at Dernier will be $0.99 throughout the month of March!

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