Operation Backlog Completion 2024
Apr 172019

As expected, the Judgment character Kyohei Hamura has gotten a new character model following the arrest of his original actor.

We had previously learned that this change would not delay the western release, as it’s still set for June 25. Now they’ve officially revealed the new Hamura.

As you might guess from his similarities to the original Hamura, they didn’t model him after his new Japanese voice actor. Instead, they made an original character model. They still had to replace him in all the pre-rendered cutscenes and other spots where his face showed up, and of course re-record his Japanese dialogue, but his movements and lip-sync remained the same (which probably helps explain why they didn’t have to delay it).

A new short trailer introduces Hamura.

While that trailer has English voice acting, Judgment will have dual audio, as well as dual subtitles to match.

How do you feel about the new character model for Hamura?

(I wanted to blog about Capcom potentially teasing a Resident Evil 3 remake, but after looking through their tweets, it seems more like they’re just tweeting about various games in the series.)

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