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Apr 122019

When Hajime Tabata left Square Enix and established his own studio, we wondered what he would work on next… and the answer is something no one expected.

Tabata’s new studio JP Games officially announced The Pegasus Dream Tour, an upcoming RPG they are making together with the International Paralympic Committee.

The game is intended to promote the Paralympics, especially with the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics coming up. The Paralympics is organized alongside the Olympics and is a competitive sports event for athletes with a wide range of disabilities.

So what is The Pegasus Dream Tour?

It is a sports RPG set in a fantasy city called Pegasus City. Players will compete in an alternate Paralympics where they awaken special abilities known as Xtra Power. Tabata said it will “represent fully the wonders that are unique to Paralympic sports.”

This definitely isn’t what I expected Tabata to make next, especially since he seems to favor darker stories, but he’s doing it for a good cause and the idea has the potential to be pretty cool. A sports RPG involving special powers makes me think of Inazuma Eleven (which, yes, I probably should give another chance).

It’s also just interesting to me that he didn’t immediately try to develop something that mirrors his past games, which is what a lot of developers seem to do when they start their own studios, but instead went in a different direction while staying within the RPG genre.

The Pegasus Dream Tour is planned for a worldwide launch in 2020, and it will be released for “various platforms, including smartphones.”

Aside from my recent love for Golf Story, I’ve never been much of one for sports games, but I’m interested in seeing where it goes. What do you think of The Pegasus Dream Tour?

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  2 Responses to “Tabata’s Next Game is a Fantasy Paralympics RPG”

  1. Of the upcoming Olympics games out there, The Pegasus Dream Tour is by far the most interesting.

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